Linkin Park sedang bekerja untuk album baru ?

Sebelum Linkin Park perform di MGM Grand, Chester berbicara kepada The Rebel Yell tentang Tatto, album baru Linkin Park dan Soundtrack Transformers 3.

RY: What’s next for Linkin Park musically?
CB: We’re working on a new album. Even though we’re touring now, we’ve started working on the next record already. We’ve found that music kind of takes on its own thing and it’s not done until it’s done. The sooner, the better is what I say. We want to make sure our work is quality work and that we’re all happy with it.

RY: Are you working on the soundtrack for Transformers: Dark of the Moon?
CB: I don’t know if I’m at liberty to tell you yet . But it looks promising. I think we go hand in hand with those films. A lot of our younger fans call us the Transformers band.

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Source : lptimes, The Rebel Yell

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