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Last night, my girlfriend Hayley, myself and a few select others (including GigaScythe) were chosen to listen to Out Of Ashes by Dead By Sunrise.

Everyone that was invited would agree that they took good care of us - supplying us with Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Stella Artois beer, Orange Juice, water and Pizza Hut! Hayley and I were first to arrive, and later more and more joined, and there were probably about 10 of us reviewing in all (with guests relaxing in the back). We all entered the room and were given a double-sided A4 sheet of paper with the track listing, but with 5 or 6 lines beneathe each track to write notes on. I used this to review it completely, and will be posting Hayleys and my own reviews here during the week.

Information we gathered from last night:
- Show in London around the release of the album. Possibly same sort of time as MTV Awards in a small venue.
- Acoustic version of some songs to come - possible listening party for this too.
- The Morning After is currently the only b-side.
- Plans for Let Down being a single have been held back, however the video will soon be online. The host of the party is working on it for us.
- There will be a UK exclusive merch selection.
- Too Late is the song that everyone was confused about. It was in a DBS video on MySpace.

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