Interview: DBS dengan Afro Jacks

Afro Jacks memiliki interview dengan Dead By Sunrise.

FROMAN: Dead by Sunrise has more of a metal feel to it than Linkin Park, is this a sound you are looking to pursue?
DEAD BY SUNRISE (CHESTER): I wouldn't say it's metal so much...I think it has more of a grungy sound to it, but there are metal elements to the record, and that's a style we also like.

FROMAN: Everyone has a couple guilty pleasure songs mine is Boz Scaggs- Lido Shuffle, I love that dumb ass song. What's your favorite guilty pleasure band/song?
CHESTER: You Spin Me Right 'Round – Dead Or Alive

FROMAN: If you were to go to the P section in the artist list on your ipod, what would the first artist that comes up?

FROMAN: Out of all the years of being a musician what was your favorite year?
CHESTER: This one by far.

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