Berita dari Mike : Album Baru dan LPU 9

Dari Blog-nya Mike:

It's been a busy week. Studio every day, working on new stuff. This week, I did a song where the music sounds like Santogold (or Santigold, if you like) meets Postal Service meets At The Drive In or something. Very weird...but even weirder, the vocals are crazy--I asked our engineers what they thought it sounded like, and the responses I got were things like "Peter Gabriel" and "Huey Lewis, in a really good way." Four-part harmonies that ebb and flow with the track. I feel like I'm on drugs when I'm listening to it. It's tentatively called "Chicken Basket." Next week, we're all going to get together and listen to everything and vote on stuff, to see how progress is going. I'll let you guys know how it goes...

Dan ini berita terpenting, LPU 9:

Secondly, another newsworthy thing: as it turns out, our LP Underground fan club is going to be friggin' amazing this year! In case you don't know, we always put out a CD with the club, and this year's CD is a monster. It contains 8 previously unreleased demos from Hybrid Theory, Meteora, and Minutes To Midnight, plus a NEW, UNRELEASED LINKIN PARK SONG recorded during the MTM sessions. That's 9 tracks in all (for LPU9, get it?). You also get a shirt, patch, guitar pick, and exclusive chances to meet the band if we're doing a show or event in your area. LPU9 is not available yet, but info will be coming soon. You can get an idea of what this past year's fan club offered by clicking here.

Wow! Kira-kira apa ya?

Dan ini tambahan dari Post-an Mike di LPMB:

I hope you guys realize (as I do) that no matter what goes on the LPU9 CD, there will be people who say "it sucks and the band is lame for insulting us with such garbage." And there will be people who say, "This is my favorite CD of all time, anyone who says otherwise is obviously mentally deranged."

Regardless, here's what the LPU9 CD really is: 1.) an insight into our recording process, with some early versions of songs you will recognize, plus 2.) a song you've never heard. The end. Wait until December to find out more...


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