LPAssociation Mempersembahkan "Reliving Things"

Jika kalian sering mengikuti LPA Monthly Mix-Up di Linkin Park Association, kini Linkin Park Association dengan bangga mempersembahkan "Reliving Things", sebuah proyek kolaborasi remix yang terdiri dari beberapa yang terbaik (diambil dari LPA Monthly Mix-Up). Di dalam album ini terdapat 12 lagu dan 2 Track Bonus.

01. Tinfoil (Confetti Parade Remix)
03. Castle Of Glass (Xefuzion Remix)
04. Lost In The Echo (Decay Remix)
05. Victimized (m_macdonald Remix)
06. Until It Breaks (CĪ”sper White Remix)
08. In My Remains (Simple Automaton Remix)
09. Skin To Bone (Shurpi Remix)
11. I'll Be Gone (minuteforce Remix)
12. Powerless (Glen Orpheus Remix)


01. Tinfoil (Glen Orpheus Remix)
02. In My Remains (zwieR.Z. Remix)

The idea for this project really came from listening to various remixes that had been submitted for the Monthly Mix-Up. Much has been said about the overall high quality of the work produced for the MMU and several rounds have been dedicated exclusively to songs from "Living Things", so I had the idea of compiling an LPA-based version of "Living Things Remixed" from MMU entries.

This all changed after just about everybody that I approached to be involved in this project offered to create brand-new remixes instead. We're all used to being in competition in the MMU; here, a group of us decided to work together to produce a body of work.

The end result of all of this is a fan-made remix album called "Reliving Things". Just a small slice of the immense talent that I see being displayed every month in the MMU. On behalf of everyone who worked on this album, I hope that you enjoy listening to it. 

source : LPA

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  1. Awesome! Linkin Park fans is sooo cool! Kepp up all the great work! Muehehe


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