Ryan: "Seems we nearly have a record!!"

Dari beberapa tweet update-nya Ryan mengenai album baru Julien-K:
  • Back to music: seems we nearly have a record!! Getting close to a full body of work..
  • Tonight I am going to listen to all of it back to back - As a record..
  • See if works I'll periodically go back to politics - for now I am excited about this new music. Trying to think of a way to play u guys a clip
  • I mean.. I know HOW. i'm just trying to figure if it's ready - or if it's just WAY to premature...
  • We are going to try to do everyone knows.. Yes
Dan dari Amir:
  • 2 more new Julien-K songs coming along. One is a co-write with my cousin @jaymzdare
  • OK so the new JK song we are doing with @jaymzdare is now called "The Hunting"

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