"Artikel" Mike Mengenai Pecinta & Pembenci ATS

Tadi siang Mike membuat sebuah "artikel" yang ditujukan kepada seluruh pembacanya yang menjadi pecinta maupun pembenci pasca dirilsnya ATS.

"Let’s get the simple part out of the way. To the fans who like the new album: a million thanks for your support. There are some of you that have been with us for a long time, and are thrilled about the new sound; there are others who weren’t sure of the new album at first, but have given it a chance, and are now reaping its rewards. And there are others who have never been fans of Linkin Park, but are interested in the band for the first time with A Thousand Suns. We’re happy to have all of you on board, and we appreciate your good words and rave reviews.

A friend of mine told me a story from his childhood: when he was a little kid, his dad, who never had any facial hair, left for a trip and came home with a beard. His son took one look at him and ran away, demanding, “what happened to my real dad?”
So let’s talk about “haters.”"

Penasaran kelanjutannya? Baca selengkpanya di http://mikeshinoda.com/...a-thousand-suns-album-release/

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