Musik Baru oleh Elias Andra

Dari LPLive:

"SpikeMinoda :I just chatted with Elias Andra from Julien-K and he told me that he uploaded some of his own music on his facebook profile.
So if you like to check out some nice music go to his facebook profile and go to the "My Band" button on his profile to check out his music. He uploaded 2 songs so far and he told me he played every instrument on his own except the bass. He is also the one singing.

Or just download them here.

Elias Andra 23:26
please also feel free to share the songs on my page with your friends
have them sign up on mailing list

I personally really love the songs.

Just check them out if you like and tell us here what do you think about them."

bagi yang mau mendownload klik DISINI

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