Transkrip LPU Chat dengan Mike Shinoda

Pada tanggal 4 Mei 2011, Mike Shinoda melakukan chat dengan para member LPU.
Berikut transkrip dari chat tersebut.
1.) Linkin Park will be playing in Russia for the premiere of Transformers 3.
2.) He doesn’t listen to Linkin Park’s music that often.
3.) No plans with DC shoes, most of his friends from DC left, but might have plans with other companies.
4.) Session is his favourite LP instrumental songs. He said they ended up as instrumentals because vocals wasn’t working on them.
5.) He mentioned that you buy LPTV episodes $15– 75 episodes in the iTunes American store
6.) Iridescent is the new single and will be in the new movie of Transformers, they transposed the music from Iridescent and used that as a score for the new movie.
7.) Iridescent was chosen because it was a fan favorite, fans sung that really loudly. Fun to do live, when Michael Bay heard it he was excited how Iridescent matched with the tone of the movie.
8.) Snakes in the Iridescent video: he wasn’t entirely comfortable with snakes but he watched the trainers and was trying to get comfortable with them. Trevor, bigger than a ball python that he was getting used to.
9.) Only two US shows this year: LIVE 105 BFD and KROQ Weenie Roast
10.) Fort Minor: not working on it, just working on LP record
11.) He got a lot of requests for production stuff lately, but time is limited and he’d rather work on tour, LP stuff, etc.
12.) Recorded a new session for iheartradio, but it takes a while for iheartradio to edit it.
13.) Joe wants to join in (iheartradio) for the next session.
14.) From last session he recorded on iheartradio: Gave Kathyxx a hard time, called 3 people last time (when he called with Jensen). Pretty awkward it was funny though. He apologizes for himself and Jensen
15.) Collaboration with deadmau5 — he’s into the music, he’d consider it. He’d consider doing that type of thing for sure.
16.) Mike cooks a lot, he makes BLTs (though he may have been sarcastic) he mentioned he makes good sea bass dish.
17.) He still hates Taco Bell, still. (Food poisoning, last time he ate there) Because of that he doesn’t eat that much fast food
18.) Favorite new gear, Native Instruments, they make so many great instruments
19.) He heard most of Beastie Boys album, but hasn’t heard all of it. He likes them.
20.) The only thing he wants to fix on LPUX is get the message board up, it’s not as easy because they’re trying to integrate it where you don’t have to sign in again.
21.) There is no LPN chat because of spam, the site was getting attacked by bots and internet programs.
22.) He’s going to write something new with the MPC and Harp, he did a poll with us asking which one he should write with today. He ended up choosing both.

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