Brandon Keluar dari Julien-K

Brandon meninggalkan grup bandnya, Julien-K. Berikut e-mail dari Ryan Shuck kepada The Inner Circles di .

Message To The Inner Circle

To our beloved Inner Circle,

We will continue to give you guys special information, privileges, and opportunities straight from the band – so here is a big one. You guys can disseminate this information as you see fit, as you are our most trusted fans.

Brandon has left the band due to creative differences. He was genuinely not happy with the direction we have been taking on the new record – the band on the other hand is excited and enjoying exploring new territory. We can barely contain ourselves and our new material. Unfortunately a situation like this can only mean parting ways.

We remain good friends, and we love Brandon like a little brother.

After touring with Dead By Sunrise, we saw first hand that Fu is perfect to replace Brandon in the live setting – Fu has always been an unofficial 5th member of Julien-K, in addition to a major contributing writer. Now we have a chance to include him in the Julien-K live show – pretty exciting for us as Fu brings a totally new perspective with regards to how we do what we do live (technically), which will give us the impetus we need to continue to push and make our live shows more interesting.

Looking forward to meeting our European fans....!


Mereka mengatakan bahwa, Brandon meninggalkan Julien-K karena alasan perbedaan kreativitas, atau pikiran. Mereka mungkin menggantikan posisi Brandon dengan Fu, seseorang yang mereka anggap anggota Julien-K kelima, namun secara tak resmi. Kemungkinan mereka akan menetapkan Fu sebagai anggota Julien-K yang baru untuk menggantikan posisi Brandon. Saat tour Julien-K selanjutnya, mereka memiliki kesempatan untuk tampil bersama Fu.

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