Mike: Respon Untuk Fans Mengenai Update-an Album Baru

Pada Blog-nya, Mike baru saja menjawab pertanyaan dari beberapa fans yang berhubungan dengan album baru Linkin Park.

Posted by rockermeg - Ahh the tension is unbearable! It sounds like you're making great progress, and at quite a good pace. 60 is well below the number you had for M2M. Is that a good or bad thing?

M: We wrote roughly 150 demos for MTM because we were at a point where we were redefining how we approached writing a song. We were breaking down rigid, preconceived ideas about how our band "should" sound…we had to experiment with a lot of crazy stuff in order to figure out what the album should sound like. At the end of the process, we all felt like we had pushed outside our comfort zones quite a bit, and we were happy about the new frontiers the process had opened up. I think we're now at a place where there are far fewer boundaries or barriers, and the perspective of the past few years has given us an intense creative momentum, so fewer demos are getting the job done. Quality, not quantity; I don't think we'll need to write that many demos to know that the album is ready.

Posted by spraypaintNinkpens - I guess we really shouldn't expect an album in 2010 because you take forever to release a 12 track cd. I wish you'd release a cd faster than 3-4 years because everyone is going to inevitably start to make people lose interest in the band. Lockjaw was made in a day and it's a stellar track.

M: Thanks for the nice comment about "Lockjaw." I am writing these updates to assure you that what we've said about putting music out more quickly is our intention, 100%. It is my firm belief that the album will be out in 2010. As for the "3-4 year" comment: we've been saying that for about 6 months. In that short time, here is the new music that has come from our camp: "New Divide," "Lockjaw," my "Gold Guns Girls" remix, my Julien-K remix, my track for Apathy called "Shoot First," and an entire DBS album. Some are more mainstream things, others are meant for various levels of underground fans. We already have other related ideas ("Across The Line" on the LPU9 CD for example) on deck before the next album comes. Then, after the next album, we hope to continue to create and release music faster than we have in the past (3-4 years between studio albums is obviously a long time). The bottom line is: we're trying to be in the studio more than ever, making great stuff that is Linkin Park quality. We LIVE in the studio now.

Posted by Rotten - Couldn't you give us more info on your upcoming album please? Like how it's gonna sound, mainly hip hop or rock? Is it gonna be experimental as MTM was? Anyway, i'm confident about the quality since you never disappointed us but i'm afraid you'll be producing an album just because you have to…

M: I've been rapping a bit more, Joe has been a little more present, and together we're also doing a lot with the beats. Again, you never know what can happen: we can make 50 songs with rapping, and if the 10 that don't have rapping get picked by the band for the album, then any comment I may have made about rapping is null and void! But we have never produced an album because "we had to," it's all about where the band is at creatively, at the time. Hybrid Theory and Meteora were a time of defining a sound, MTM was a time of destroying that and branching out in many directions. This new album, so far, is a redefinition.

Posted by pepper - THANK YOU for the album update Mike!! We kept tweeting Phi for an update, but no go. I guess you are the better man =P (haha as if there was any doubt) Lol I'm so excited to hear about the long songs and that you guys are going through your usual thorough process for selecting the songs for the album. Stay focused and keep rocking on my brothers, I'm so stoked for this album and what 2010 holds for LP!

M: Yes Pepper, I am your friend and Phoenix is ignoring you. He is evil, I am good.
Thanks for the good words…we'll do our best to make this album great, for you and everyone who is down with the band.


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