Tanggal Perilisan 8-BR di Jerman

8-Bit Rebellion akan dirilis pada 26 April 2010 di Jerman seharga 3,99€(Euro) atau sekitar
Rp 36.000,00

Dari Website streetteam.de :

"The peace of pixelated 8-bit world is in danger! So far the characters have Linkin Park live in her world peacefully, surrounded by the reality of the iconic video game 80s arcade games. But now comes the nasty Pixxelkorp and threatens to destroy that peace. Your energy is needed: Help Linkin Park and their friends, the peaceful 8-bit world to get rid of the threat.

Sounds like quite a lot of fun? Is it too. Ensure and guarantee Linkin Park: The band had a significant role in the development of the Game App, which is expected on 26 April . April will go on sale worldwide. This also means that in the by Mike Shinoda, Chester Bennington and co.. with projected world hits the strip in the iconic 8-bit sound ring out. In addition, users have the chance, the game's brand new track "Blackbird" to unlock, once a certain level is reached.

The Wireless Game "8 Bit Rebellion" is expected for iPhone and iPod Touch, and appear for the iPad. The price is 3,99 Euro.
Here is a trailer for the brand new App:"


Julien - K - "Death To Digital X" akan Dirilis Pada 27 April

Dari Myspace-nya Julien-K:

"On April 27th 2010 Julien-K will release Death To Digital X, a remix collection of your favorite Julien-K songs, from some of the worlds most renowned and respected producers and artists. This definitive collection will be available both digitally and internationally. Make sure you grab your copy. Below is the full track listing of this release.

Someday Soon (Headcleanr Remix)
Stranded (Jagz Kooner Remix)
Disease (Franz & Shape Remix)
Forever (Bon Harris Remix)
Kick The Bass (She Wants Revenge Remix)
Systeme de Sexe (Combichrist Remix)
Death To Analog (Mike Shinoda Remix)
Technical Difficulties (Photek Remix)
Dreamland (Dave The Hustler – In Hustler’s Dreams Remix)
Technical Difficulties (iPunk Remix)
Death To Analog (Tim Palmer’s Xtended Dub)
Someday Soon (Fu’s Dirty Edit)
Systeme de Sexe (iPunk Remix)
Technical Difficulties (Bryan Black Remix)
Maestro (Brandon Belsky Remix)
Technical Difficulties (Bryan Black Synth Attak)
Disease (Chris Holmes Remix)"

Track yang ditebali sudah bisa kamu download di *SINI*.

Sumber: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=2703460&blogId=531877212

Mike - Linkin Park 8 Bit Rebellion Announcement

Dari Blog-nya Mike:

"Hi Everyone,

My bandmates and I are thrilled to announce our game, “Linkin Park 8 Bit Rebellion,” will finally be out late this month for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. In the game, you’ll battle enemies and solve mysteries in order to stop an evil corporation’s mass-brainwashing campaign. Here’s some other stuff you’ll find:

- an 8 Bit version of each member of Linkin Park
- new 8 Bit versions of some of our most popular songs
- characters and art designed by the band
- a brand new Linkin Park song, entitled “Blackbirds,” waiting for you at the end.

Besides being being the first game to contain a new, exclusive LP track, this game is a “first” in other ways: it’s the first massively multiplayer music artist app, our first game, and will be in the first wave of games designed for the iPad.

Look out for it later in the month, and feel free to tell some friends.


click here for more info"

Maksud Mike pada kata "later in the month" bukan bulan Maret ini.

Cypress Hill - Carry Me Away (ft. Mike Shinoda) Update

Kemarin Cypress Hill mengupload video baru yang membicarakan setiap lagu dalam album 'Rise Up'. Di sana kamu bisa melihat pendapat mereka mengenai salah satu lagu yang melibatkan Mike Shinoda.Di lagu ini Mike tidak nge-rap, tapi menyanyi. Ada dua video, yaitu:

Cypress Hill - Carry Me Away (ft. Mike Shinoda) preview
Cypress Hill - RISE UP Inside Look

8-Bit Rebellion Trailer!

IGN mengupload video trailer '8-Bit Rebellion'! Ternyata lagu baru yang dimaksud Linkin Park dalam game tersebut berjudul 'BLACKBIRDS'! Kamu bisa mendengar snippet-nya di akhir klip video tersebut.

Video trailernya bisa kamu download di sini: High Quality | Low Quality

Dan berdasarkan IGN UK, game tersebut akan dirilis pada 30 April mendatang.

Trailernya di Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBvMEw7QdDg

Jika kita bandingkan, lagu ini sangat mirip dengan salah satu demo MTM yang berjudul '6th String Song'.

Sampel 6th String Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFx1h2HG1Vk
Sampel Blackbird: http://www.4shared.com/.../lp_-_blackbirds_sample.html

Artifical Life juga sudah menambah game ini ke dalam daftar katalognya. Kamu bisa melihatnya di *SINI*. Di sana kamu bisa melihat screenshot-screenshotnya yang keren!

Dan sejauh ini, inilah lirik yang kami dapat dari cuplikan lagu tersebut:

The blood goes thin,
the fever stings.
And i shake from the hell that habits bring.
Lay the sick ones down,
the bells will ring.
Put pennies on eyes,
let the dead man sing

Blackbirds following me
I'm taking out my grave


LPU Chat dengan Mark Fiore!

Dari Twitter-nya LPU (Linkin Park):

"Linkin Park's videographer Mark Fiore will be chatting exclusively with LPU members on Wednesday, 3/31 at 4pm PDT."

Video Julien-K Baru di Studio!

Church mengupload video baru saat Julien-K sedang melakukan rekaman untuk album baru mereka ke Youtube. Videonya bisa kamu lihat di *SINI*. Bahkan kamu bisa mendengar Ryan menyanyikan lagu baru yang berjudul 'The Hunted'!

Seandainya video LPTV seperti ini ;)

Ulang tahun ke-7 Meteora

7 tahun lalu, tepat pada tanggal 25 Maret, sebuah album studio kedua dirilis, diproduksi oleh Don Gilmore dan Linkin Park. Itulah Meteora!
Dari Meteora, Linkin Park merilis 6 top chart singles, yaitu:
  • Somewhere I Belong (17/03/2003)
  • Faint (09/06/2003)
  • Numb (08/09/2003)
  • From The Inside (12/01/2004)
  • Lying From You (Promo, April 2004)
  • Breaking The Habit (14/06/2004)
Metora bahkan pernah menduduki peringkat ke-36 di "Hot 200 Albums of the Decade" di Billboard dan mendapat 4x Multi Platinum di RIAA pada 26 Februari 2004.

Mari ramaikan event ini di Twitter dengan hashtag #HappyMeteoraDay !

Ryan: "Seems we nearly have a record!!"

Dari beberapa tweet update-nya Ryan mengenai album baru Julien-K:
  • Back to music: seems we nearly have a record!! Getting close to a full body of work..
  • Tonight I am going to listen to all of it back to back - As a record..
  • See if works I'll periodically go back to politics - for now I am excited about this new music. Trying to think of a way to play u guys a clip
  • I mean.. I know HOW. i'm just trying to figure if it's ready - or if it's just WAY to premature...
  • We are going to try to do everyone knows.. Yes
Dan dari Amir:
  • 2 more new Julien-K songs coming along. One is a co-write with my cousin @jaymzdare
  • OK so the new JK song we are doing with @jaymzdare is now called "The Hunting"

Video LPTV Baru - LPTV 2010 Preview & Dead By Sunrise in Japan

LinkinPark.com menguplad video LPTV baru! Judulnya 'LPTV 2010 Preview & Dead By Sunrise in Japan'. Bagi yang mau download, di *SINI*.

Sumber: http://linkinpark.com/.../new-lptv-episode-2010-lptv

Genre Request untuk Album Kedua DTD

Music For Relief sedang meminta saran kepada kita mengenai aliran musik pada album kedua 'Download To Donate' nanti.

"What theme would
you like to see for the next Download to Donate album? Country? Hip
hop? Metal? Indie/Alternative? No genre is off-limits?"

Yang punya akun Twitter, mari balas tweet mereka!

Sumber: http://twitter.com/MusicForRelief/status/10840057054

Rob di Mikeshinoda.com !


Happy Birthday, Chester!

Setelah Turntablist favorit kita, sekarang giliran vokalis kita yang berulang tahun! Mari ramaikan Twitter dengan hastag #HappyBdayChesterBennington!

Happy birthday, Chaz!

Mike - Guest Blogger Wanted

Mike sedang mencari "Guest Blogger". Dari postingan Mike yang baru:

I need a guest blogger. So this month, our LPUnderground fan club is hosting a contest to fill the position.

Here’s the deal: you have to be a member of LPU, and you have to have seen our band play live. You post a blog entry on your site or ours, and let us know about it.

Five winners get a prize pack, but the top entry gets re-posted here as a guest post on mikeshinoda.com for all to see. Sound awesome? That’s because it is.

Members, go here for the details; non-members, go here to sign up:

Namun sepertinya hal ini mustahil bagi kita, fans LP dari Indonesia. Karena jika kalian mencoba register ke *SINI* , kalian akan lihat bahwa Indonesia tidak masuk dalam daftar negaranya. Berikut adalah pendapat dari seorang LPU yang memiliki nick 'Nameless' mengapa negara kita tidak masuk dalam daftar tersebut.

"Don't blame LPU, it's a law problem between Indonesia and America
Something like "foreign policies", so you have to blame the American or the Indonesian government against these things"

Chester Memproduksi Sebuah Serial Televisi!

Dari Wikipedia-nya Church:

In addition, Church is working on his upcoming television show "Mayor of the World," with executive producers Chester Bennington and Trip Taylor.

Bagi yang belum tau, Church adalah salah satu teman dekat dari Chester dan juga Julien-K.

Info tentang serial televisi tersebut juga bisa dibaca selengkapnya di *SINI*.

"Plc.4 Mie Hæd" - Amplive's Original Remix

Remix original (Reanimation Demo) dari 'Plc.4 Mie Hæd' ditemukan di http://amplivesworld.com/music/.

Bagi yang mau medownloadnya, di *SINI*.

Beberapa Update Julien-K

Dari beberapa Tweet Ryan Shuck:

".. New song working title: walking with the dead in my arms.... I like it.. May keep it."

"nights of future past is now receiving an insane meth lab sounding electro guitar solo a la amir..."

"Ok. Now it's sounding like some good orgy guitar melody.. Cool! Miss doing that shit. "

"new song.... "They'll try to take me away"... tentative title. very, very heavy... "

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen - Game Score

Dari LPAmerican:

"Last year the band Julien-K was asked to create the game's soundtrack of the movie Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen. Unfortunately, the soundtrack was never officially released and can be heard only during the game. Now, thanks to JKapostle, we're bringing it exclusively for download. It contains 183 instrumental tracks, of course, having several short, but all in excellent quality, and is hosted on mediafire, divided into two parts."

Part 1 (100 MB | 256 kbps)
Part 2 (101 MB | 256 kbps)

Bagi yang belum mengetahui siapa itu Julien-K, Julien-K adalah sebuah band yang bekerjasama untuk side-project-nya Chester, Dead By Sunrise.

Selamat Ulang Tahun, Mr. Hahn!

Hari ini, 15 Maret 2010, adalah hari ulang tahun turntablist favorit kita, "The mean supreme Korean shaking machine" AKA Mr. Hahn yang ke-33!

Bagi yang memiliki akun Twitter, mari ramaikan Twitter dengan hashtag #HappyBDayJoeHahn !

Linkin Park KCA Fan Kit

Dari Twitter-nya LPU:

"Download the LP Kids Choice Fan Kit which includes banners, buddy icons, wallpaper and more! See the bottom of the page http://bit.ly/akAuvD

Bagi yang langsung mau download tanpa ke TKP, ke *SINI*.

Video Klip 'Resurrection'

Masih inget kan lagu "Resurrection" yang dinyanyiin Kenna & Lupe Fiasco yang diproduseri oleh Mike dalam album "Download To Donate For Haiti"? Beberapa jam yang lalu video klipnya telah dirilis di MTV.com . Buat kamu yang ingin download videonya, di *SINI*. (Terima kasih pada Sergslim).

Sumber: http://www.mtv.com/..../resurrection.jhtml#artist=2017563

B-Real feat. Linkin Park

Berikut adalah tracklist dari albumnya B-Real yang baru yang berjudul "The Harvest". Di sini kita dapat melihat bahwa B-Real juga melibatkan Linkin Park dalam album itu (lihat lagu urutan ke-11). Albumnya direncanakan akan rilis tahun ini, namun belum diketahui tanggal pastinya kapan.

1. Takeover (feat. Young De & Adil Omar)
2. Spanish Language (feat. Yama)
3. Committee at Top (feat. Get Busy Committee)
4. No Longer
5. Latin to American (featuring Mykestro, Ozo, Akalmy & Provokal)
6. Voodoo
7. Crazy People
8. Put It On
9. Serial Killaz (featuring Xzibit & Young De)
10. It's No Wrong (featuring Joel & Benji Madden)
11. Negative Against Negative (featuring Pharrell & Linkin Park)
12. Extra Poison
13. Runaway (feat. Sikadime & Lost Angel Crew)
14. Off Marijuana (feat. Tom Morello)
15. Danger Banger (feat. Lord of Chaos)
16. Blaze It Up (feat. Snoop Dogg)
17. Collosal (feat. Aygee Cannibal, Venom & The Grand Architect)


Maaf, ternyata berita ini kebenarannya nihil.

Chester Kembali ke Studio!

Setelah tur DBS beberapa minggu, akhirnya Chester kembali lagi ke studio. Berikut isi postingan Mike yang baru. Di sana juga diselipkan video berdurasi 52 detik saat Brad HAMPIR saja menyentuh tombol "play" saat meng-edit lagu.


(Link video ada di bawah)

"Yeah! Today I wrote a new chorus on piano, we automatic-wrote some vocals, brad copied and pasted an intro into an outro, and I paused to shoot this masterpiece of modern cinema! Holy crap!"

Bagi yang mau download video berdurasi 52 detik tersebut, di *SINI*.

Jangan lupa mengubah ekstensi file videonya dari "mpg4" menjadi "mov".

Sumber: http://mikeshinoda.com/.../chester-returns-brad-is-dr-claw/

Linkin Park Ternominasi di KCA!

Linkin Park formed in 1996 and have since sold more than 50 million albums and won two Grammy Awards. Their 2007 album, Minutes to Midnight, topped the Billboard Charts. In 2009, Linkin Park's song "New Divide" served as the theme to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The band's next album is expected this year. 2010 is Linkin Park's third Favorite Music Group nomination in a row -- will this be the year they take home the KCA blimp?

Ayo! Dukung mereka!


Transkrip LPU Chat dengan Rob - 04/03/10

Beikut adalah transkrip dari LPU Chat dengan Rob yang berlangsung pada jam 6 pagi WIB kemarin. Ia membicarakan tentang album baru, alasan mengapa ia memperpanjang rambutnya, dan hal-hal menarik lainnya.

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