Mike: Kerr, Linkin Park Olympic Skating 2010

Lagu 'Krwlng' dan 'Numb' diputar di sebuah acara Ice Skating! Dari postingan baru di Blog-nya Mike:

"I got a lot of messages yesterday about the Olympic performance by John and Sinead Kerr to our remix of “Crawling.” It was noted as a courageous music choice by many outlets. Thanks to them, and to Stacy Kemp and David King, who skated to a version of “Numb.”

(Link video ada di bawah)

EDIT: True, Feather: a shout out is due to Aaron Lewis for his vocal on the song. Definitely a great part of the remix!"

Bagi yang mau download videonya, di *SINI*.

Jangan lupa untuk merubah ekstensi file-nya dari "mpg4" menjadi "mov".

Kontes Video oleh LinkinPark.com!

Dari LinkinPark.com:

"We have a new contest at LinkinPark.com! Upload your videos letting us
know how Linkin Park is a part of your life! We'll be picking videos to
feature and we'll be sending out LP prize packs to those who upload
videos we choose to feature! BE SURE TO TAG YOUR VIDEO: LPPartOfMyLife"

Video LPTV saat Mike mempromosikan kontes ini: http://linkinpark.com/video/lp-part-of-my-life . Yang mau download videonya, di *SINI*.


Sumber: http://linkinpark.com/prof...linkinparkcom-video-contest

Info Terbaru Kolaborasi Mike dengan Cypress Hill

Telah dikonfirmasi bahwa Mike menyanyi dan juga memproduseri salah satu lagunya Cypress Hill yang berjudul 'Carry Me Away' dalam album 'Rise Up'! Berikut adalah tracklisting albumnya. 'Carry Me Away' pada urutan kesembilan.

1. It Ain't Nothin' (feat. Young De)
Produced by B-Real
2. Light It Up
Produced by Pete Rock
3. Rise Up (feat. Tom Morello)
Produced by Tom Morello and B-Real
4. Get It Anyway
Produced by Jim Jonsin
5. Pass The Dutch (feat. Evidence and Alchemist)
Produced by DJ Muggs and DJ Khalil
6. Bang Bang
Produced by B-Real
7. K.U.S.H
Produced by Sick Jacken and B-Real
8. Get 'Em Up
Produced by B-Real
9. Carry Me Away (feat. Mike Shinoda)
Produced by Mike Shinoda

10. Trouble Seeker (feat. Daron Malakian)
Produced by Daron Malakian
11. Day Destroys the Night featuring Everlast
Produced by DJ Muggs & DJ Khalil
12. I Unlimited
Produced by B-Real
13. Armed & Dangerous
Produced by Jake One and B-Real
14. Shut 'Em Down (feat. Tom Morello)
Produced by Tom Morello and B-Real
15. Armada Latina (feat. Marc Anthony and Pitbull)
Produced by Jim Jonsin

'Rise Up' akan dirilis sekitar 6 April nanti.

"Cypress Hill’s Rise Up is the follow-up to the group’s 2004 album Till Death Do Us Part.

Rise Up is due in stores April 6."


Mike: …IN RESPONSE (2 OF 2)

Bagian kedua sesi tanya jawab dengan Mike. Di sini kita bisa tau bagaimana mendatangkan mereka ke negara kita (lihat pertanyaan 2 dari terakhir).

"More responses.

Q: “What is the theme of the songs for the new album?” – Kanurachel
M: “Don’t suck”

Q: “Do you like to read? What kind of stuff do you read?” – Patricia, orion wong, others.
M: I don’t read a lot, so when I do, it has to be good. I tend to read stuff that can help me be creative or organize my ideas or life. I’m currently reading Chris Anderson’s “Free,” which is incredible so far. The last fiction book I can remember reading was a teen novel called “House Of The Scorpion.” Also great (it’s about a boy who finds out he’s a clone who was created in order to harvest his organs).

Q: “What’s your favorite Led Zeppelin song?” – Alex
M: I have a few: “The Ocean,” “Dyer Maker,” “When The Levee Breaks,” “Dazed And Confused,” and “Immigrant Song” are all jams.

Q:” My question is actually about the making of your albums. At first when you were being rejected by all different record companies, what gave you the inspiration to carry on, stay determined? I’m currently writing a book and I suppose in a way, I’m in the same position. I’m worried about whether I have the talent to get published, so pretty much – how did you keep so determined?”- Sioned
M: Believe in yourself, be tough on your creative product (to make sure it’s the best you can do), and be open to teamwork and criticism. Remember to be a student.

Q: “How do you like your coffee?” – Pytt
M: With Liquid vanilla Coffee Mate. Or Baileys. DELICIOUS.

Q: “How long have you been playing piano? Did you teach yourself?” – Jim
M: I took piano lessons (classical / theory, etc.) for about 13 years. I started when I was really little. But I ended up wanting to go in a direction (hip hop / production, jazz, blues) that my teacher wasn’t familiar with, so I left. I bought some production equipment and started making beats.

Q: “What made you decide to leave your hair natural color and take out your earrings?” – Rachel
M: HA, well put. I think it occurred to me that I was getting older. Have you ever been in the supermarket and seen a old man or woman who dresses WAY too young? I didn’t want to be that guy.

Nor did I want to be this:

Q: “When will you come to my country?” – Everyone
M: There are fans from all over the world who always ask this question. There were some of you from South America, the Middle East, and Africa that posted here, asking this same question once again…I don’t know the answer. But if you’re serious about making it happen, here’s something that might help: show your biggest concert promoters that there will be a massive Linkin Park fanbase attending the (potential) show. One idea: start a petition. Make it known to the people who promote the biggest concerts in your area; but keep in mind that there would probably have to be about 15,000-30,000 LOCAL NAMES on that petition in order for it to work. Then the concert promoters will say, “great, we’ll have a successful show here,” and they would work on making it happen…But if you’re just asking because you didn’t have a better question, that’s fine, too :)

Q: “wow those are a lot of questions. Did you read through all of them?” – jaslene
M: Not all, but probably too many."

Sumber: http://mikeshinoda.com/2010/02/22/in-response-2-of-2-2/
Bagian sebelumnya: http://mikeshinoda.com/2010/02/22/in-response-1-of-2/

Mike: …IN RESPONSE (1 OF 2)

Mike mengambil beberapa pertanyaan fansnya dari post-an sebelumnya.

"It was no easy task going through your comments on the last post. Sorry if I wasn’t as thorough as you’d like; there were over 900 when I wrote these answers :)

Q: “so is the new song off of 8-bit rebellion going to be a unreleased song made for the game or a song off the new album?” – Zane
M: Unreleased (new) song, exclusive to the game. It won’t be on the new album.

Q: “How much will the 8 bit rebillion game cost?” – Black Days End
M: I think there will be a free trial version, and a full version at $5.99.

Q: “Hey Mike, what are you’re favorite chords to use when writing a song?” – AD Martens
M: Whichever ones sound good.

Q: “What’s going on with Fort Minor / rapping” – lots of people
M: I’m happy to report that I’m rapping more on songs right now. I might also be singing a bit. Chester is obviously still singing a lot as well. But when I feel like doing something “Fort Minor”ish, I usually just do it on a Linkin Park song these days.

Q: “Do you and the band like the way your music has evolved over the years? I know I can speak for all the true true LP fans that we are very grateful for evolving, and not being like other bands that every song, on every album sound alike.” – Chris McCoy
M: Yes, I like the way it has evolved, and I look forward to seeing where it goes from here.

Q: “Do you like dancing?” – AnnRunSmih
M: Gangstaz don’t dance, we boogie.

Q: “What do you think makes a good song/album?” – Jenn
M: I was just talking to someone about this. Right now (today), I want an album that challenges me and moves me. I want something that says or does something unique that I wasn’t expecting. That could be in the sounds of it, the lyrical tone or delivery of it, or something else. I just got the new Massive Attack and Hot Chip albums and I’ve been listening to Micachu a lot. Also listening to The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, and Run DMC on repeat…

Q: “Batman or Superman?” Some random Guy.
M: Batman, no question.

Q:” Please confirm that the @m_shinoda is you, just say yes or no, please!” Tomo, Jéssica
M: Yes, please.

Q: “i´m from germany and i cant wait to buy the next LP album my question is why do you and chester don´t sing on the new we are the world song for haiti. i mean even justin biber and miley cyrus sings in that song, so i was wondering why they didnt let you guys sing” – sabrina spitzmueller
M: They asked us if we wanted to be on it, and we said “no, thank you.”

Q: “Which is your favourite Tetris-block? ” – Devian
M: The s-shaped one is the best. If you say “z-shaped,” you’re a jackass. S-shaped rules.

Q: “Are you going to answer ‘no’ to this question?” – Jacob M.
M: Maybe."

Sumber: http://mikeshinoda.com/2010/02/22/in-response-1-of-2/

Tur Linkin Park: Juli? September?

"They'd say July, now it might be September."

Kalimat itulah yang diucapkan oleh salah satu sekuriti konsernya Linkin Park (& DBS) saat ditanya oleh Wilderness dkk sewaktu di HMV Forum di London kemarin.

- http://twitter.com/LPLDBSTOUR (Follow akun Twitter ini untuk mengetahui update mengenai konser Dead By Sunrise di Eropa!)
- http://twitvid.com/7A82D

Score Mike untuk VMA 05 Telah Dirilis!

Balik ke tahun 2005, Mike pernah membuat 10 score (lagu) untuk acara MTV VMA '05 bersama Lil' John. Namun ia hanya merilis lima lagu ke MTV.com, yaitu: 100 Degrees, Hype, Saturday, Montreal dan Madison. Akhirnya sekarang ia merilis semuanya dalam durasi penuh! Track nomor 3 belum diposkan. Mungkin mereka akan memperbaikinya segera. Gambar di atas adalah kover albumnya. Berikut Tracklist-nya:

01. Hive ("100 Degrees"?) *
02. Teletronic

03. (belum diposkan)
04. Catharsis
05. Saturday
06. Montreal
07. Selector
08. A.15
09. Hype
10. Madison

Komentar dari Mike mengenai lagu-lagu tersebut:

"These are the beats that made up some of the soundtrack of 2005's MTV VMAs. I scored the show with Lil' Jon. If you rap or sing over one of these beats, make sure to let me know at www.mikeshinoda.com."

'Teletronic' sempat dijadikan background soundtrack dalam salah satu episode LPTV yang berjudul "Suru's Celeritas Art Show" dan 'Catharsis' menjadi soundtrack dalam video promo LP Underground 9.

Bagi yang mau download kesembilan lagu tersebut dalam 1 pak, di *SINI*(Terima kasih kepada Legend). Namun bagi yang ingin mendownloadnya satu per satu, reactivator memberikan instruksi kepada kalian di *SINI*.

*Ada kesalahan penamaan pada track nomor 1. Seharusnya berjudul '100 Degrees'. Jadi, lagu yang "missing" itu 'Hive' mungkin?

Sumber: http://soundcloud.com/mike-shinoda

Mike: "Hi, You're Awesome!"

"I officially forbid any posts below whose sole subject matter is limited to "Hi," "You are awesome," or "When are you coming to ____?" With those out of the way, let's see what you guys really have to say..."

Nah, pasti banyak dari kalian yang pernah bertanya "When are you coming to Indonesia (again)?". Ketahuilah bahwa itu adalah post-an yang kurang disukai oleh mereka.

Sumber: http://linkinpark.com/profiles/blogs/hi-you-are-awesome

Linkin Park & Monster Energy Drink

Linkin Park bekerja sama dengan Monster Energy Drink menawarkan sesuatu yang menarik di halaman ini: http://www.monsterenergy.com/web/linkin-park/login

"Sign up or login now to get access to exclusive Linkin Park tracks, downloads, promotions, and more!"

Ya, di sana kita akan dapat wallpaper, ringtone, hadiah untuk tur bersama LP ke luar negeri, hadiah membership LPU selama 1 tahun, dan masih banyak lagi! Silakan cek sendiri!

Yang menarik perhatian saya adalah Ringtone baru LP yang berjudul "Brad's Yo". Ringtone yang berdurasi 32 detik ini berisi track yang di-loop dengan selipan suara gitar Brad. Entah bagaimana, menurut saya lagu ini memiliki "nuansa" baru. Download di *SINI*.

The Roots dengan Mike Soundcheck

Mikeshinodaclan.com memiliki video "Behind-the-scenes" saat The Roots dan Mike latihan untuk show di Key Club, LA, akhir Januari kemarin. Download videonya di *SINI*.

Sumber: http://www.mikeshinodavideos.sosugary.com/...mike-shinoda-soundcheck

My Suffering (Proshot Live in Hamburg, Germany 2009)

Ultimate-guitar.com meng-upload video proshot saat DBS konser disebuah klub kecil yang bernama "Grünspan" di Hamburg, Jerman. Yang berminat untuk mengoleksi bisa mendownload-nya di *SINI*.

Sumber: http://www.ultimate-guitar.tv/misc/dead_by_sunrise_my_suffering_live.html

Warner Akan Menghindar dari Free Multimedia Streaming


Dari artikel tersebut:

"...Warner chief executive Edgar Bronfman Jr said: "Free streaming services are clearly not net positive for the industry and as far as Warner Music is concerned will not be licensed.

"The 'get all your music you want for free, and then maybe with a few bells and whistles we can move you to a premium price' strategy is not the kind of approach to business that we will be supporting in the future."

It is not clear whether Warner will remove its music from existing services or decline to do deals with new outlets.

He said the focus would be on promoting streaming services that require payment, which he said could appeal beyond those who currently pay for downloads in stores such as Apple's iTunes.

"The number of potential subscribers dwarfs the number of people who are actually purchasing music on iTunes," Mr Bronfman said.

Fans could pay a monthly fee direct to a streaming service, as with Spotify, or get access to the music as part of a deal for a mobile phone, broadband connection or another gadget.

Such subscriptions could be taken up by "hundreds of millions if not billions of people, most of whom are not today either buyers or certainly heavy buyers of music", Mr Bronfman said.

And they would be much more profitable than per-track downloads in the long term, he added. "

Oke. Intinya, nanti (kita nggak tau kapan), lagu-lagu atau video dari musisi yg berada di bawah naungan WMG (Warner Music Group), seperti Linkin Park dan Avenged Sevenfold, tidak akan bisa di-stream* secara gratis lagi. Kita harus membayar terlebih dahulu untuk menikmatinya.

Bagamana menurut kalian? Menurut saya ini adalah salah satu hal yang terburuk dalam sejarah industri musik. WMG seperti "Nazi", bertindak semaunya . Ini kurang menguntungkan bagi para pecinta musik. Padahal free streaming adalah salah satu sarana terbaik untuk mempromosikan suatu lagu.

Berharaplah agar ini tidak akan terjadi.

*streaming adalah kegiatan mendengar lagu atau melihat video melalui buffering (loading), seperti Youtube.

Video Klip 'Not Alone' !

Myspace-nya Linkin Park telah meng-upload video klip dari lagu terbaru mereka, 'Not Alone'! Kalian bisa melihatnya di *SINI*.

Download videonya di *SINI*.

Download To Donate: 4 Lagu Tertambah

Music For Relief menambah 4 lagu ke dalam playlist 'Download To Donate For Haiti' (lihat di bagian atas halaman ini).

Butterfly (Featuring Allison Allport) by Weezer
Slipstream (Slimmed Down Mix, featuring Jason Lyte) by The Crystal Method
Gold Guns Girls (Mike Shinoda Remix) by Metric
Times Like These (Live from Red Rocks) by Jack Johnson

Jika kamu memiliki aplikasi 'Internet Download Manager', maka lagu tersebut akan otomatis ter-download setelah kamu mengkliknya (di playlist'Download To Donate For Haiti').

Rob Akan Chat di LPU!

Dari Twitter-nya LPU:

Rob Bourdon will be chatting exclusively with LPU members on Wednesday, March 3rd at 3pm PST!

Selamat Ulang Tahun, Mike!

Hari ini idola kita, seniman yang multitalented, menginjak tahun ke-33! Bagi yang pakai Twitter, kamu bisa memakai hashtag #HappyBDayMikeShinoda untuk @m_shinoda!

8-Bit Rebellion LA Testing Event

Twitter-nya LPU memberikan beberapa update mengenai pengetesan game 8-Bit Rebellion oleh para LPUer di Los Angeles.

"http://twitvid.com/99805 - We're on our way to the "8 Bit Rebellion" testing event in LA!"

"Testing out 8-Bit in LA! http://twitpic.com/12binu"

"http://twitvid.com/69E42 - Playing the game!"

The LPUers here have no idea that we have a little surprise for them.... :)"

Joe and Mike are on the phone! http://twitpic.com/12bqhe"

LPUer for life!!! http://twitpic.com/12bti0"

Video Mike dengan The Roots

Seperti yang telah diposkan di *SINI*, Mike sempat satu panggung bersama The Roots di Key Club. Video ini sekarang sudah muncul dalam durasi penuh. Kualitasnya cukup bagus, walaupun hanya direkam oleh penontonnya saja. Download di *SINI*.

Chester: Album Baru LP= MTM + Hybrid Theory

Dari Twitter-nya Chester:

"@justinmabee I myself. Promise that the new LP is fucking insane. Complex. Heavy without metal. Strong hiphop. Mix HT and M2M. Melodic"

Perbaikan pada LinkinPark.com

Langsung dari LinkinPark.com:

"We just want to give you the heads-up that LinkinPark.com will be offline on Friday, February 5 from 10 PM - 12 AM Pacific Time.

We hope that you will enjoy your Friday night nonetheless and that you rejoin us on Saturday when we are back up and running.

During the time that LP.com is offline we will be making fixes to the site. Thanks for helping us re-launch LP.com with such a great energy and excitement. Keep on having fun and meeting each other!"

Mike di The Grammy Round Table Interview

Kemarin Mike di-interview oleh The Grammy Round Table Interview. Bagian yang menarik dari interview ini adalah di menit-menit terakhir. Berikut rangkumannya.

"Jadi kita akan memiliki lagu baru dari game kami [8-Bit Rebellion] dalam 1-2 bulan ini, lalu beberapa bulan setelah itu akan ada lagu single baru, lalu beberapa bulan kemudian album baru, sekitar akhir tahun [September?]."

Kamu bisa dengar interview-nya di *SINI*, ataupun juga bisa mendownload-nya di *SINI*.

'Let Down' di 'Monga' !

Lagu DBS yang berjudul 'Let Down' menjadi soundtrack salah satu film Cina, 'Monga'! Kamu bisa melihat video klip 'Let Down' versi 'Monga' di *SINI*.

Videonya bisa didownload di *SINI* (Credits to Ajishinoda).


Mike - Chester’s Grammy Win

Mike meng-upload video baru lagi ke Blog-nya. Kali ini tentang kekesalan Chester saat di Grammy (LOL). Download di *SINI*.

*Jangan lupa untuk merubah format file-nya dari "mpeg4" menjadi "mov"

Video: TV Guide - Interview Dengan Linkin Park di Grammys 2010

Pada saat sesi "Red Carpet", Linkin Park sempat di-interview oleh TV Guide. Silakan lihat videonya di *SINI*.

Video: Q101 - Interview dengan Mike

Q101 sempat meng-interview Mike saat di backstage Grammy Weekend. Silakan lihat di *SINI*.

"Mike discusses Linkin Park's new compilation record for the recovery of Haiti! There is also some info about the new record and a new iPhone app. "

Video: Mike Bersama The Roots di Key Club

Kemarin Mike show bersama The Roots di Key Club, Los Angeles. Kemudian Mike meng-upload potongan video saat dia rapping ke Blog-nya. Download videonya di *SINI*. Mike sepertinya memakai kembali style Meteora! Terlihat ia memakai topi lagi.

*Jangan lupa untuk merubah format file-nya dari "mpeg4" menjadi "mov"

"Best Hard Rock Performance" Jatuh Kepada AC/DC

Pengumuman pemenang sudah diumumkan. Yang mendapatkan penghargaan dalam kategori "Best Hard Rock Performance" di Grammy tahun ini bukan Linkin Park, melainkan AC/DC dengan lagunya yang berjudul 'War Machine'. Dan, sepertinya kita tidak bisa melihat momen ini, karena Twitter-nya LP Underground mengepos ini:

"FYI, their category was awarded earlier today and wasn't going to be televised. So no spoiler."
(Sumber: http://twitter.com/lpunderground/status/8472221086 )
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