Wawancara mengenai 'A Light That Never Comes' oleh Billboard

Billboard baru saja merilis sebuah wawancara dengan Mike Shinoda dan Steve Aoki yang membahas bagaimana dua seniman ini melakukan "kolaborasi yang tak terduga." Shinoda dan Aoki membahas cara-cara mereka bekerja bersama-sama dan bagaimana mereka bekerja untuk menulis A Light That Never Comes. Artikel tersebut juga membahas gambaran menarik dari pertumbuhan kedua seniman ini di pandangan EDM dan dampaknya ini adalah sebuah perubahan dari waktu ke waktu.

Baca kutipan artikel di bawah ini :

On September 12, Linkin Park will release a free Facebook game, LP Recharge, through which players can work together to unlock the track, “A Light That Never Comes.”
When did you decide you had to work together on something?

Shinoda: The beginnings of this song was probably six months to a year ago.

Aoki: It was about building this bridge between our two worlds and doing it in an organic way. We’ve stayed true to both our elements. Our fans in the EDM space and the Linkin Park space can gravitate towards it naturally.
There was a balance aspect. In my process writing a song, I tend to add a lot of elements and sounds, remove them, then add more, until I get the vibe I like. On this, I don’t want to trample on some of the work Steve did. We found that out on our first two records.
There are actually a lot of keyboard and sample-based sounds on “Hybrid Theory” and “Meteora,” but in the mix they got drowned out by the guitars. Since then, I think we’ve paid more attention to balance as we go through the whole process, from the writing to the engineering.
Mike, what's been your take on EDM's watershed moment in America right now?

Shinoda: It makes me sound old to say this, but I went raves when I was in high school and that was back when it was like, The Prodigy and Fatboy Slim had just come out. People were like, “Holy shit, this is amazing!” My best friend in college was a gabber, techno and jungle DJ. That’s how far back I go. Admittedly, I’m not immersed in it, so I just get little touches of it here and there.
Shinoda: Talking about sound design, I had a chance to speak to [musician/producer] Amon Tobin. I was trying so hard to pick his brain. Like, how do you make those sounds? What are you using? The truth of the matter is, he’s using the most techy, nerdy shit that they literally use to design sound for film. It takes years to even comprehend. I was listening like, “OK, this tells me I will never have the patience or whatever it takes to do that.” That’s why collaboration to me is so much more interesting, because I realized there are guys out there who are thrilled to devote 24 hours on a weird thing I would never be able to focus on. I’m not going to try to imitate or recreate that. I brought that mentality to this project. Let’s let Steve be Steve, and preserve as much of that as possible.

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LP Recharge akan dirilis tanggal 12 September mendatang. A Light That Never Comes akan dirilis juga dalam permainan ini.

source : LPA

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