Q&A Dengan Adam (LPU Headquarters)

Pada awal tahun 2012, Adam (Pengurus LPU Headquarters) memposting cerita keseharian dia saat bekerja di kantor LPU dan beberapa tanya-jawab dengan member LPU.
Chek this out! :


During LPU9, I wrote up a few blogs about the day to day happenings at LPUHQ. You guys seemed to like them, and are always asking me about what it's like to work for the band and at LPUHQ, so I thought I'd bring it back. I'll post photos, videos, and keep you up to date with what we're up to here.

Let's start with the basics. This is where I sit every day:
Exciting, huh? My typical day starts around 9:30am. First thing I do is hop online, go through my emails, and determine what my focus of the morning is going to be. Sometimes I have a project I'm helping LP management with, sometimes it's LPU related, sometimes it's just helping out fans with any issues they're having. Today, I decided to start this blog.

Mid-day, we decide about lunch. Are we ordering in? If so, where from? We have a few go-to places around the office. A good default if no one can agree is sushi.

Some days around 3pm, we decide to take a frozen yogurt break. Frozen yogurt, or FroYo as we call it, is HUGE in Southern California. If you've never had it, you haven't lived. There's a place down the street that we're regulars at.

We usually wrap up the day around 6:30pm. Sometimes we stay later, sometimes we leave a little early.

That's your typical day at LPUHQ. If you have questions for me, feel free to leave them in the replies and maybe I'll answer a few in my next post.


Q&A #1
From your comments, it seems like you guys really like this idea. Cool! I'll try my best to keep it updated as much as possible.

I got a few questions that I actually get all the time, so I figured I'd knock them out right away.

Q : How often do you see the band? It always comes across that Mike is the main band member involved. Is that the case or do the other get involved?

A : I don't really SEE the band that often. They'll pop in from time to time, but they're usually either on tour or in the studio. We communicate mostly via email/phone. All of the guys are involved in their own way. They do a really good job at splitting up band "duties." Yes, Mike's very heavily involved with LPU, but they all have input for sure. The LPU is a group effort.

Q : have to ask - how did you get hired at HQ?

A : Short answer: luck.
Long answer: I got my bachelors degree in music business. In college, I interned for a record label, then start managing a small band, then starting doing A&R and promotions for a start up label. I didn't know what this job even was really when I applied. Just knew it had something to do with music and involved marketing. I interviewed, got hired, and here I am.

Masih banyak lagi pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang dijawab oleh Adam, selengkapnya bisa Kamu baca DISINI.

Credit : Kurniawan Wibowo

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