Transkip Chat Chester Bennington di LPU

Ini adalah percakapan yang terjadi saat Chester Bennington chat dengan para fans di LPU pada Jum'at kemarin(23/01/09).

chesterbennington says (16:11): Hi
chesterbennington says (16:11): It’s Chester
chesterbennington says (16:11): I am in the studio working with Howard Benson - working on my solo record, eating a banana…
chesterbennington says (16:11): Pretty exciting

DarthYak(Moderator) says (16:11): I see we have something in common my friend, ready to roll? :P

chesterbennington says (16:12): OK, let’s go

Big_Bad_Lukas says (16:12): Hi Chaz! How is The Work On The New Album ?? Are You Still So Inspired to Write New Music Like You Were Before?? Greetings From Ireland!!

chesterbennington says (16:13): Big Bad Lucus- working on the new record has been a great experience. I am much more involved in the process than I would be with LP, which has taught me a lot, and writing music is always fun and it’s always easy to be inspired writing something. It’s just writing something good, that’s the hard part.

br1an says (16:12): Hello Chester, Vecel is a cool brand, have you designed all things from Vecel yourself? And thanks for come to Germany with PR08.

chesterbennington says (16:14): No actually we hire illustrators to work on designs. I basically am more around for direction, more like a creative director, and also my partners do all the fits and pick all the types of cloth we’re going to use and what kind of textures we’re going to use, so it’s a collaboration between artists and the owners.

Blazey says to (16:13): Hi Chester! I was wondering if there are any tour plans in the works to help promote your upcoming solo album?

chesterbennington says (16:17): Yes, plans on touring for my solo record, but no solid plans yet, we want to play as much as we can

Chemist999 says (16:17): Does the fact that you’re approaching this record artistically as a “concept” album also affects the writing process itself, e.g. if you’ve switched from the pairs system, or if it means you have to work more closely with all others developing your ideas?

chesterbennington says (16:18): Chemist999- That would be more like a project LP was working on. It is more difficult working on a concept then just a song, and you do have to work on outside interests playing a part in what you’re doing. We’re not stuck on a concept record, we just want a good record. Maybe that’s the concept- not being conceptual at all.

clue54819 says (16:19): i worked for music for relief on aug. 16 2008 we raised over 14000 i was wondering if you know what the most raised from a single concert was or if that was it? the m4r people let me come back to meet you guys because i raised most of that money.

chesterbennington says (16:20): clue- you are a badass!
chesterbennington says (16:20): I don’t have any solid info on what was the single largest contribution and from where it came from, so not sure.

DudeWtf says (16:21): Hi Chester. I think its amazing that after everything you’ve been through in life you found your callings and are awesome at it.My question is what advice would you give to those who want to make something out of themselves but haven’t found their calling?

chesterbennington says (16:22): Dudewtf- That’s a good question. You know I think that’s prob the most difficult thing in life to do, find something you are really passionate about it. But if acting is something you enjoy doing, doesn’t mean you have to make that what you pursue in life. I’d still be singing in a band even if I didn’t have a record deal
chesterbennington says (16:22): But I’d also have to find a real job to pay for my expensive hobby. So I think confusing financial success with finding the thing you are good at are 2 different things. For some people having kids is what they are really good at, and you don’t get paid for that
chesterbennington says (16:23): I think being open to finding what it is you are passionate about is the hardest part.

Darkzero88 says (16:23): hey chester at first i want to thank you for your awesome concert in D?sseldorf last year, and now i want to know if LP is going to Rock am Ring in the next 3 years. Greetings to You, Mike and the rest of LP from Marcel & Norman

chesterbennington says (16:23): Nobody in rock and roll has the next 3 years planned out
chesterbennington says (16:24): We always enjoy playing those shows so anytime we can do them, we will

dereklp says (16:23)What’s you alcoholic drink of choice, be it mixed drink or beer? If beer which brand?

chesterbennington says (16:24): dereklp- I don’t know- jet fuel?

danroxout says (16:23): Chester, I understand that you’ve written Linkin Park’s next album as a concept album, can you tell us what it’s theme is about, can you unveil any titles, and will the protools that Mike recently demoed influence it in any way? Thanks Alot! Dan

chesterbennington says (16:25): Don’t jump to any conclusions on what the next record is going to be. We always use protools and I prefer braughtwurst over hot dogs

Extreme says (16:25): How do you maintain the high level of creativity in making & writing of every albums? And what is the best thing about being a musician?

chesterbennington says (16:26): Extreme- I don’t really know what makes creative people creative, I generally don’t listen to a whole lot of music all the time because I like to kind of being open to hearing something original in my head that I could put down.
chesterbennington says (16:26): Now I mostly listen to what’s going on in my brain, which can be frightening sometimes
chesterbennington says (16:27): I used to listen to a lot of different things

Dr_Acula says to (16:26): Hi Chester, I was wondering what is the meaning behind the song “In Pieces” ? Thanks Jessica =)

chesterbennington says (16:28): Dr Acula- I forget.
chesterbennington says (16:28): If I tell you what it’s really about, it’s going to mess up what you think it’s about.
chesterbennington says (16:28): Because that’s what it should be about

Felipeintheend says (16:28): Hey chaz. Well, do you think Linkin Park will be some kind of “Rolling Stones”? Do you think you guys will be 60 and still rockin’ out with concerts? What do you think about this, is it possible? It’d be really good! Brazil love you guys!

chesterbennington says (16:29): That would be fun if we were all old and wrinkly and gross and still rocked out, I’m down for that! I’ll do it as long as my body lets me.

Franny says (16:28):Hey Chester! How many songs are you thinking about recording on this next album? if you can tell us. Greeting From Malta. Love you lots!!!

chesterbennington says (16:29): Franny- One billion trillion
chesterbennington says (16:29): And we’re going to use 8 of them

chucky8810 says (16:21): hey chester i was wondering since u guys evolved soo much from the 1st couple of albums to minutes to midnight, for ur new album can we expect more the old stuff or more like minutes to midnight, or something complely new. luv y guys keep rocking!!!

chesterbennington says (16:30): chukky 8810 question from before- I like to think it’s new. I think the stuff we’re writing is really different in a lot of ways
chesterbennington says (16:30): And I think it will be a nice mix between the two
chesterbennington says (16:30): Somewhere in the middle
chesterbennington says (16:31): We’re going to get like Weird Science and we’re going to take the hottest pieces of every girl and make the perfect girl on our computer and sell it to you guys
chesterbennington says (16:31): And you guys are going to be cooler

Febe says (16:30): Chester, first of all hi from Kaytee my other lp obsessed friend Well question what age did you started singing and do you have some advice on how to get far in the music industry? and happy late perthday to Rob

chesterbennington says (16:32): Febe- OK, I started singing when I was really little, just because I thought it was fun. I didn’t start singing in bands until 13-14, but I pretty much sang my whole life. Anyone who has good advice on making it in the music industry needs to write it down and sell it! Because even people who should do well in the music business don’t seem to anymore

Guerrero says (16:32): Hi Chaz! I’m Paul from Athens, Greece, thanks for coming past summer. Each Ve’cel shirt is special, with different design that makes the one who wears it feel like rockstar. What inspires you to help you and your team make these creatively designs? Thanks!

chesterbennington says (16:33): Guerrero- I think the most inspirational stuff for merch is to look at the bad stuff from other bands, and think…we don’t want to do that!

GreenEyedKatydid says (16:32): Hey chester, often do you listen to the radio, and is there anything about it you would like to see changed?

chesterbennington says (16:34): Greeneyedkatydid- I listen to the radio only in my car, and I think if radio stations let the DJs have a little more freedom in terms of programming, more people would listen

Goona says (16:34): hey chester, did you ever think about doing some work with an orchestra, like recording a few songs including violins and all that stuff to do something completely different from the ‘normal’ linkin park sound?

chesterbennington says (16:35): goona- we have actually done that before. It’s just that we rock so hard you can’t hear it
chesterbennington says (16:35): we’ve used orchestral components on songs like “Breaking The Habit:, “No Roads Left,” Numb”, others too
chesterbennington says (16:35): all the stuff with live strings
chesterbennington says (16:35): usually anywhere you hear strings, they were done live

hollatip says(16:36): Are you working on any collaborations on other artists albums? Are there any guest apperances on the new album? Loved the Road to Revolution DVD.thanks

chesterbennington says (16:36): hollatip- no, no collaborations, and no there are no guest spots on the new record

hmw95 says (16:36): My friend and I are trying to find a bassist and a drummer for our band, can you give me some advice with finding one? (I’m a singer and my friend is a Guitarist)

chesterbennington says (16:37): hmw95- good luck, no one wants to be a bass player, and no one can play drums
chesterbennington says (16:37): um you know normally when bands are in the position to find people, they will go to rehearsal spaces saying, looking for bass and drummer if you are interested here’s what we want to sound like etc. give us a call…
chesterbennington says (16:37): and then you wait

I_am_Lizz says (16:38): So, Chester any idea when Dead by Sunrise’s album will be out? Everything I have heard from it has been amazing so I can’t wait! (L) Also greetings from Buffalo, NY, and I hope 2009 is a great year for you, your family and Linkin Park

chesterbennington says (16:39): i am lizz- thank you! We’re probably looking in realistic terms for Sept for Dead by Sunrise, it will be ready before then but it will make most sense to probably put it out that time

IBLong says (16:38): have you ever considered going oversees to play for the troops?

chesterbennington says (16:40): IBLONG- we have considered going overseas to play for the troops, for some reason timing wise it usually doesn’t work out in terms of when they want us to go and we’re booked, or we’re not touring
chesterbennington says (16:40): we’re open to the idea though

jennifercoon says (16:40): Hi Chester, thanks for chatting with us. Is the new LP album going to be centered around a graphic novel or some other sort of story?

chesterbennington says (16:40): jennifercoon- don’t know but that’s a good idea
chesterbennington says (16:40): not sure though

JenJen says (16:40): I would like to know what song is hardest on you either emotionally or physically to perform and why?

chesterbennington says (16:41): jenjen- emotionally -when we wrote “Breaking The Habit”, it was hard to sing but I got over it. Physically- “Given Up” and “Crawling.”
chesterbennington says (16:41): I think those ones are more obvious

junko1014 says (16:41): Hey Chester, when you’re stuck on something at the studio, how do you usually get over it? Playing ping pong!?

chesterbennington says (16:42): junko- ping pong is a good idea- usually when I find myself stuck I just stop and rewrite the part instead of chasing it so hard. If something’s not working I usually drop it and move on to something new.

Kenoa says (16:41): Chester, in the music making, what can you say it is the biggest challenge to you? Wishes of all of the luck from Portugal.

chesterbennington says (16:42): Kenoa- writing lyrics is probably the biggest challenge
chesterbennington says(16:43): that’s the hardest part. You can have a good melody and not know what to say. That sucks.

LPrex says (16:43): If say you make music that sounds really good to you but turns out its not what the fans are looking for, then what direction do you take?

chesterbennington says (16:44): LPrex- we’re generally not thinking about what fans are going to think of the song. We’ve come to the conclusion it’s probably impossible to give everyone what they want so we’re trying to do what we like. It’s worked out pretty well so far.

kaji5785 says (16:41): When is there going to be a women’s line for VeCel and will there ever be a Club Tattoo in Texas, I want my first tat to be from there, thanks!

chesterbennington says (16:44): kaji5785- Club Tattoo in Texas- maybe. Don’t know about the woman’s line, but we are planning on doing one.

lp_schnuller says (16:44): hey chester, will you play the mmm…cookies songs from the new undergroundcd live? thanks for the great concerts in dusseldorf, munich and frankfurt last year, i was there and it was unbelievable!

chesterbennington says (16:49): lp schnuller- I’d probably imagine we’re not going to play MMM…Cookies- it wasn’t really meant to be anything besides fun!

LPfreak4ever15 says (16:44): Linkin Park used to be part of the “NU-Metal” or “Rap-metal” genre, will you guys change back to that style in your new album or is that sound long gone?

chesterbennington says (16:49): lpfreak4ever15- I think there’s still some remnants of those genres

MarathonMan says (16:45): Do you have any working titles for the new album?

chesterbennington says (16:51): marathonman- for which album? the answer would be no- I don’t have any working titles for my record or Linkin Park’s

Mshinoda12345 says (16:51): Hi Chester, you?re side projects have been amazing so far! Which of your side projects has been the most rewarding and why (Camp Freddy, Solo record, working with Jay Z and Busta, etc.)?!

chesterbennington says (16:52): mshinoda12345- I would probably say that it’s all been pretty rewarding.
chesterbennington says (16:52): I don’t know which one is the MOST rewarding though.
chesterbennington says (16:52): That’s a hard question.

Naaadineee says (16:52): What do you do with all the Presents you get at M&Gs? At the M&G in Munich in June a Friend and Me gave you a Pillow on which is written “Linkin Park the best band of the universe”. And you still have it !? youre going to do PR this year in europe again?

chesterbennington says (16:53): Naaadienee- I try to keep as much of the m/g stuff as I can.
chesterbennington says (16:54): I keep a lot of the m/g stuff- I have a kind of fan memorabilia thing so I can go back and look at it all at some point.

nillp says (16:52): first, thanks for being here! so, did you guys already decided or thought about someone to be the producer of the new album, it’s going to be just mike or what? thanks for inspiring each day of my life! take care a lot of love from Brazil.

chesterbennington says (16:55): nillp- we have not yet picked a producer for the record, but we’re talking to really great people so I’m sure as we have that info we’ll put it out

oxy says (16:54): i thought reanimation was a great albums can we accpect any more remix albums in the future, maybe one for meteora or minutes to midnight?

chesterbennington says (16:55): oxy- I don’t know about remix albums, it’s usually been a spontaneous thing we’ve done in the past, it might be something for the future, I don’t know.

PheonixDown says (16:55): I want to know what your mentality was between the last few albums, if we take the first two the songs are personal, feelings, and emotions, but MTM was very opinionated and politcal…’how did they come to be so different

chesterbennington says (16:57): phoenixdown- I think we feel confident enough in our intelligence- that at this point we are knowledgeable to be crucial about things we were too naive about before.

Q_Dizzle says (16:56): You guys sometimes tend to incorporate anime themes into your videos. Do you personally watch anime? And if so, what is your favorite anime and do any of the other members watch anime?

chesterbennington says (16:58): q-dizzle- I would say that I think in a way all of us like anime if it’s done right, but I’m pretty sure Joe is the only one to watch on a regular basis.

revolutionman says (16:57): Hey chester, have you considered rapping on the new lp album? why should mike have all the fun? also, i love the search with chester site, i got my autographed poster in the mail today, its awesome! thanks =)!

chesterbennington says (16:58): revoultionman- you know I don’t know… it could be fun to rap- I just don’t know if I’ll be a very good rapper. I’ll try it though

Rayler_Tae says (16:58): Do any Fans scare you? Have you ever met an OVER obsessed fan? P.S.–Hope You Have a great year and Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions!

chesterbennington says (16:59): raylertae- yes a lot of fans scare me. It’s fun to have people appreciate what you do, it’s scary to have people freak out . There have been a couple fans that have scared the crap out of me, one is in prison and one has a restraining order right now.
chesterbennington says (16:59): so it’s not a good idea to get crazy
chesterbennington says (17:00): next one?

scottdaniels says (17:01): Chester what will be your first Hit Single from your solo Album Dead by Sunrise and Chester you and LP Rocks Forever

chesterbennington says (17:01): scottdaniels- I don’t know yet on first single, there’s a couple options. It’s kind of too soon to say.

sibel says (17:01): Hi Chester, I just want to say I really love & appreciate you(&LP), will there be any sideprojects(music/TV) other den DBS ull apart of soon? thnx for hugging me in07melbourne LOVES u

chesterbennington says (17:02): sibel- you’re welcome there are a couple things I’ve been asked to do but they’ve kind of stalled so I don’t want to say I’ll be part of them. But when that stuff happens, I’ll let you know

ThaPoet says (17:02): What inspired the name Ve’cel? Greeting’s from London, UK

chesterbennington says (17:03): thapoet- we wanted something that didn’t mean anything!
chesterbennington says (17:03): that sounded like it was important- that name seemed to fit

tHeKyAn says (17:02): hey chester, is the new LP album gunna be like the old or new style? and is there a estimate on a release date?

chesterbennington says (17:03): thekyan- it’s going to be like super new old school

Tiff07 says (17:03): Out of all the LP music videos, which one is your favorite thus far?

chesterbennington says (17:04): tiff07- hmmm….I still have to say “Breaking The Habit” is the best video

Victoria_LPF says (17:04): I got Revolution Unseen and I read that you were an artist since at the age of six. Being an artist since an early age, I was wondering if you still do a lot of art and if so what inspires you today?-Greetings from Kentucky-Victoria

chesterbennington says (17:05): victoria-lpf- I’d have to say I’m not as active as I’d like to be as an artist- meaning I don’t paint or draw very often. But, I do go through moments where I am inspired to do that more than others. I think it’s really important that if you are creative in any way you should pursue that. It’s usually a really good way to express yourself. Even if you aren’t that good at it, and you just like it–it doesn’t really matter.

vicel says (17:05): we love your Ve’cel clothes so much. will you enlarge your store in world wide? will you open up other stores in other foreign countries?

chesterbennington says(17:06): vicel- we are starting to get some notice internationally, so hopefully we’ll be growing that as time goes on. And, we have a brand new Club Tattoo opening in Las Vegas in March and that should really help us grow.

wayn0 says (17:05): You played MSG in NYC for the first time last year!! It was an amazing show! You guys expressed some emotions that night, can you tell us again how amazing it was for you?- #1 NY fan~

chesterbennington says (17:07): wayn0- it was pretty amazing at MSG- growing up, MSG was kind of like , if you could play there, you knew it was important. It was a very big deal for us, and we were excited to put that show in that place. Our production was the best we ever had, and Jay-Z came and played with us- probably in the top 5 in terms of best shows for us.

Waiting4thesun says (17:05): Hi chester! If you were chatting with your favourite artist ever what would you ask him?? The job that you?re doing with mfr is really amazing? thanx for everything ?

chesterbennington says (17:08): waiting4thesun- when I meet people I admire I kind of clam up, I turn into a guy that doesn’t say much. When I met Robert Smith, I kind of got too excited to ask him anything important.

Xina says (17:07): How will the lyrics on your solo CD differ from your lyrical contributions in Linkin Park? Do you approach your solo songs differently? Also, thank you for making amazing music!!

chesterbennington says (17:09): xina- yeah I do approach the songs differently- mainly because I do most of the writing. So, that’s probably the main difference is that I am kind of the sole director of the songs so to speak. Whereas in Linkin Park there’s a bunch of cooks in that kitchen

zuzu says (17:08): hey chaz i big fan of u and LP…like everyone here. i would like to ask u what would u like to be, if u werent be in LP? what kind of job?anyway thanks for great show in czech republic greeting from slovakia

chesterbennington says (17:10): zuzu- I don’t know, if I wasn’t in Linkin Park I probably would have eventually gone back to school to do something, and eventually would have been a teacher of some sort. I think I’d be a good teacher.

xTHEAx says (17:07): Hi Chester, why do you always drink orange juice during the shows? Does it help your voice somehow? And my bestfriend Vean says hi ^^

chesterbennington says (17:11): xtheax- I don’t drink orange juice during shows. I’ve never drank orange juice during shows. I usually drink water and I do keep a couple things up there on stage. I do drink Gatorade, which is usually colored orange so maybe that’s what you are thinking of. Usually at a show I’ll drink about half a Red Bull
chesterbennington says (17:12): never OJ though

ashleycblpfan says (17:11): what is the funniest thing that happened to you guys while recording?

chesterbennington says (17:12): asheleycblpfan- Don Gilmore would light his farts on fire. That was pretty funny.

ZipFonMolko says (17:07): Hey, Chester! We already know, that upcoming album is going to be conceptual. Mike also had hamed some artists, who have inspired him, one of them - Pink Floyd - The Wall.Have you, or any band member though about making conceptual movie?

chesterbennington says (17:13): zipfonmolk- yes - we’ve thought about making a conceptual movie- those are expensive

AliceXD says (17:11): Hi Chester. How does it feel to know your songs have helped people through rough times in their lives? And my friend Tymoor says Hi

chesterbennington says (17:14): alicexd- that is the most rewarding part of what we do, when we hear people say to us that our music has helped them in some way. It doesn’t get much better than that. It’s pretty awesome.

01joe10 says (17:14): Hey Chester, What do you think is your favorite/best/ Most rewarding thing about playing with Linkin park, and why? Thanks

chesterbennington says (17:15): 01joe10- pretty much everything is rewarding, every part of what we do kicks some ass. We get to do what we love to do for a living, and what we do well, you know it’s kind of like being a rock star is the coolest job you can have! You can make other
people who have really cool jobs wish they were rock stars!

Brooke_MikeShinoda says (17:14):Hey Chester !! I’m Brooke from FRG,Illinois. Is the next album going to be more instrumental ? More Mellow ? More Hard-rock?(Hard-rock is my favorite) Thanks !! Love you all Linkin Park !! Btw- thanks for getting me through the hardest times in my life

chesterbennington says (17:16): brooke- the answer to your question, is yes.

br0wnst3r says (17:14): what is the most unique and/or challenging aspect of writing for a concept album?

chesterbennington says (17:16): br0wnst3r- probably the concept! Writing about one thing is pretty hard to do
chesterbennington says (17:16): or writing about all the different aspects is hard to do.
chesterbennington says (17:17): in doing something like a concept record, it can take years to make. It may not be the next thing we come out with.

BearSnugsFox says (17:15): Can you tell us something about your experience with acting in Crank 2 and your enconuter with Jason Statham? Love from Vietnam.

chesterbennington says (17:18): bearsungsfox- I would say that I have had a lot of fun doing those movies. My parts are really small and insignificant but have been really fun. Jason is super fun and takes it very seriously.
chesterbennington says (17:18): he was a lot of fun to be around and really good at what he does.

carol_te_despreza says (17:17): chester, how did the idea for you to be in the movie crank came up?

chesterbennington says (17:19): carol-to-despreza- the idea came up because they were shooting in the original movie, the opening scene where he wakes up in that loft and burns out in the car- that was in the building I lived in. Somehow the directors found out I was living there and got me through management and asked if I would be interested in doing a small part. For the next one they contacted me personally and said they’d think it was fun to have me in it too. Pretty easy actually!
chesterbennington says (17:20): I feel bad for actors that spend their entire lives trying to get an audition.

DarkFeenux12 says (17:20): Hey Chester, really enjoyed you guys at Edgefest this summer! awesome MnG too (first in line). So what would you say youre favourite part of being in a studio is?

chesterbennington says (17:21): darkfeenux12- I don’t know it’s kind of like putting a puzzle together, we’ve learned to be more relaxed with the process, but the best part is when you are finally finished and you see what you have put together, and you can hear it for the first time
in a completed state. It’s pretty rewarding.

danielpsoad09 says (17:21): Linkin Park recorded 17 songs for Minutes to Midnight, and you’ve released 13 of them. Are you planning to release the rest anytime soon ? I hope you can play in Chile for your next tour. Cheers !

chesterbennington says (17:21): daniellpsoad09- I have no idea re: releasing more of the Minutes to Midnight songs.

Chesterfan says (17:18): Chaz, will your back injury result in more mic stand songs?

chesterbennington says (17:23): chesterfan- my back injury will basically …I’m going to have to figure some things out. I get back spasms sometimes just from singing. so I’m not sure if I’ll be jumping off or anything anytime soon. You are going to have to deal with me walking/standing around more. I am turning into an old man.
DarthYak(Moderator) says (17:23): we still love ya.. even if you need to use a walker.

Felicity says (17:22): Desert Island discs!, what three records would you take with you? Thanks for the lyrics as they make life make more sense. Milton Keynes rocked!, well worth getting squashed!

chesterbennington says (17:24): Filicty- hmmm, 3 records- probably Beatles- Revolver, Jane’s Addiction- Nothing’s Shocking, and Violator- by Depeche Mode.

EleniV says (17:23): In LPU there are many fans all over the world.You have thousands fans of all ages! How do you feel about it?

chesterbennington says (17:25): EvenV- I feel awesome about having LPU all over the world.
chesterbennington says (17:25): It’s a good feeling, it’s cool to know we have fans all around the world, that people everywhere get what we’re doing and like what we’re doing. It’s cool.

Felipeintheend says (17:22): Chester, we, fans who work at fansites, love to work for the band, what do you think of fansites? Do you visit any of them?

chesterbennington says (17:26): Felipeintheend- Every once in a while I go look at the fansites. I think it’s cool, but it bothers me when they are gossipy and not always accurate.
chesterbennington says (17:26): But good fansites are great
chesterbennington says (17:27): I don’t like when in some chat rooms of some sites there’s always someone being a hater though, that bothers me.

hiddentalentz says (17:26): Chester, back when you were on Loveline in April, Bennoda Mountain was mentioned. Any new thoughts on that?

chesterbennington says (17:28): hiddentalentz- that was a long time ago.
chesterbennington says (17:28): we’re on to new things

ipek says (17:27): Hey Chester We know from the interviews that you will be debuting your album Dead by Sunrise in 2009. Will this album effect the publishing date of upcoming Linkin Park album? If not, will we be able to listen to the new Linkin Park album in autmn?

chesterbennington says (17:29): ipek- the release of Dead By Sunrise will never interfere with any Linkin Park record.

JoeyDC says (17:28): I think you are one of the most sincere and down-to-earth musicians I have ever seen - what’s your secret of remaining so normal although being so famous and successful?

chesterbennington says (17:30): joeydc- I don’t know why I’m such a nice guy
chesterbennington says (17:30): I don’t know, it’s just the way I am.
chesterbennington says (17:30): it’s important to be nice to people, and it’s important to be thankful for your fans.
chesterbennington says (17:31): I usually do a pretty good job of that stuff, but sometimes I don’t.

lpfaint43 says (17:30): While working on your solo project do u sometimes ask the other LP members for their opinion or help? thx for your passion

chesterbennington says (17:32): lpfaint43- would I ask a LPU member for help on a record? probably not. I probably wouldn’t go to a fan and ask what they think about something new or if they liked or disliked something before it was done.

JWilsonLP says (17:28): hey chester, you say msg was in your top five concerts, does milton keyens PR appear high in your list? i thought it was the greatest day ever, thanks, you rock man!

chesterbennington says (17:33): yes- absolutely Milton Keynes, where we shot the DVD- was one of the TOP 5 shows

mikebernard says (17:34): Hi Chester, I was wondering if you were going to do more with Street Drum Corps…they were awsome with you at projekt rev. will we see them with you again…we hope so…followed you to 3 different venus last year to see you. Nasal spray anyone…mike

chesterbennington says (17:35): mikebernard- Street Drum Corps are awesome. I’m sure I’ll be doing stuff with them again, either taking them on tour or something else. I am probably in touch with Frank from Street Drum Corps every week or two weeks.

Nex says (17:33): Hi, Chester. Are you going to in the future to make the joint projects similar Jay-Z and Busta Rhymes?

chesterbennington says (17:34): nex- don’t know, don’t have an answer on that one

MS_Luv says (17:34): Heyy Chester!!! Will Linkin Park be doing another DVD? When I say that, I mean something like, Frat Party At The Pankake Festival? And thanx for all the LP songs, cause they get me through the day! Lots of love for you and LP!

chesterbennington says (17:35): ms-luv- don’t know about a DVD like that, it’s possible though. I usually find that tying to predict the future is a bad idea though.

KC says (17:31): Hey Chester! My question is.. What was the last song playing on your iPod?.. or any musical device for that matter.. Thanks! -KC

chesterbennington says (17:36): KC- on my iPod, I can’t remember

LoVeChEsTER says (17:31): Hi Chester..! Thanks for all you do and all you are… I wondering if you can share with us a particular amazing moment for you on stage in 2008..?

chesterbennington says (17:37): lovechester- an amazing moment….there are too many!
chesterbennington says (17:37): I’d say probably the last 5 shows of Projekt Revolution were probably the best shows I personally have ever played, meaning my voice was at it’s best.

*pAoLo says (17:36): Out of Linkin Park’s 3 studio albums and the one in the making, which one has been your favourite to record and why?

chesterbennington says (17:38): paolo- each one gets better, every time we work on something it gets better, and more fun.

Paranoy says (17:36): I know there are no bad LP songs , but what would you say is the “worst” or “most annoying” song you ever did? Thank you for your music

chesterbennington says (17:38): paranoy- I’d have to say “Runaway” would top the list of my least favorite LP songs
chesterbennington says (17:38): “Runaway” and “Hit the Floor”
chesterbennington says (17:39): the best of the worst

Q_Dizzle says (17:38): Numb was pretty much the song that made me a fan of you guys and is still to this day my favorite song of all time (I have it as my ringtone actually). Just out of curiosity, does that song mean anything special to you or to any of the other band members?

chesterbennington says (17:39): q-dizzle- “Numb”- well all the songs have special meaning to us, every song has special meaning to us, especially me and Mike on the lyrics since we’re writing them.

RockerPrince (17:39): hello Chester! I’m Alex from Brazil. so… do you think your voice has improved over the years? do you feel safer to scream throughout the concerts now? are we’ll have more songs with screams such as ‘given up’? peace

chesterbennington says (17:40): rockerprince- I scream a lot! Ha ha. I scream a LOT. There’s more screaming to come.
chesterbennington says (17:40): as far as my voice improving, I think it’s gotten better the older I’ve gotten.
chesterbennington says (17:41): one last question, then I have to jump

Trip says (17:41): If u had had the choice, what film and what character would u have been?wot is some of the bands on ur ipod? (same birthday yay)ps u’ll never b an old man!

chesterbennington says (17:42): trip- thank you- I will always be young mentally. I’m still 16 in my brain.
chesterbennington says (17:43): I don’t know. Ed Norton’s role in American History X was pretty awesome. I’d have to say my 3 favorite performances of all time were with Edward Norton. Fight Club is my favorite movie ever. I like Ed Norton’s and Brad Pitt’s character. I would have liked one of those, or American History X would have been cool too.

DarthYak(Moderator) says (17:43): Chester thanks for helping make what’s probably LPU history, with over 500 people we’ve made it through all 26 lettaz and then some!
darknessovrme(Moderator) says (17:43): thanks for joining us tonight

chesterbennington says (17:43): Thanks a lot guys, I have to go get on a plane.

DarthYak(Moderator) says (17:44): thank you Chester.
DarthYak(Moderator) says (17:44):Have a great evening.

chesterbennington says (17:44): Thank you to everyone in the LPU for your dedication!!
chesterbennington says (17:45): Bye!!

*** (17:45):chesterbennington lost connection, left the room

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