Video LPTV Baru: Music For Relief Green Home Build mengupload video LPTV baru! Kali ini meliput tentang kegiatan LP saat membantu membangun rumah di Lynwood, Kalifornia, dalam ecent "Music For Relief Green Home Build". Di video tersebut terlihat bahwa mereka memiliki jiwa sosial yang tinggi. Kamu dapat mendownloadnya di *SINI*.


Album Kompilasi Kedua MFR

Dari Halaman Facebook-nya Music For Relief:

"4 months later and Haitians are still trying to recover from the devastating earthquake that happened in January. We're not only teaming up with Direct Relief International to provide more aid; we're also in the process of creating a second compilation album! Stay tuned for more updates."

Menurutmu apakah Linkin Park akan berpartisipasi lagi?

8-Bit Rebellion Wallpaper


Selamat Jalan Gesang

Indonesia kembali kehilangan seorang musisi sekaligus komposer legenda dari dunia musik Keroncong yaitu Gesang Martohartono.

Beliau adalah seorang komposer legenda di Indonesia yang sangat terkenal di masanya.
Melalui lagu Bengawan Solo, Gesang dikenal hingga mancanegara.
Tapi sekarang, seorang komposer legenda itu hanya bisa kita kenang dan abadikan karya-karya emasnya.

Selamat jalan Gesang, Indonesia akan selalu mengingat mu.

LPU Chat dengan Mike - 22/05/10

Pagi tadi, Mike sempat berada di untuk melakukan chat. Berikut poin-poin pentingnya:
  1. Judul Album: "We're trying to figure out an album title now."
  2. Artwork album: "We've already started on the artwork. Added a few new members to our art team. Really good..."
  3. "Edisi" album: "As usual, there will be fan packs where you can opt to get more than just the album...but we want to put a little twist on that as well. More info later."
  4. Selera mengenai lagu Nu Metal:"I lied about the nu metal thing. I actually haven't been interested in nu metal since 1998. Ever since I heard the term "nu metal," I thought it was horse***. In fact, I'm going to update my blog with that info. "
  5. 8-Bit Rebellion:"8 Bit Rebellion on other platforms - hopefully. We'd love to see it on other mobile devices. It's not really an xbox / playstation / wii kind of game..."


Juni / Juli [TBA]

Sebuah rumor datang dari LPBrasil.

"Think the 'world Linkin Park' s half stopped? So I recommend that you begin to warm, as the band will do a press conference in June and July to announce a world tour name and date of launch of the new album."


"Informasi Baru" Tentang Album Keempat

Dari respon Mike, terlihat jelas bahwa Mike menyindir para Spammer yang selalu melontarkan pertanyaan “When is the album coming out?”. Selain itu, Mike sudah tidak tertarik lagi pada lagu ber-genre Numetal, dan kelihatannya Linkin Park sedang sibuk-sibuknya di Studio mereka. Di sini secara tak langsung Mike telah memberikan sebuah "update" mengenai album studio keempat (lihat respon dari pertanyaan terakhir). Dari

"zah: when will be da album come out? seriously is it 2012???

M: We’ve decided to push the album back one day for every time we get asked “when is the album coming out.” So, based on the comments here on alone, it looks like it will be out sometime in 2050. Thanks for your help.

LP4ever: Mike respect bruv and thanx for the game !! but can u leave the gaming world now and reconcentrate ON YOUR NU=METAL MUSIC MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

M: You’re welcome for the game. And I haven’t had an interest in concentrating on nu metal since about 2005.

(post #1) adaminator1: GODDAMN STOP POSTING F*CKING EMBEDS IN THE COMMENTS. Mike, you should disable that feature. Like, permanantly. People get confused.

(post #2) adam: What ADAMINATOR1 said. I don’t know what I’m most sick of – the kid with the covers or you people for continuously posting them on every comment section.

M: Are you really two different people? I hope so, because if you’re one person posting as two people with the same name, that’s just plain weird. And I agree, the spamming, videos, and music links in the comments section are lame. I have some folks who are supposed to be moderating, but they…forgot.

Others: Why aren’t you posting any studio updates?

M: Because we’re really busy in the studio right now. I’m doing some test mixes of some songs, to see what they might sound like finished, and to see if the guys like my mixes. It’s called a shootout. For those unfamiliar with mixing, look here. Our engineer Ethan and I are teaming up to mix some stuff, and a couple other mixers are mixing the same songs. We’ll put all the mixes together on a CD–with no names–and see which mixes the band likes best, just based on the sound. It’ll be really funny if I pick someone else’s mix."


8BR Berada di Chart Atas

Dari Machine Shop Marketing:

"Linkin Park’s 8-Bit Rebellion! hit the #1 rank for music games for iPhone and iPad in a total of 22 countries, achieved a Top 5 ranking in 38 countries and Top 10 ranking in 47 countries since its release. In the Adventure Game category it reached Top 5 rankings in 16 and Top 10 rankings in 21 countries. The game also achieved a Top 50 overall games ranking in 18 countries and Top Gross 50 record in 15 countries respectively."


Foto Baru dari

Beberapa jam yang lalu Linkin Park mengupload foto baru ke

Music For Relief:

Foto Studio Dari Video Blackbirds:

saat TF2 Premiere:


Misteri Logo LP di Video"Blackbirds"

dari LPUnderground Forum:

"Usblackbird: So I beat 8-bit rebellion, and I was noticing around 1:30ish in the Blackbirds video there is a promotional poster of some kind from 2008 with a picture of a red knight holding a shield with an LP emblem. Now, after I doubletook, I inspected it a little closer and realized it looks like the the Lordaeron crest from the Warcraft series lol.

Here's a snapshot of what it looks like (sorry for the bad quality...):

Unfortunately I can't find a decent picture of that poster on the net (not even on Mike's blog of the Projekt Revolution promo posters). Granted, I only looked for a whole 10 minutes :P

Ternyata yang tampak seperti logo LP tersebut adalah emblem pada Game"Warcraft"

Poster tersebut terdapat pada waktu konser Projekt Revolution Tour 2008


Straight From The Studio With Brad

ini adalah Q and A untuk Brad yang diambil langsung dari

Berikut isinya:

" You asked for updates from the studio, so we sat down with Brad and tried our best to dig out some info for you guys. Read our Q&A with him below:

Rob told us in the LPU chat that this was a very visual album. Can you expand on that at all? What are some of the visually inspiring things?

We think about the visual aspect of our creativity as an essential component of our identity as a band. In addition to the visual artists inside our group, we're lucky to be surrounded by an incredible team of collaborators. Our artwork inspires our music, and our music inspires our art.

How long does a typical day in the studio last?

Fortunately, no day in the studio is typical. Some days we work for 12 hours, some days for a much shorter stretch.

Why did you decide to record in a studio again rather than in a house like you did for MTM?

The unique environment in which we worked during the MTM session forced us to think differently about writing and recording. Fortunately, we've carried that unconventional spirit with us this time around; plus we're enjoying the ease and efficiency of a permanent studio space.

What kind of gear are you using for the new album that you haven't used before?

We've taken a more disciplined approach to recording our newest songs, in that the gear we're using is more focused.

How do you think the new album will translate into a live performance? Is it going to be more challenging to recreate the new songs live than it has been with previous albums?


What are your in-studio must haves (food, games/distractions, etc.)

The fewer distractions the better!

Does the studio have to be setup a certain way, or with a certain vibe (dark, candles, etc.)

Sometimes when we're editing, the lighting is fairly mundane. For vocal recording or an important listening session, though, the studio definitely gets darker.

With LP, is it majority rules? Like, if 4/6 guys like a track is it approved or do all members have to agree on featured/finished tracks?

Generally speaking, we believe a song is strongest when all six of us (and Rick) love it. So, we'll keep working on a song (or abandon it, for that matter) until (or unless) it transcends a diverse, unforgiving array of expectations.

Do you ever get claustrophobic in the studio? What do you do to release any tension or stress after working and reworking songs all day?

Fortunately, very few people would accuse our current studio space of being too cramped! If anything, I whole-heartedly appreciate the opportunity to do what I love in an amazing, inpsiring, creative environment. And, I'm particularly excited for you all to hear the results."

Sumber :




"ENTER THE DRAGON, the last film Bruce Lee starred in before his untimely death, will be screened at Laemmle’s Sunset 5 on Saturday, May 1st at 12:00 PM. Following the screening will be “How Bruce Lee Influenced Pop Culture”, a comprehensive panel moderated by Phil Yu of and featuring daughter Shannon Lee, Linkin Park’s Joseph Hahn, actor/martial artist Bob Wall, and directors Reginald Hudlin and Brett Ratner."

Dalam Festival Film tersebut, Joe Hahn berperan aktif dalam film "ENTER THE DRAGON" Yang berkolaborasi dengan sutradara-sutradara yang telah disebutkan fi atas.



Wallpaper Ekslusif dari


Mike Kembali ke UStream

Siang tadi, Mike kembali ke UStream untuk melakukan video chat dengan para fans LP. Hal yang menarik di sini ialah bahwa episode LPTV baru tentang perekaman/penulisan album baru akan dirilis pada 1 atau 2 bulan ke depan. Kamu dapat mendownload rekaman video chat-nya di *SINI*.


Walking Dead - Live Remix

Dari LPlive: "LESTAT: Since the Linkin Park news are extremely slow these days, I decided to post this very interesting track I recently found.
It's "Walking Dead" from the DJ Z-Trip's "live" set on KROQ radio performed on June 2005.
It starts just like the regular track, but then some great things are happening.
It's partially acapella live remix mashed up with Massive Attack's "Teardro"

Walking Dead merupakan Lagu dari DJ Z-Trip feat. Chaz.

berikut remix dari "Walking Dead" : klik DISINI(Untuk Single-nya) dan DISINI(Untuk Versi Full Set-nya)

Chaz Kembali Main Film

"Film Dark as Day (2010) yang akan diproduksi pada tahun 2010 ini melibatkan Chester bennington yang akan memerankan sebagai "Murger".
selain Chaz, ada juga pemain lain yaitu :

Missi Pyle sebagai Prom Queen

DJ Qualls sebagai Jimmy

Eric Balfour sebagai Jake

Rachel Miner

Lewis Black sebagai Bum /Lelaki Buta

Rick Yudt

John Bryant Davila sebagai Pencuri

Robbie Kaller sebagai Ticket attendent

Tambahan : Mike juga ikut bermain film tersebut sebagai sopir taksi.

sumber :

Musik Baru oleh Elias Andra

Dari LPLive:

"SpikeMinoda :I just chatted with Elias Andra from Julien-K and he told me that he uploaded some of his own music on his facebook profile.
So if you like to check out some nice music go to his facebook profile and go to the "My Band" button on his profile to check out his music. He uploaded 2 songs so far and he told me he played every instrument on his own except the bass. He is also the one singing.

Or just download them here.

Elias Andra 23:26
please also feel free to share the songs on my page with your friends
have them sign up on mailing list

I personally really love the songs.

Just check them out if you like and tell us here what do you think about them."

bagi yang mau mendownload klik DISINI


Dari Blog-nya Mike:

"I’m back with another featured character from our 8 BIT REBELLION game. “The Humongous Sadness” deserves its name, doesn’t it? I don’t even know if it’s a guy or a girl. All I know is that it is very big and very sad, and it says things like, “I think my cat is making fun of me behind my back.” I want to love The ‘Sadness and be its friend, but its general demeanor really brings me down, and I don’t need that kind of downer in my life, know what I mean?"


3 Lagu tertambah dalam Album 'Download To Donate' menambah 3 lagu baru ke dalam playlist 'Download To Donate For Haiti'. Ketiga lagu tersebut adalah:

Dinosaur Jr - Gargoyle (live)
Mickey Hart - Look Away
Guster - Jonah

Kamu dapat mendownload-nya di *SINI*.

Beberapa Interview dengan Mike Tentang 8-BR

Mike berada di KROW pada hari Senin lalu untuk membicarakan 8-Bit Rebellion, kamu bisa mendownload audio podcast-nya di *SINI*.

Dia juga sempat diinterview oleh MTV. Videonya bisa kamu lihat di *SINI*.

Dan cuplikan dari interview tertulis oleh

"[...] But the bonus comes at the end when players who beat the game gain access to a new LP song called "Blackbirds." Shinoda assured fans that the song is not a leftover or a B-side: The track was recorded exclusively for "8-Bit Rebellion!" and won't appear on any upcoming albums."

"We're definitely hoping to continue to add to the game," Shinoda said. "That's one thing that's nice about the way the Apple app store is set up that you can, whether for an extra charge or for free, you can upload new content for your game. It's really easy — we intend to keep it moving."
Diberdayakan oleh Blogger.

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