LPU Chat dengan Mike - 22/05/10

Pagi tadi, Mike sempat berada di LPUnderground.com untuk melakukan chat. Berikut poin-poin pentingnya:
  1. Judul Album: "We're trying to figure out an album title now."
  2. Artwork album: "We've already started on the artwork. Added a few new members to our art team. Really good..."
  3. "Edisi" album: "As usual, there will be fan packs where you can opt to get more than just the album...but we want to put a little twist on that as well. More info later."
  4. Selera mengenai lagu Nu Metal:"I lied about the nu metal thing. I actually haven't been interested in nu metal since 1998. Ever since I heard the term "nu metal," I thought it was horse***. In fact, I'm going to update my blog with that info. "
  5. 8-Bit Rebellion:"8 Bit Rebellion on other platforms - hopefully. We'd love to see it on other mobile devices. It's not really an xbox / playstation / wii kind of game..."

Sumber: http://nopaste.info/9900ce56e2.html

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