Kabar Terbaru Tentang Rencana Konser Linkin Park ke Indonesia

Tporiginal (Tommy Pratama Original Promotor) selaku Promotor yang berniat membawa Linkin Park konser di Indonesia, yang dengan gigih mengontak Linkin Park ternyata membuahkan hasil.

berikut adalah Tweet @Tporiginal tentang Linkin Park :

Bahkan Linkin Park rencananya konser di dua kota di Indonesia ! Amazing !
Congratulations Tporiginal ! Semoga Tporiginal sukses selalu.

Video baru LPTV episode : Linkin Park & Transformers 3 first look

Linkin Park telah meng-upload video LPTV terbaru yang bertitle "Linkin Park & Transformers 3 first look".
Dalam video ini kalian dapat melihat wawancara dari Mike Shinoda dan wawancara dari Steve Jablonsky (Transformers 3 composer) mengenai keterlibatan Linkin Park dalam film Transformers 3 : Dark of the Moon.

Source : linkinpark tv

Foto baru dan behind the scene dari video "Iridescent"

MTV.com memposting sebuah foto dari proses pembuatan video "Iridescent" serta interview dengan Mike Shinoda yang memberikan sedikit detail dari video ini.

"All I know about the concept is that [Linkin Park turntablist/frequent director] Joe Hahn sent me an e-mail that said something about 'In the valley of the blind, the one-eyed man is king,' or something like that," singer/rapper Mike Shinoda laughed. "And the next thing I know, I've got horns growing out of my shoulders, and I've got one blind eye, and I've got a white dog and a snake on a throne made of antlers. I think you'd have to ask Joe what that all means."

baca artikel lengkapnya disini.

MTV.com juga memposting video behind the scene dari pembuatan VC "Iridescent".

Source : MTV.com, LPA

BFD Festival

Linkin Park telah mengkonfirmasi kehadiran mereka di BFD Festival yang akan diadakan di Mountain View, California pada tanggal 5 Juni 2011.

Source : LPA

Statistik "A Thousand Suns World Tour"

statistik di bawah adalah statistik dari sebagian World Tour Linkin Park menurut "Box Office Score Data" (Tidak semua konser dihitung) :
VenueCityTickets Sold / AvailableGross Revenue
Palais Omnisports de Paris-BercyParis16,520 / 16,611 (99%)$998,967
O2 World HamburgHamburg13,295 / 13,941 (96%)$868,075
The O2 ArenaLondon29,803 / 32,320 (92%)$1,944,680
Brisbane Entertainment CentreBrisbane8,743 / 9,747 (90%)$1,075,620
Newcastle Entertainment CentreNewcastle1,467 / 5,426 (27%)$156,605
Rod Laver ArenaMelbourne13,196 / 20,000 (66%)$1,371,080
BankAtlantic CenterSunrise10,150 / 10,150 (100%)$550,558
St. Pete Times ForumTampa10,807 / 10,807 (100%)$522,897
United CenterChicago11,519 / 11,519 (100%)$711,328
Xcel Energy CenterSaint Paul10,001 / 10,001 (100%)$592,629
Wells Fargo CenterPhiladelphia12,000 / 12,000 (100%)$743,870
Madison Square GardenNew York City15,170 / 15,170 (100%)$812,120
Bell CentreMontreal12,677 / 12,677 (100%)$838,557
Air Canada CentreToronto12,836 / 12,836 (100%)$872,177
MGM Grand Garden ArenaLas Vegas12,975 / 12,975 (100%)$738,193
Viejas ArenaSan Diego13,456 / 13,456 (100%)$733,791
Staples CenterLos Angeles15,808 / 15,808 (100%)$948,445
TOTAL220,423 / 235,444 (94%)$14,479,592
Dari 235.444 ticket yang tersedia, sebanyak 220.423 ticket yang telah terbeli dengan pemasukan $14.479.592 atau bila dirupiahkan akan bernilai Rp.,-
dan 1% dari total penjualan ticket akan disumbangkan untuk Music For Relief. sebanyak $144.795,92 atau sebesar Rp.,-

NB:perhitungan hanya berdasarkan nilai statistik dan masih banyak konser yang tidak masuk perhitungan statistik.

source : wikipedia.org

Linkin Park Mendapatkan 6 Nominasi Billboard Awards 2011

Billboard telah mengumumkan nominasi-nominasi Billboard Awards 2011 dan Linkin Park mendapat 6 nominasi untuk kategori :
Billboard Awards 2011 akan ditayangkan oleh salah satu channel TV di Amerika yaitu channel "ABC" hari Minggu, tanggal 22 Mei 2011 pukul 20:00 EST(Eastern Standard Time) atau tanggal 23 Mei 2011 pukul 07:00 WIB


LPU Chat dengan Rob Bourdon

Beberapa waktu yang lalu, drummer Linkin Park, Rob Bourdon melakukan chatt dengan member LPU. Rob melakukannya langsung dari tempat pembuatan video "Iridescent". Berikut poin-poin dari chatt tersebut:
* First drum set belonged to his brother, he got fed up of playing piano so started to play they drums. Got his first kick pedal from the Aerosmith drummer, Joey Kramer.
* It’s fun to share the drumming with Brad and Chester on stage.
* To play ATS live he had to add 8/9 electronic pads to his drumkit.
* In the future he could possibly play piano on stage, if Mike was playing guitar while a piano part needed playing, but he thinks he would be too nervous to do it.
* He’s grateful for their fanbase.
* It’s the remix version of Iridescent that they are using for the video, although they may use the original Iridescent also. He seemed unsure of what was going on until this afternoon when he would be shooting more of his scenes.
* The Iridescent video will include a performance.
* Favourite drummers of all time, John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) and Carter Beauford (Dave Matthews Band).
* Faint is his favourite video shoot.
* The Little Things Give You Away is a favourite Linkin Park song of his.
* He said electronic drumsets are cool because they add the ability to add textures and sounds, but he doesn’t like the feel of using them. But he recommends them for practice.
* They have 3 or 4 set lists for the European tour, and Burning In The Skies will be included.
* He says he evolved as a musician for ATS as a lot of his drum parts wasn’t fitting in with the electronic elements of the album, so he had to blend them.
* He likes coconut water.
* He mentioned that a summit will be confirmed soon, they are waiting on the logistics to be finalised.
* Favourite Linkin Park album at the minute is A Thousand Suns, but he said that at any moment in time he would say the last album is his favourite, as they fit with the moment in time they are created in.
* No plans as of yet to play in Brazil.
* He doesn’t play video games anymore, he used to be good at Halo 1.
* Relative Degree played 1 show and then finished, their goal was to sell out the Roxy so when they accomplished that goal they stopped.
* Very excited to play in Japan.
* He is looking forward to the upcoming festival run, he said he enjoys seeing and hanging out with the other bands there, he also said its a more relaxing vibe.
* Earlier in their career he said it was stressful having to set up his kit and make sure it was set up correctly so it sounded good, and then taking it apart and ensuring that parts of his kit doesn’t get stolen from the van. He prefer that now he can just focus on the performance.
* He enjoys playing live, he said the energy in LA was great, they enjoy having a good energy from the audience to bounce off of, he then mentioned lookign forward to the festival shows with the audiences being so huge.

Source : MSC

Foto pembuatan video "Iridescent"

Account Linkin Park di Twitter mengupload sebuah foto dari proses pembuatan video clip Iridescent. Shooting video tersebut bertempat di Los Angeles.

Edit :

"We’re shooting the video for “Iridescent” today. I walked onto set, and found out this guy above (named Trevor) is going to be our co-star.
Joe Hahn is always full of surprises."

Mike Shinoda juga memposting sebuah foto di blog nya, foto se ekor ular yang mungkin akan menjadi co-star di video clip "Iridescent".

Source : @linkinpark
Terima kasih kepada Ariyok Gregory atas infonya

Linkin Park - Iridescent (Transformers Edit)

Linkin Park telah mengedit lagu "Iridescent" untuk dijadikan soundtrack film Transformers 3 : Dark of the Moon. Lagu ini sedikit berbeda dari versi aslinya, kalian bisa mendengarkan suara efek drum yang sedikit berbeda.

Download : Via Mediafire

Source : somekindofawesome
terima kasih kepada Afit 'Hawkie' Nighthawk atas infonya dan Malik atas link mediafire nya

Single "Iridescent"

Setelah berbagai spekulasi mengenai lagu yang akan menjadi single selanjutnya dari album A Thousand Suns, akhirnya spekulasi tersebut mulai terjawab. Single Linkin Park selanjutnya adalah Iridescent, hal ini diungkapkan oleh allaccess.com. Iridescent akan di release pada 17 Mei 2011.
Ada yang menarik dari website Linkin Park, jika kalian buka web tersebut, maka browser kalian akan otomatis mendownload file video berekstensi .ogv, dalam video tersebut memperlihatkan bulan purnama yang akan berubah menjadi logo Autobots. Video tersebut menggunakan backsound "Iridescent", jadi teka-teki LP ikut kontribusi dalam soundtrack Transformers 3 : Dark of the Moon terjawab sudah.
Berikut video nya :

source : LPA, LPArgentina

Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory : Unmastered

Ini merupakan album yang sangat langka. Album ini berbeda dengan album Hybrid Theory yang resmi dirilis, karena ada beberapa sample dan mastering yang berbeda. Berisi 12 lagu sebagai berikut :

Pada tracklist sedikit berbeda dengan album Hybrid Theory yang ada dipasaran. jika kalian perhatikan, pada album ini setelah lagu "Paper Cut" langsung masuk lagu "Now I See" (demo dari "With You"), sedangkan "Plaster" (demo "One Step Closer") ada di track 4. Di lagu "By My Self" pada bagian intro ada suara scratching, dan pada track nomer 9, yang diberi judul "The Cure" adalah demo dari "Cure for the Itch". Sedangkan pada judul "The Cure For Mr. Hahn's Itch" merupakan demo dari lagu "Pushing Me Away" yang ada di album Hybrid Theory.

Untuk kalian yang ingin mendownload,
klik disini (Mediafire)
klik disini (Megaupload)
klik disini (server LPL)
klik disini (Torrent)

Source : LPLive
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Episode baru LPTV - North American Tour part 3

Sesuai judulnya, LPTV kali ini adalah lanjutan dari LPTV - North American Tour part 2 yang menampilkan kegiatan Linkin Park di sela-sela tour mereka di Amerika Utara.
Berikut videonya :

Source : LPA

Babak ke-2 Battle of the Fans : Rockers

Setelah berhasil mengalahkan Skillet di voting sebelumnya, kini Linkin Park melaju ke babak berikutnya dari Battle of the Fans : Rockers. Lawan yang dihadapi Linkin Park kali ini adalah Shinedown. Setelah kalian melihat postingan ini, silahkan vote Linkin Park disini.

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