Wawancara MTV dengan Chester Bennington

MTV telah meng-upload sebuah wawancara dengan Chester Bennington. Chester membahas bagaimana album terbaru ini adalah bagian dari album remix, tapi terinspirasi dari album sebelumnya LIVING THINGS,

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as frontman Chester Bennington explained, he and his bandmates see it as less of a reinvention, and more of a logical extension of the territory they've explored on their last two albums, A Thousand Suns and LIVING THINGS.

"I think any of our songs lend themselves well to being remixed; I think it just comes down to being inspired to do it.
We decided to let other artists come in and see where their vibe comes from ... and once we started working with artists like Steve Aoki and some of these EDM guys, it felt like a natural progression."
"We were kicking around this idea for a while; there's so much stuff going on all the time, but we always have the desire to do really cool things with the songs, and people kind of expect it now, you know?" Bennington said. "We've encouraged our fans to remix our songs, too. Ever since the beginning of this band, we'd put out LPs that people could go buy and they could mess with Joe [Hahn's] samples; we'd put out A capellas and instrumentals too. We want our fans to play with our music; it's kind of normal for us."
"Writing music in this band is like having a very intimate relationship with a schizophrenic, manic, bi-polar person," he laughed. "One minute, you're having a conversation with a person, the next, everything's changed, and they're throwing knives at you. We skip around like that, you know? I have no f---ing clue where the band is going to go, but I can tell you writing is going very well, and it's a very inspired time right now." 

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