Tanggal Perilisan 8-BR di Jerman

8-Bit Rebellion akan dirilis pada 26 April 2010 di Jerman seharga 3,99€(Euro) atau sekitar
Rp 36.000,00

Dari Website streetteam.de :

"The peace of pixelated 8-bit world is in danger! So far the characters have Linkin Park live in her world peacefully, surrounded by the reality of the iconic video game 80s arcade games. But now comes the nasty Pixxelkorp and threatens to destroy that peace. Your energy is needed: Help Linkin Park and their friends, the peaceful 8-bit world to get rid of the threat.

Sounds like quite a lot of fun? Is it too. Ensure and guarantee Linkin Park: The band had a significant role in the development of the Game App, which is expected on 26 April . April will go on sale worldwide. This also means that in the by Mike Shinoda, Chester Bennington and co.. with projected world hits the strip in the iconic 8-bit sound ring out. In addition, users have the chance, the game's brand new track "Blackbird" to unlock, once a certain level is reached.

The Wireless Game "8 Bit Rebellion" is expected for iPhone and iPod Touch, and appear for the iPad. The price is 3,99 Euro.
Here is a trailer for the brand new App:"


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