Transkrip LPU Chat dengan Brad Delson [28-02-2011]

Brad bergabung hanya sebentar di LPU Chat. Tidak ada Video dalam Chat kali ini.

berikut Transkip LPU Chat dengan Brad Delson :

4:11 AM BradDelson: colin: re: intros and outros… We like to incorporate some of the interludes from our albums into our live show.
4:11 AM BradDelson: Additionally, we often create unique transitions, intros and outros, especially for our live show to enhance the visual and auditory experience.
4:12 AM BradDelson: If i could work with any artist/group, it would be Benjamin Franklin.
4:13 AM BradDelson: Regarding who makes my headphones… Prada.
4:14 AM BradDelson: I’m excited to take a break from touring. I look forward to getting back into the studio later on this year.
4:15 AM BradDelson: My first guitar was a Fender Squire Bullet. It was white with no pick guard. I’m pretty sure it was a gift. It was later stolen backstage at one of my first shows.
4:16 AM BradDelson: I would love to hang and answer more questions, however we go on stage in 4 minutes.
4:16 AM BradDelson: So I can only take 2 more questions.
4:17 AM BradDelson: I got the nickname BBB because it’s ironic. I’m neither big, nor bad.
4:17 AM BradDelson: My favorite hobby is LPU chats.
4:18 AM BradDelson: Thank you to everyone who participated in this momentous occasion. Some of the kids these days may be video chatting, but I like to kick it old school. Peace and respect, BBB

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