Interview Baru dengan Ryan dan Amir

Interview JK baru dengan Ryan dan Amir:

“Death to analog” was first released on March 2009 in the USA. How were the reactions on it?
Ryan: Great, yes, the reactions were great. The album already
is in some charts and inside of the Top 10 of electronic charts. I
heard from a lot of fans it’s their favourite record. We sign every day
a lot of CDs; we sign Orgy-CDs, Dead by Sunrise CDs, Linkin Park CDs
and Julien-K CDs. Those fans from all the other bands do really love
the Julien-K. They really support it and come to every show. We wanted
to create a record which we would love and the fans would love, too.
When I step out and watch from outside on Julien-K, I ask the question,
what would I like, what would turn me on. Right now it would be a band
that has a look like we have on stage and how we perform. We want to
play electronic music that really rocks. We want to create real rock
concerts but with an electronic feeling, darker and sexier. We started
Julien-K for this reason.

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