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I've been gone for a minute, with the holidays and everything. Funny--I came back and there are some buggy things going on with mikeshinoda.com's comments, RSS, and backend. Sorry if it's messing things up for you--I'm working on some fixes soon.

Among other things, I got a Nord Electro 3 for Christmas. I can't wait to start using it...we're moving on from the last batch of songs (5) to a new batch. I don't know what songs will be in the new batch. We have about 15 contenders, with some brand new gems that I worked on with Chester and Brad. The first LP studio meeting of 2010 is next Monday, so we'll vote on it then.

On another note, I hope you're getting your New Year's Eve plans together. I never really make plans, and I end up doing whatever comes up, last minute. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not...but once again, I have no idea what I'll be up to.

BTW, here's a better clip of the Medvedev interview. I know I was late on it. I forgot to post it because I was drunk on egg nog.

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