LPU Chat dengan Rob Bourdon

Beberapa waktu yang lalu, drummer Linkin Park, Rob Bourdon melakukan chatt dengan member LPU. Rob melakukannya langsung dari tempat pembuatan video "Iridescent". Berikut poin-poin dari chatt tersebut:
* First drum set belonged to his brother, he got fed up of playing piano so started to play they drums. Got his first kick pedal from the Aerosmith drummer, Joey Kramer.
* It’s fun to share the drumming with Brad and Chester on stage.
* To play ATS live he had to add 8/9 electronic pads to his drumkit.
* In the future he could possibly play piano on stage, if Mike was playing guitar while a piano part needed playing, but he thinks he would be too nervous to do it.
* He’s grateful for their fanbase.
* It’s the remix version of Iridescent that they are using for the video, although they may use the original Iridescent also. He seemed unsure of what was going on until this afternoon when he would be shooting more of his scenes.
* The Iridescent video will include a performance.
* Favourite drummers of all time, John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) and Carter Beauford (Dave Matthews Band).
* Faint is his favourite video shoot.
* The Little Things Give You Away is a favourite Linkin Park song of his.
* He said electronic drumsets are cool because they add the ability to add textures and sounds, but he doesn’t like the feel of using them. But he recommends them for practice.
* They have 3 or 4 set lists for the European tour, and Burning In The Skies will be included.
* He says he evolved as a musician for ATS as a lot of his drum parts wasn’t fitting in with the electronic elements of the album, so he had to blend them.
* He likes coconut water.
* He mentioned that a summit will be confirmed soon, they are waiting on the logistics to be finalised.
* Favourite Linkin Park album at the minute is A Thousand Suns, but he said that at any moment in time he would say the last album is his favourite, as they fit with the moment in time they are created in.
* No plans as of yet to play in Brazil.
* He doesn’t play video games anymore, he used to be good at Halo 1.
* Relative Degree played 1 show and then finished, their goal was to sell out the Roxy so when they accomplished that goal they stopped.
* Very excited to play in Japan.
* He is looking forward to the upcoming festival run, he said he enjoys seeing and hanging out with the other bands there, he also said its a more relaxing vibe.
* Earlier in their career he said it was stressful having to set up his kit and make sure it was set up correctly so it sounded good, and then taking it apart and ensuring that parts of his kit doesn’t get stolen from the van. He prefer that now he can just focus on the performance.
* He enjoys playing live, he said the energy in LA was great, they enjoy having a good energy from the audience to bounce off of, he then mentioned lookign forward to the festival shows with the audiences being so huge.

Source : MSC

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