Tema iGoogle Mike

Dari Blog-nya Mike:

I started using iGoogle a few months ago, and I think it’s great. It’s a customizable home page, where you can just get the updates you want to get when you open your computer, like CNN top news, Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube top videos. You also customize the “look” of your page. They’ve got Michael Kors, Radiohead, Paul Frank, Dave Matthews Band, Shepard Fairey, and many others…well, iGoogle has a new theme available that I thought some of you might like to use…the MIKE SHINODA GLORIOUS EXCESS theme. Go here to see or use it:



Mike dan Brad di Loveline

Kemarin Mike dan Brad diwawancarai di Loveline. Kebanyakan mengenai Download To Donate For Haiti. Kamu bisa mendownload rekamannya di *SINI*.

Inside Of Me - Single DBS Selanjutnya?

"Inside of Me" is Dead by Sunrise's new single off their October-released "Out of Ashes". Lead singer and Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington sings about self-pity and making a change: "I feel all alone everyday / And just so far away / I know something's got to change / Inside of me". Leaning more towards emo pop than post-grunge, the song is part of the group's debut album full of riff-driven tracks as well as melodic acoustic numbers.

This is a follow-up to "Let Down", a slower cadence and darker, moodier track about getting over past mistakes.
To hear "Inside of Me", go to AOL Radio's New Alternative First station.

Sumber: http://www.aolradioblog.com/2010/01/28/dea...e-inside-of-me/

Fort Minor - Belum "Mati"

Dari Tweet Mike Terbaru:

"to all FM fans who are upset about the fm site going down: chill out. FM isn't dead, it's just taking a break."

Mike: Update Baru 8-Bit Rebellion

Dari Blog-nya Mike:

A quick “8 BIT REBELLION” update. Our new game, available for the iPhone and iPod touch, will be out soon. We’ve pushed the release back a few weeks because we’re testing the game. In fact, I’m playing the game right now, making sure everything looks good. So far, there are still some minor changes to make…and I’m taking notes. We don’t want to release it until all we’ve addressed as many issues as we can!

Also, many of you have asked about the game being available for other platforms, since you don’t all have iPods (although Steve Jobs is hoping you will reconsider, ha). We’re hoping to get it out for other mobile platforms after it debuts with Apple. No word on that yet; it may take a while. For now, it will only be available on iPod and iPod touch.

Lastly, let there be no confusion: the song we released for DOWNLOAD TO DONATE is not the same song as the one on the game. The song on the game is ANOTHER brand new Linkin Park song.

For more info on 8 BIT REBELLION, go here:



LP.com Baru - Resmi Diluncurkan

Setelah ditunggu-tunggu dan mengalami penundaan, akhirnya situs baru Linkin Park telah diluncurkan untuk publik. http://linkinpark.com/

Perubahan Baru Pada MS.com

Dari Blog-nya Mike:

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I’m working on some changes to the site. As you can see, the videos, photos, and art are not up yet. The team is working on those. Also, they are going to change the comments section back to 700 character limit, and limit one comment per person. As usual, I generally only respond to thoughtful, positive comments, and all spam and negative comments are ignored. The system isn’t perfect yet, but they’re working on it.

As for me, I’m in the studio today, working on some new lyrics / music.

…And before I go: don’t forget to put the DOWNLOAD TO DONATE widget on your Facebook, blog, or website! Spread the word, and let’s keep the help flowing to Haiti

Mike di Larry King

Kemarin Mike dan Enrique Iglesias sempat diwawancarai di acara 'Larry King Live' di CNN, membicarakan tentang 'Download To Donate For Haiti'. Kamu dapat lihat videonya di *SINI*.

Linkin Park Menantang Diri Mereka Sendiri di Album Baru

Dari MTV.com :

"Forget all the talk of "concept records" and "grandiose insanity." On their new album, Linkin Park are going back to their roots in order to make the most challenging record of their career.

On Tuesday, MTV News spoke to LP co-frontman Mike Shinoda about his band's just-launched Download to Donate for Haiti project and, in the process, we managed to get some new information about the band's much-anticipated follow-up to 2007's Minutes to Midnight, which has been in the works for more than a year now. And while he still maintains that LP will be doing their fair share of growing on the new record, it's important to know that they're also not ignoring their past — quite the opposite, in fact.

"The album is going really well — we decided to go with Rick Rubin again, he's been in the studio with us. And we've been working in a different studio than we did the last record in, we decided to go back to the studio we did Hybrid Theory and Meteora in," Shinoda said. "It's been going great, I feel like it's an entirely different process and an entirely different style of music than anything we've done before. It's hard to place. People keep asking me, 'What does it sound like?' and it's hard to describe. When people hear it, they're going to have a tough time saying that it falls into a category."

And while talk like that might freak out some of the band's core audience, Shinoda cautions that it's just part of the natural growth of the band. After all, they've been doing this for more than 13 years now.

"I'll say this: I think on the last record there was a lot of personal growth that happened. We individually broke down a lot of boundaries — creatively and personally — with each other. We were friends making an album together — it wasn't painful and heart-wrenching the way some of the other records were," he said. "We had a really good time making Minutes to Midnight, and now I feel like we've grown from that point, where we've kind of knocked down the boundaries to a place where we're making an album that has a sound, that has a consistent thread running through it, and we're making something with this open-minded creativity that feels good."

But the still-untitled album (which Bennington told MTV News late last year could be out in June) isn't going to be some hazy, lazy conceptual thing, some by-product of a bunch of well-heeled musicians' studio wonkery — far from it. Even though they're one of the hugest rock bands on the planet, Linkin Park still feel like they've got something to prove, even if it's only to themselves.

"We make records as a challenge to ourselves," Shinoda smiled. "And the challenge this time is: 'Nobody else is making a record that sounds like this, only we can do it.' "

It's Rock Week at MTV News, and to celebrate, we're taking a look at some of the most-anticipated new albums and bands of 2010. Stay tuned all week for more!"



Asal-Usul 'Not Alone'

Hari ini Mike diwawancarai oleh MTV! Dia menjelaskan dari mana lagu 'Not Alone' berasal. Dan, Mike juga akan merilis lebih banyak lagu untuk ke depannya! Berikut highlights-nya:

"Shinoda plans to add more tracks in the upcoming days — each from a major act who donated their track in response to the January 12 earthquake."

"We had a demo [for 'Not Alone'] — the music was laid out, we had done the song a little while ago ... we just never used it because we never thought it was done," Shinoda remembered of the origins of their track. "[After the tragedy in Haiti], we listened to the demo again, essentially scrapped all the words, rewrote the words ... when you've got that idea and emotional charge in you and you put that in the lyrics, for me it does make better lyrics."

"There's an authenticity and a passion that you can hear in Chester's voice on this track; we literally wrote [the new lyrics] via e-mail, before he had flown out from Arizona to L.A. [to record them]," Shinoda said."

Selengkapnya di http://www.mtv.com/news/artic...00119/linkin_park.jhtml


Tambahan dari Phoenix di *SINI*:

“Just last Monday, I was saying how I would like to start directing more of Music For Relief’s attention to Haiti and developing some sustainable housing,” says Linkin Park bassist David “Phoenix” Farrell. “Then the earthquake happened Tuesday, and we really started scrambling to figure out a way that we could garner as much support from the music community as we could to hopefully raise a ton of money for the cause.”

Linkin Park’s own musical contribution is a track called “Not Alone,” which they recorded during sessions for the band’s 2007 CD Minutes To Midnight, though the vocal tracks were never finished. “When the opportunity to do this started coming together, Mike [Shinoda] and Chester [Bennington] got back in the studio,” says Phoenix. “I believe they finished the vocals at 3am on Sunday morning.”

Video: Download to Donate for Haiti

Dari Facebook-nya Linkin Park:

"Brad, Chester and Mike speak out on the Music for Relief compilation, "Download to Donate for Haiti." Get the album and contribute here: http://www.musicforrelief.org/"

Kamu bisa melihatnya di *SINI* atau bisa juga men-download-nya di *SINI*.

LPTV juga meng-upload video yang judulnya serupa. Tapi di sini durasinya lebih panjang dan berbeda pada beberapa bagian. Di video ini terlihat bagaimana mereka mendiskusikan lagu 'Not Alone'. Download di *SINI*.

Download To Donate For Haiti


1. Linkin Park - Not Alone
2. Slash feat. Beth Hart - Mother Maria
3. Never Let Me Down (produced by M. Shinoda of Linkin Park and Chad Hugo of The Neptunes)
4. Peter Gabriel - Heroes
5. Alanis Morissette - Still (Acoustic, Vancouver Sessions)
6. Lupe Fiasco and Kenna - Resurrection (Produced by M.Shinoda of Linkin Park)
7. Hoobastank - We Are One
8. The All-American Rejects - The Wind Blows (Skrillex Remix)
9. Enrique Iglesias - It Must Be Love
10. Dave Mathews Band - Typical Situation (Live)

Via Ziddu: http://www.ziddu.com/download/8248731/MusicForRelief-HAITIVictims.rar.html
Via Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?wwyzmm2dnfn
Via Music For Relief: http://www.musicforrelief.org/

Linkin Park - Not Alone

Ini dari Mike:

"On January 12, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti. Hundreds of thousands are feared dead, many of whom are children. Millions more are in need of medical attention, shelter, clothes and food just to make it through the days ahead. It will take years to rebuild homes and communities. My Linkin Park bandmates and I are deeply saddened by the situation and–with the help of an amazing list of talented artists all working in partnership with Music for Relief–want to aid the Haitian people.

Music for Relief has brought together an incredible album of artists who have all generously donated original songs to support the Haiti relief effort. Artists include: ALANIS MORISSETTE, THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS, DAVE MATTHEWS BAND, ENRIQUE IGLESIAS, HOOBASTANK, KENNA, LINKIN PARK, LUPE FIASCO, PETER GABRIEL AND SLASH.

I was a part of three of the songs. One is a BRAND NEW LINKIN PARK SONG called “Not Alone.” The second is by LUPE FIASCO and KENNA called “Resurrection.” The third is a track that KENNA and I did a while back but was never released, called “Never Let Me Down.”

Now, we need your help: you can join in support of the immediate relief and long-term recovery process in Haiti by downloading songs at WWW.MUSICFORRELIEF.ORG and making a donation in any amount. And don’t forget to EMBED THE WIDGET on your Facebook or MySpace page, your blog, or your website…wherever you can spread the word. Every little bit helps.

Funds raised through the program will support the United Nation’s rapid disaster response efforts through the UN Foundation, long-term rebuilding of sustainable homes with Habitat for Humanity, and Dave Matthew’s Band’s BAMA Works Haitian Relief effort. 100% of funds received will go directly to the Haiti efforts.


Linkin Park - Not Alone: download di *SINI*
Kenna - Never Let Me Down (produced by M. Shinoda of Linkin Park and Chad Hugo of The Neptunes): download di *SINI* (Terima kasih kepada reactivator)

Lirik 'Not Alone':


Tampilan Baru MS.com

Blog-nya Mike sekarang sudah berpindah ke Wordpress. Warna tema serta background-nya diganti menjadi Hijau.

Hey guys…It’s been a bit overdue, but the new redesign is finally here (as you can see). The art, videos, and other sections are being imported as we speak; you’ll see those again in the next few days. It may not look a lot different right now, but we’ll be streamlining the features as we go. I hope you like it.

On another note, my bandmates and I have a big announcement (not album related) coming today / tomorrow. Stay tuned.

EDIT: If you encounter any problems with the site, please leave a comment about it under this post. Thanks!


Selamat Ulang Tahun Rob!

Hari ini, tanggal 17 Januari 2010, Rob berulang tahun yang ke-31! Mari meriahkan ini di Twitter dengan trending topic #HappyBDayRobBourdon !

Mikeshinoda.com Baru?

Ada tweet unik yang diposkan oleh Mike:

YOU: Mike, why are you tweeting? ME: because I'm not allowed to blog today. You'll find out why...soon.

Saya memiliki dugaan kuat bahwa Blog-nya Mike sedang dalam perubahan "wajah".

Mike mengkonfirmasinya di *SINI*.

OK guys, you win, we're redoing the blog. But it not that exciting, just new colors. The holdup is tech stuff. My surprise is ruined, LOL

Lagu Untuk MFR Haiti?

Dari Twitter-nya Phoenix:

@johncmayer Hey John, Phoenix from Linkin Park. Wanted to talk about contributing a track for Music for Relief's upcoming Haiti effort...

Apa Linkin Park akan membuat sebuah kompilasi?


Phoenix memberikan update lagi!

Sooner than you could imagine! Think Tuesday... RT @vicje66: @phoenixlp new song soon???


Linkin Park Membantu Korban Gempa Haiti

Dari Music For Relief:

Haiti, the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, was hit with a magnitude 7.0 earthquake on Tuesday. The quake destroyed much of the nation's infrastructure, as well as a massive number of buildings. The Red Cross estimates that the death toll is between 45,000 and 50,000; as many as 3 million people may be homeless or injured. So far, there have been five aftershocks — two were 5.9 and 5.2 magnitude — and more are expected.

The full extent of the damage remains unknown. However, with 85% of the population already living in poverty, it is clear that Haiti is ill-equipped to cope with a disaster of this magnitude. At this very moment, there are millions in desperate need of food, water, temporary shelter, medical services and emotional support. They need our help.

Music for Relief has launched an emergency appeal for funds to help the survivors of this disaster.
Text RELIEF to 90999 to make a $5 donation to support recovery in Haiti. Or you can also make a donation via paypal here

For more information click here.
Thank you for your support!


- Mike hard at work with @MusicForRelief and @HabitatAli! - http://twitpic.com/y4ij1
- Brad and @phoenixlp taking a break from the MFR and Habitat build today! - http://twitpic.com/y4i2s
- http://twitpic.com/ycrv8
- http://twitpic.com/ycrix
- http://twitpic.com/yc6kb

Mike - Photos and singing

Mike membuat post-an baru di Blog-nya. Terdapat 5 gambar di sana, yang diambil beberapa hari yang lalu, saat Mike memberikan "welcome shout" di situs Beta-nya LP.


Our buddy Fiore grabbed some quick photos from the studio the other day. In between working on vocals, we did a "welcome video" for the new lp.com (beta testing now), and took a very handsome photo for Chester's international Visa, so he can go play some Dead By Sunrise shows in Japan...

Sumber: http://www.mikeshinoda.com/blog/....hotos_and_singing

Mike - Hang Out dengan Personil FM

Beberapa hari lalu Mike sempat Hang-Out bersama para personil FM. Mungkin hitung-hitung reunian. Dalam foto tersebut ada Mike, Ryu, Cheapshot, dan Scoop DeVille.

LP.com Mobile

Tadi pagi saya sempat bertanya di Twitter kepada Adminnya LPU, Adam, mengenai situs baru http://linkinpark.com/ versi HP.

Saya: @lpunderground hey Adam, is it possible to have the new LP.com in mobile version?

Adam: @vyonizr working on it

Interview Chester dengan The West Australian

Chester di-interview oleh The West Australian.

Chester Bennington steps out of the studio to take my call, but he's not in there making music for his new solo venture Dead by Sunrise. He's making Linkin Park's fourth record.

When Bennington announced that he'd be exploring music on his own, it seemed that Linkin Park might be dissolving, especially considering the famously drawn-out recording process that accompanied their most recent album, 2007's Minutes to Midnight. But he seems more excited about Linkin Park than ever.

Rumours abound that their next album will be more consistent than Minutes to Midnight, which was knitted together from 50 songs, and will be structured by a loose concept. He says that songwriting rules long held by the band are now disregarded and they are producing some of their most fluid material in their 10th year together.

Dead by Sunrise were a project that hatched during less permissive times. Bennington had written a number of songs that sank when he brought them to Linkin Park but that he didn't want to throw away.

He says that while guitarists Mike Shinoda and Brad Delson liked his material, they didn't think it would fit in with the songs on Minutes to Midnight.

"I played (one of the songs) … and they said, 'That's a great song, but we don't know what we could do with it'," Bennington says. "I knew the song was good, but I also knew the elements of the song the guys felt they could add to were small, and to take those elements and make something new out it would destroy the original body of the song."

Underlining the extent to which songwriting conditions have changed in Linkin Park, he adds: "Where we're at now with how we view ourselves as songwriters, had these songs been written now, there probably wouldn't be a Dead by Sunrise."

This might suggest Dead by Sunrise are merely a less conventional Linkin Park. Not so. Although Bennington believes Linkin Park in their current state would be receptive to some of the material they rejected, that material, as played by Dead by Sunrise, still sounds distinct from Linkin Park.

Part of that difference is due to the influence of his band members, Ryan Shuck and Amir Derakh, members of Julien-K and Orgy, respectively. They helped turn Bennington's acoustic demos into fleshed-out dark pop songs drawing from a variety of styles.

Fire, the opening track on their debut album Out of Ashes is a steady arena anthem; first single Crawl Back In is straight-up rock and closing song Morning After contains elements of Bennington's nu-metal origins.

"We've created our own sound with its own identity," Bennington says. "We'll be making more Dead by Sunrise records for sure.

"How fast we'll turn those around I don't know. Linkin Park are always No.1 so I'm forced … not forced, I am at the whim of whatever Linkin Park are doing at the time. But Dead by Sunrise are something I care about and want to do for as long as I can."

Out of Ashes is out now


Grup LPI di LinkinPark.com

Bagai kalian, para member Linkin Park Indonesia di Facebook, yang sudah join ke situs Beta-nya Linkin Park, silakan join grup kami juga di sana (http://beta.linkinpark.com/group/lpi/). Terima Kasih.

Video Baru & Info Mengenai Tampilan Baru LP.com

Saya sekarang bisa masuk ke situs Beta-nya LP, yang mana pada saat ini hanya LPUer resmi (& saya) saja yang bisa melihatnya. Sedikit opini saya: Situsnya jauh lebih bagus. Banyak social-networkingnya. Ada Group, Blog post, dll. Ada fitur chat-nya juga lho! jd kurang lebih seperti Facebook lah.

Dan, ini video baru, yang baru diupload ke situsnya. Berisi Mike yang memberikan sambutan kepada orang yg masuk ke situs Beta tersebut. Durasi: 1:48 menit.

Welcome Message From LP: http://api.ning.com/files/OHmlCRemALyIGjJLrZw371Ae%2a08B2twbpcyYVxedDVw_/tmp291843.flv .
Di video itu juga sempat ada gameplay 'Linkin Park: 8-Bit Rebellion'!

Dan ini pesan dari personil LP:

"As some of you know, we've been working on enhancing the LinkinPark.com experience. We want it to be the best way for you to keep up with the band, to preview our videos and behind-the-scenes footage, to upload your concert photos, art, videos and to meet other fans.

Before we open it up to the entire community, we want to invite you, the members of the LPU, to an exclusive Beta preview and to join the site before everyone else.

On the new site you can add photos, videos, blog posts and chat with other fans. You can also update your status, rate videos and photos, customize your profile page and much, much more. One of our favorite things about the old LinkinPark.com site was the great photos you all contributed. We won't be able to move those over but we would love for you to upload your favorites to the new site.

By being the first to see it, you can help us make it exactly what all of the fans want. Check it out, then let us know what we're doing right or what can be improved by commenting on the message board. We have a lot of exciting things planned for the new LinkinPark.com and can't wait to have you be a major part of the new experience.

Please take some time to explore and check out the new LinkinPark.com; more updates to come! We plan to take the site out of beta late next week, so stay tuned.

Brad, Chester, Joe, Mike, Phoenix and Rob "

PS: Maaf tidak bisa menampilkan screenshotnya, karena ini benar-benar masih LPU Exclusive.

Lagu di Akhir Game 'LP: 8-BR'

Berdasarkan Rolling Stone Germany, lagu yang ada di akhir game 'Linkin Park: 8-Bit Rebellon' memiliki judul 'Ten Minutes To Midnight'.

Sumber: http://www.rollingstone.de/news/article.php...;showtopic=The%20Pop%20Life

Brad Untuk MikeShinoda.com

Brad memberikan sapaan untuk semua pengunjung MikeShinoda.com.

Mike: New in the VIDEOS section. Looks like Brad has relinquished all "instrument duties" in favor of a much more exciting responsibility in our band: ProTools editor.


EDIT: Videonya sementara ini belum dapat dilihat. Sepertinya ada kesalahan teknis saat Mike meng-upload-nya.

EDIT 2: Videonya sekarang bisa disaksikan. Bagi yang mau download, di *SINI*.

Game Linkin Park: Segera

Mike memberikan sedikit gambaran tentang 'Linkin Park: 8-Bit Rebellion':

"Many years ago, the world existed in 8-bit harmony...until PixxelKorp arrived. Now, underground forces are assembling to undo the evil corporation's mass-brainwashing campaign. You may be our only hope to lead the rebellion to victory!

The new Linkin Park game is on the way. I just got a new test-build of the game, and it's looking great. As you would expect, my bandmates and I worked hand-in-hand with the design team to create the look and content of the game. For fans of my art: you'll see some new and familiar characters come to life in this 8-bit-meets-hi-res virtual world.

In the game, you have been chosen by the rebellion to solve a mystery. Items have been stolen from the six leaders of the rebellion. Collecting these items is the rebellion's only hope to thwarting the plans of the evil PixxelKorp.

I can't give away too many details about the game just yet…but I can tell you this: for all the Linkin Park fans excited to hear new music, I have some big news for you: if you finish this game, you get more than just a credit screen.

You get a brand new Linkin Park song.

The game will be available on the iPhone and iPod touch this month. More to come…"

Sumber: http://www.mikeshinoda.com/blog/special...game_coming_soon

Konten Eksklusif LPU - Jum'at

Dari Twitter-nya LPU:

@lpunderground: We have a little something special for LPU members coming soon... possibly friday...

@lpunderground: If I told you guys, then it wouldn't be a surprise.....

Apakah itu lagu baru? Atau preview dari game 'Linkin Park: 8-Bit Rebellion'? Kita tunggu saja.

Mike - Studio Update, Jan 5 2010

Mike memberikan update lagi tentang perkembangan pembuatan album studio Linkin Park keempat.

"We had our first Monday meeting of 2010. First, we took a listen to the first five songs, which are almost finished and sounding great. I was going to tell you guys the working titles...but I changed my mind. I realized if I did that, the linkinpark.com, lpunderground.com, and fan site forums would be flooded with threads about them, where people make crazy guesses about the songs' sounds based on the working title...followed by thousands of fake links to "leaked mp3s" within a few days. Since I have great respect for your valuable time, I won't tempt you to waste it on such things. :)

Anyway, back to Monday: We started thinking about the second batch...we have 15-20 songs that we like, and we'll be picking a new batch from those. There are a few common themes beginning to circulate in the lyrics and in the music. As I think I mentioned, the record might be a little more conceptual than our other ones. Not a "concept album" per se (it's not as far-out as that term would have you imagine), but it definitely has some thematic threads tying it together.

One funny thing came to mind as I was writing this: the term "genre busting" seems to keep coming up when talking about this album. In fact, if you Google "genre busting," the first thing you get is a link to an interview with me about this new music. If you read the piece, you'll see the following:

Linkin Park co-frontman Mike Shinoda says the band’s fourth studio album is going to be so unique, “they’re going to have to come up with a new genre name for what this record is.”

This offhanded comment was meant to be a bit of a joke. Most people don't take it as lightly as I meant it; because of that, part of me regretted saying it. But recently, there's a voice in the back of my head saying: Why not really make that the bar? "So unique that they'll have to make a new genre name." I don't know if we'll ever be able to hit that mark, but we might as well give it a shot."

Sumber: http://www.mikeshinoda.com/blog/in_the_studio-linkin_park_/studio_update_jan_5_2010

Ada sesuatu yang menarik di gambar tersebut. Sebuah gambar yang ditempel pada bagian kanan atas, sepertinya lebih mengarah ke artwork. Apakah itu konsep artwork album mereka? Kita hanya bisa menebak.

KROQ Top 20 of the Decade: Update

Masih inget kan, ama voting "KROQ Top 20 of The Decade"? Inilah rangking yang didapat LP.

Tak ada lagu LP terbaik di tahun 2000,2002,2005, dan 2006

2001- #1 In the End
#8 Crawling
#11 One Step Closer
2003- #3 Faint
#10 Numb (#1 ditempati Seven Nation Army - White Stripes)
2004- #4 Breaking The Habit (#1 ditempati Float On - Modest Mouse)
2007- #2 What I've Done (#1 ditempati The Pretender - Foo Fighters)
2008- #4 Bleed It Out
#13 Given Up
#20 Shadow Of The Day (#1 ditempati You're Gonna Go Far Kid - The Offspring)
2009- #5 New Divide (#1 ditempati Use Somebody - Kings Of Leon)

Linkin Park adalah satu-satunya band yang meraih peringkat 20 besar pada 6 tahun.

Mike - 5 Kejadian Terpenting Dalam Sejarah Linkin Park

Mike bercerita tentang 5 kejadian penting yang terjadi pada LP pada 1 dekade ini. Silahkan baca di *SINI*. Maaf tidak bisa menampilkan secara langsung, berhubung tulisannya banyak.

EDIT: Postingan asli Mike sudah tidak ada lagi karena blog miliknya telah mengalami maintenance beberapa kali. Ini yang berhasil kami arsipkan:

Ten years ago, I had just quit my job at a tiny graphic design house in North Hollywood. My band was writing our first album, and hoping to release it someday.

A lot has happened in the past ten years.

Those of you who visit this site probably already know a lot of the big deals in LP history; here is MY DECADE LIST: the top five most underrated (but important) things that happened to Linkin Park in the past ten years…



In the late '90s, we had played for and been turned down by every major label (and many of the indies). Warner Bros. Records initially passed on us, but had a change of heart and decided to sign the band. Soon thereafter, we decided that we wanted to make an impression with our new "teammates." We immediately put out a message to the entire WBR staff: we wanted to meet them. We set a date, and took over their conference room. We sat them down, exchanged pleasantries, and gave them some paperwork that outlined who we were, what we intended to do, and how we thought our music, marketing, and fan club should be treated.

Imagine, for a moment, that you are a middle-aged record label employee with some experience in the "record business." You've had some big hits, and you consider yourself to be good at what you do. Then, imagine a young, unproven, newly-signed artist meets you in your conference room, to hand you a stack of papers telling you how to do your job. What?

I don't think we knew how risky it was to pull the stunt we pulled. Luckily, they were enamored by our "chutzpah," and decided to roll with us. The entire Warner staff was suddenly talking about the new band they just signed.

decade list
(image: Chester and Rob before the Shanghai show, 2007)

4 - SHANGHAI STADIUM, November 18th, 2007

Upon arrival in Shanghai, we knew the show was going to be special…but we had no idea. When we were met at the airport, our promotion and label staff informed us that the last two rock bands to play China at the time were Nine Inch Nails and The Rolling Stones. They told us the largest concert by a foreign rock artist was The Stones show, which was attended by roughly 12,000 people. We were about to play a show at Shanghai Stadium, which was easily two times that size.

Upon arrival, we saw the concert was heavily guarded by national police. Every few feet, all along the perimeter of the venue--EVERYWHERE--stood an officer in uniform. I wasn't sure if they were armed, but it was definitely different for us. We were informed that the police forces were all prepared to engage if there was any rioting, violence, etc...That scared the crap out of me. I pictured a few fans throwing something, the entire place erupting into violence, and foreign rock bands being banned from Chinese concerts for a long time. I thought it was a somewhat irrational fear. I was later informed that if a riot had occurred, the scenario above is exactly what would have happened.

Luckily, the Chinese fans--and our band and crew--never went down that path. it turned out to be one of the most exciting and important shows of our career so far. By the end, we even caught a few of the police guards nodding their heads to the music.


Some of you know the story: when we were in the studio writing our first album, our band was called Hybrid Theory. Another band (on the label, I think) was called "Hybrid," and they didn't want us getting confused with them. We agreed. Sitting at our dirty, cheap rehearsal space in Hollywood, a number of names were thrown around. The only one we really liked was "Lincoln Park."

At the time, less than half the people we knew had email addresses and access to the internet. Dial-up was aggravatingly slow. Bands' "mailing lists" were all about phone numbers and home addresses. Someone (Brad, maybe?) suggested that it might be important to acquire lincolnpark.com. We tried, but it was taken.

At the time, it seemed like a small and simple decision to change the new potential band name from "Lincoln" to "Linkin" in order to get the domain.

I once heard it put this way: if you were to start at a center point and draw a one-inch line, then change direction one degree and draw a second line, the two end points would be close together. It may seem like an insubstantial thing. But draw those two lines out hundreds of miles, and the end points will be miles apart. Sometimes a small change or decision can add up to a drastic difference in direction.



Fast forwarding to 2007: MTM was a special album for the band. Fans know that the songs and approach were different…but there was a deeper change that I remembered seeing, one that came from each personality in the band and multiplied by the guidance that Rick gave us. This was the exact moment where, creatively, the guys in the band came together more closely than ever before. There was more of a sense of camaraderie and collective creativity than ever before. Irrespective of the music, the band changed a lot in the 12-18 months we worked on that record. I think we grew up a lot, had a ton of fun making the album, and became much better friends.

Here are some photos that I just found of us hanging out at that time:

decade list
decade list
decade list
decade list


Our bassist Phoenix and guitarist Brad were college roommates. We all played and recorded together in the beginning…but Phoenix was also committed to another band. He had been close friends with those guys before we ever met him, and when they left on a small tour, he went with them. I think we spent nearly a year bugging him to come back to the band. Touring without him, the balance of personalities in the band felt like a constant nagging issue. We knew the chemistry was off.

Some people think that he came back because we were starting to see some success and money. I know Dave; that's only a small part of the equation, if any part of it at all. He had made a promise to his other friends, and he fully intended to see that promise all the way through. He didn't come back to Linkin Park until his other band had run its course.

I am positive that if he had not, the dynamic in our band during those early years would have caused an implosion of some sort, and our band would have gone a far different (likely very negative) course.

Especially in the early days, Phoenix was a calming presence, and a voice of reason. We were pretty lucky he was able to come back.


Hope you liked the list. These were things that stuck out to me as big things that few people consider "milestones" in the band's career, but I know without them, we wouldn't be where we are today.

Looking forward to the new year, a new album, and whatever is to come in the next decade for Linkin Park. Happy New Year!

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