Metric - Gold Guns Girls (Remixed by Mike Shinoda)

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Thanks to everyone who came out for last night's Glorious Excess (Dies) opening; images of everything are on the way today.

In the preview video for GLXS, some of you noticed a song by Metric in there. I mentioned the band Metric a long time ago... some of you know I like their music. Their album "Fantasies" contains a song called "Gold Guns Girls." When I first heard it, I thought: this is like a theme song for Glorious Excess!

Well, I contacted the band, and (to make a long story short) I remixed the song. With their blessing, it's now on the "music" page here on

If you like this song, check the band out at The band will be making the song available to fans soon...but you're getting the exclusive here first!


Lagu ini sekarang juga bisa didownload! Silahkan download di *SINI*.

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