Ucapan Terima Kasih Chester

Dari CBennington.com :

Chester took a few seconds at the soundcheck in France to shoot this video to thank the fans who have been requesting "Let Down".

Kamu bisa mendownload videonya di *SINI*

Scan dari Album LPU9

Ini adalah hasil scan dari album LPU9, dari depan, isi, sampai belakang. Lebih baik dilihat melalui komputer, karena ukuran per gambarnya lebih dari 1,5 MB.

Isi 1
Isi 2

Interview dengan Chester di College Times

College Times melakukan Interview dengan Chester. Mereka berbicara tentang Dead By Sunrise.

College Times: How did you hook up with the guys from Julien-K for Dead by Sunrise?

Chester Bennington: Well, I've been friends with Ryan [Shuck] and Amir [Derakh] for about 10 years or so, maybe longer. Ryan was the best man at my wedding and we're close. We're really close friends. So when I had to pick somebody to work with on these songs, I thought 'well, I'm going to call Ryan and Amir.' They actually started Julien-K and in doing so, Brandon [Belsky] has been working with those guys as an assistant-slash-engineering assistant ... and they couldn't recruit him into their band. So we kind of turned him from a boy into a rock star. Fu [Anthony Valcic] is a producer and engineer from Canada that was recruited to work for a company we had started. He has worked with Ryan and Amir and in doing that I became friends with him. I became friends with Alias when the Hybrid [Linkin Park] tour started. We had just started touring for Linkin Park ... and I met him kind of haphazardly back then. It turns out that he is way fucking better at drums than he is [at synth]. Somehow, through the grapevine, he started blending into Ryan and Amir's camp and we've been great friends ever since.

College Times: Dead By Sunrise has a more grungy feel than Linkin Park, and at times it sounds a little punk. I don't really hear that with Linkin Park, Julien-K or Orgy. Is that a sound you wanted to achieve or was it just something you fell into?

Chester Bennington: These are the songs I write. You know, I've always been into those genres of music my whole life. I primarily listen to punk music, grunge music or pop-alternative stuff like Depeche Mode and The Cure. Those are my things. So, when you grow up listening to the blues you're probably going to write bluesy songs. That's the same case for me here.

College Times: How is the songwriting experience different with Dead By Sunrise than it is with Linkin Park?

Chester Bennington: Really, the process of it is very similar. The main difference is that these are my songs and I'm involved in every aspect of making this record.

College Times: The band is playing upcoming dates, but are there any plans in the works for a full-on tour?

Chester Bennington: We're working on it.

College Times: Oh really? Will it be nationwide?

Chester Bennington: I would like to think so. I mean, I'm working on a new Linkin Park record, so it's not like I can be like 'oh, I have eight months to 12 months to tour this record.' It's like, 'okay, I'm making a record for Linkin Park.' I need to balance playing shows for Dead By Sunrise as well as being in the studio with Linkin Park, which is the priority. It's difficult for me to say that because they're both really important to me. We're figuring that out. It's the biggest hurdle facing us right now, to manage to build Dead by Sunrise around Linkin Park.

College Times: Was Dead By Sunrise's name originally "Snow White Tan." Why did you change it?

Chester Bennington: I loved the name. When we started working on the songs, I was really writing more ... of these mid-tempo, melodically driven songs like "Too Late" or "Walking in Circles," "In the Darkness," "Give Me Your Name," so we really had to pump up the rock a little bit. Otherwise I would have literally an album full of songs in that vein, which wouldn't be bad, but I don't want people to kill themselves to this record. I want people to play the album and rock out and have an emotionally dynamic experience. So, you know, um ... I totally just lost train of thought. I got a little distracted. My super hot wife just walked in front of me and I completely lost it.

College Times: Fair enough; why did you change the name?

Chester Bennington: Oh, yeah. So, at the time we weren't going out into the day and doing a lot of work until 4 o'clock in the morning, so it fit. Given that kind of dark nature to a lot of the songs and given that it just summarizes the overall musical feel of the band, it felt like, as time went on it got a little darker and heavier and meaner, so to speak. The name felt a little [less fitting], so we decided to change it to something that fit.


LPU9 Akan Dirilis 3 Desember

Situs LPU akan berubah tampilan pada 3 Desember nanti.

Dari Machine Shop Marketing Newsletter :

LPU9 launches 12/3/09 with a brand new package but be sure not to miss LPU8 to complete your LPU collection!! All membership options and additional details available at www.lpunderground.com


Mike: Respon Untuk Fans Mengenai Update-an Album Baru

Pada Blog-nya, Mike baru saja menjawab pertanyaan dari beberapa fans yang berhubungan dengan album baru Linkin Park.

Posted by rockermeg - Ahh the tension is unbearable! It sounds like you're making great progress, and at quite a good pace. 60 is well below the number you had for M2M. Is that a good or bad thing?

M: We wrote roughly 150 demos for MTM because we were at a point where we were redefining how we approached writing a song. We were breaking down rigid, preconceived ideas about how our band "should" sound…we had to experiment with a lot of crazy stuff in order to figure out what the album should sound like. At the end of the process, we all felt like we had pushed outside our comfort zones quite a bit, and we were happy about the new frontiers the process had opened up. I think we're now at a place where there are far fewer boundaries or barriers, and the perspective of the past few years has given us an intense creative momentum, so fewer demos are getting the job done. Quality, not quantity; I don't think we'll need to write that many demos to know that the album is ready.

Posted by spraypaintNinkpens - I guess we really shouldn't expect an album in 2010 because you take forever to release a 12 track cd. I wish you'd release a cd faster than 3-4 years because everyone is going to inevitably start to make people lose interest in the band. Lockjaw was made in a day and it's a stellar track.

M: Thanks for the nice comment about "Lockjaw." I am writing these updates to assure you that what we've said about putting music out more quickly is our intention, 100%. It is my firm belief that the album will be out in 2010. As for the "3-4 year" comment: we've been saying that for about 6 months. In that short time, here is the new music that has come from our camp: "New Divide," "Lockjaw," my "Gold Guns Girls" remix, my Julien-K remix, my track for Apathy called "Shoot First," and an entire DBS album. Some are more mainstream things, others are meant for various levels of underground fans. We already have other related ideas ("Across The Line" on the LPU9 CD for example) on deck before the next album comes. Then, after the next album, we hope to continue to create and release music faster than we have in the past (3-4 years between studio albums is obviously a long time). The bottom line is: we're trying to be in the studio more than ever, making great stuff that is Linkin Park quality. We LIVE in the studio now.

Posted by Rotten - Couldn't you give us more info on your upcoming album please? Like how it's gonna sound, mainly hip hop or rock? Is it gonna be experimental as MTM was? Anyway, i'm confident about the quality since you never disappointed us but i'm afraid you'll be producing an album just because you have to…

M: I've been rapping a bit more, Joe has been a little more present, and together we're also doing a lot with the beats. Again, you never know what can happen: we can make 50 songs with rapping, and if the 10 that don't have rapping get picked by the band for the album, then any comment I may have made about rapping is null and void! But we have never produced an album because "we had to," it's all about where the band is at creatively, at the time. Hybrid Theory and Meteora were a time of defining a sound, MTM was a time of destroying that and branching out in many directions. This new album, so far, is a redefinition.

Posted by pepper - THANK YOU for the album update Mike!! We kept tweeting Phi for an update, but no go. I guess you are the better man =P (haha as if there was any doubt) Lol I'm so excited to hear about the long songs and that you guys are going through your usual thorough process for selecting the songs for the album. Stay focused and keep rocking on my brothers, I'm so stoked for this album and what 2010 holds for LP!

M: Yes Pepper, I am your friend and Phoenix is ignoring you. He is evil, I am good.
Thanks for the good words…we'll do our best to make this album great, for you and everyone who is down with the band.


Interview: Chester dengan Peta2.com

Chester sempat melakukan interview dengan Peta2.com . Kamu bisa melihat video interviewnya di *SINI*.

Update: Chester: Slash & Friends

Hari ini Chester join konser "Slash & Friends" si The Avalon, Hollywood.

Performance musik dilakukan oleh Slash, Chester Bennington, Ozzy Osbourne, Perry Farrell, Travis Barker, Billy Idol, Andrew Stockdale dari Wolfmother, Dave Navarro dan banyak lagi.

Chester menyanyikan lagu "Paradise City" bersama Slash , Duff, and Steven Adler. Dia juga menyanyikan lagunya Velvet Revolver yang berjudul "Slither".

Foto dari konser: Foto 1 Foto 2

Beberapa video dari Talinda:
Pesan Chester untuk Los Angeles Youth Network
Chester di panggung
Chester menyanyikan "Slither"

Lirik LPU9

Berikut ini adalah lirik-lirik lagu yang ada di album LPU9

A-Six - Tidak ada (Instrumental)
Faint - Ada
Sad -Tidak ada (Instrumental)
Fear - Ada
Figure.09 - Ada
Stick And Move - Tidak ada (Instrumental)
Across The Line - Ada
Drawing - Tidak ada (Instrumental)
Drum Song - Ada

Faint (demo 2002):

Fear (Leave Out All The Rest demo 2006):

Figure.09 (demo 2002):

Across The Line:

Drum Song (The Little Things Give You Away demo 2006):


LPU9 Telah Keluar!

Seseorang dari LPU, TaylorLP, telah mendapatkan LPU9 dari Best Buy di New York! Ini adalah gambar yang dia ambil dari Package LPU9:

Jika kami telah mendapatkan albumnya, kami akan memberitahu kalian.

EDIT: Kami telah mendapatkan albumnya! Silakan ke *SINI* untuk mendownloadnya.

Fort Minor Day!

Bagi yang belum tau, hari ini adalah "Fort Minor Day"! Tepat 4 tahun lalu album The Rising Tied dirilis. Tapi hebatnya, 'Remember The Name' masih duduk dalam peringkat 50 besar di iTunes! Tidak percaya? Ini perkataan Ryu di Twitter:

Happy #fortminorday ! 4 yrs later, and remember the name is still in the top 50 on itunes!

Mari ramaikan Twitter dengan tag #fortminorday!

Video LPTV Baru: Dead By Sunrise On Jimmy Kimmel Live

LinkinPark.com mengupload video baru yang berisi komentar Chester mengenai konser DBS di Jimmy Kimmel. Kamu bisa melihatnya langsung di situsnya atau dapat juga mendownload di 'LPTV 2007-2009 DOWNLOADS' yang terletak di bagian bawah halaman ini.

Transkip LPU Chat dengan Rob

Berikut ini adalah transkip dari LPU Chat dengan Rob yang selesai pada siang ini.


Deftones Benefit Show

Dari LinkinPark.com:

This Thursday, Mike will join long-time friends the Deftones on stage during their benefit show for bass player Chi Leng Cheng at The Avalon in LA. The show is sold out, but you can still help. Click HERE to bid on items for the Chi Leng Cheng Special Needs Trust Auction. If you would simply like to make a donation, you can do that at www.oneloveforchi.com.

Chi Cheng was injured last year in a car accident which left him in a semi-conscious state. The auction and donations will go towards his medical bills.


Linkin Park Sedang Fokus Pada 5 Lagu

Dari Blog-nya Mike:

LP Studio November 09

Album Update:

At last count, there were upward of 60 tracks on the "band" hard drive. Obviously, they're in all states of completion (except "finished"). Well, 60 is a big number, and focusing down on all of those to try to get them finished sounded terrifying not to mention silly; a good chunk of those are probably not really our best stuff anyway. So we narrowed down to 20. These 20 aren't all going to make the album, they're just the best songs we've got so far.

Of the 20, we're trying to focus on 5 right now, and get them finished. The work has been going exceptionally well--I think all the guys are more focused than ever. I don't know for sure, but I would bet that the average song length on these is around the 4-5 minute mark; a bit longer format than our usual stuff. We're really enjoying being in the studio right now, trying to be as creative and adventurous as we can, while letting our sense of songwriting, rhythm, and melody guide the way through the chaos.

Hasil dari Get Busy Comitee Chat

Kemarin SOBCentral. com mewawancarai RYU, Apathy, dan Scoop DeVille. Ada suatu hal yang cukup menarik dari apa yang dijelaskan Apathy. Selengkapnya bisa kamu baca di *SINI*.

*Apathy mentioned asking Mike Shinoda about doing another Fort Minor record, but said that Linkin Park is, of course, front-and-center right now with the new record currently being recorded (but there's hope!).

Terima kasih kepada JaySinkie atas infonya!

Rekaman album studio Fort Minor kedua? Saya harap begitu!

Travis Barker & Chester

Travis Barker sedang mengerjakan album solonya dan diharapkan melibatkan beberapa artis lain.

"There's some stuff on my record that's not going to have a bunch of guitars, that are just straight-up hip hop records. Everything's going be real different. It's going to be really well-rounded," Ujarnya kepada MTV News Rabu kemarin. "We got a new Blink song on there, I think I'm going to do something with Chester Bennington from Linkin Park. Hopefully a guest appearance from Slash, I'm doing his big fundraiser that happens this month. I think there's going to be a collaboration with [Kanye West's touring DJ] A-Track, so it's gonna be really in all directions."

Video LPUTV Baru: Bourdon Baloonia

LPUnderground.com telah meng-upload video baru yang judulnya "Bourdon Baloonia". Bourdon terlihat sedang "battle" dengan balon-balon yang dilempar oleh personil LP pada saat memainkan drumnya di studio. Cukup keren!

Videonya bisa kamu download di "LPUTV DOWNLOADS" di bagian bawah halaman ini.

Demo MPC Mike

Mike menjelaskan cara membuat beats dengan MPC.

A few of you have asked about my process when it comes to making beats. I don't really have a "process," but I currently have been doing a lot on my MPC, so I figured I'd throw a little demo together. I tend to try to combine gear to get a cool sound. In this one, all the gear I used was pretty basic and reasonably-priced; simple stuff you can buy at Guitar Center or whatever. Enjoy,

Kamu bisa download videonya di *SINI*.

Tambahan: Alat-alat yang digunakan oleh Mike adalah MPC1000, Line 6 POD, dan sebuah tape echo

Tracklist LPU9!

Cdjapan.co.jp dan hmv.co.jp menambah album LP Underground 9 ke dalam daftar katalognya.

LINKIN PARK's compilation album includes rare tracks. *Bonuses included in the album are valid only in Japan.

Di sana juga tertulis bahwa albumnya akan dirilis pada 23 Desember 2009.

Sepertinya album LPU 9 mengambil langkah yang sama dengan album "Songs From The Underground". Dalam artian, album ini kemungkinan akan dirilis secara internasional!

Tracklist-nya (dari hmv.co.jp):

1. A-Six (Original Long Version 2002)
2. Faint (Demo 2002)
3. Sad ("By Myself" demo 1999)
4. Fear ("Leave Out All the Rest" Demo 2006)
5. Figure 09 (Demo 2002)
6. Stick-n-Move ("Runaway" Demo 1998)
7. Across the Line (Previously unreleased 2007 Demo)
8. Drawings ("Breaking the Habit" Demo 2002)
9. Drum Song ("Little Things Give You Away" Demo 2006)

Sumber pertama di *SINI* (hmv.co.jp), sumber kedua di *SINI* (Cdjapan.co.jp).

Sebagai catatan, "A-Six" adalah sebuah lagu instrumental Linkin Park yang memiliki nama lain "A. 06" (lihat album LP Underground v2.0).

EDIT: Mike telah mengkonfirmasi di Blog-nya!

For those of you who have been keeping track, "Across The Line" is a brand new, unreleased song. It was recorded during the "Minutes To Midnight" sessions, and was originally entitled "Japan." We know a lot of the fans on the LPU boards have wanted to hear this song, in its entirety, for a long time. We're putting it on the LPU9 CD for you!"

EDIT: Bagi yang penasaran dengan lagu "Across The Line", kamu dapat mendengarkan snippetnya saat masih berjudul "Japan" di *SINI* (Rip dari DVD Making Of Minutes To Midnight).

Kecurangan dalam voting di Fuse TV

Seperti yang pernah diberitakan di *SINI*, LP masuk nominasi di "Fuse's Best Video of 2009". Sekarang adalah ronde ketiga. LP berhadapan dengan Paramore. Dan, sepertinya kita akan kalah telak.

Saya dari awal sudah menduga, pasti ada kecurangan di dalam voting ini. Mengapa Paramore bisa mendapatkan begitu banyak suara dalam waktu yang cukup singkat? Ya. Saya harap kalian mau lihat pesan dari salah satu fans Green Day ini, yang sempat mendapatkan suara 5.064.028 sebelum akhirnya kalah dari Paramore (6.330.923). SAYA PERINGATKAN KEPADA KALIAN SEMUA, FANS LP, UNTUK TIDAK MELAKUKAN KEGIATAN ILEGAL INI! APA KALIAN MAU MEMPERMALUKAN BAND FAVORIT KALIAN? Biarkan kita kalah, tapi kita sudah melakukan hal sportif!

Hey guys.

at first sorry for my bad english but i try to describe my cheat that we can make that green day will win in all nominated categories on the fuse videos

so... its a very simple cheat. i use a programm that is called a macro recorder. it is very simple, the program records the movement of your mouse and than it plays it again. the main idea is that we record with the program the 3 voting clicks on the fuse website and then the program will repeat it again and again automatic, the only thing is that your computer should run all the time...or if you do nothing u can start the programm and u make votes. so if many people make this, i am sure that green day win at the fuse videos.

so i will now descripe how it works!

at first you have to download the macro recorder programm:


scroll down to the download button and download the .zip file.
then extract the downloaded zip file and start the setup.
now the recorder is installed and ready.

start the recorder with clicking on Jibit Macro Recorder in your start menu.
the software is a shareware, that means it is for the first 30 days free.
now click on evaluate.

so now you can see the user interface. minimize the programm and start the internet explorer or another browser. (with opera voting dont work...) go to the fuse website.

so... switch back to the jibit macro recorder.
now u have to start to record your macro. click on start recording. now u see the internet explorer or the other browser, with the fuse website...

now click on the STOP button on the top left corner of your screen.

now u can see your mousemovements in the program. the record is finished.

so... now u can click on play and the pc votes automatic for green day (IMG:style_emoticons/dark/biggrin.gif)
but only one time... so we had to fix that... in that way:

click with your mouse at the first item in the list, i think it is a delay. now the line have to be marked blue. if the line is marked blue now you have to click on "Insert" and than "Label...", write in the textfield the letter: a

now u see that you have added a label in the list, make a rightclick on the label and click on "Move Up" now the label should be the first element of the list.

now u have to go to the last element of the list, use for this the "End" key on your keyboard or scroll to the last element and click on it. now the last element has been marked blue. click again on "Insert" and than on "GOTO statement" and write in the textbox the letter from the label, in our case it is a: a

now you can save your macro with file, save as...

good! now you can click on play and the pc will vote for green day again and again.

you can pause the macro with Strg+P
and stop it with ScrLk Key on your keyboard (in the most cases it is the key next to the num lock key, in german it is the Rollen taste)

i hope u understand my little tutorial, sorry again for my bad english! i hope we will make it next week!

green day rulez, best band on planet!

Saya meminta maaf kepada para fans Green Day. Apakah "fans" Paramore juga ikut andil dalam kegiatan cheating ini?

Terima kasih banyak kepada nEAnnam atas pemberitahuannya!

Booklet "Out Of Ashes"

Kamu sekarang sudah bisa download booklet-nya "Out OF Ashes" di *SINI*. (Format file: pdf)

Dan Pemenang EMA 2009 Adalah...

LP! Ya! LP berhasil memenangkan nominasi "Best Worldstage Performance" pada MTV EMA 2009 di Berlin!

Anyway, acara EMA masih berlangsung. Jadi, kami belum bisa mencantumkan sumber yang tetap. Personil LP tidak semuanya menghadiri acara tersebut. Namun, Mike dan Chester sempat diliput pada saat mengatakan "terima kasih".

EDIT: Daftar pemenang di setiap nominasi bisa dilihat di *SINI*.

Video Klip "Let Down"


Jika kamu pergi ke video playlist-nya DBS, dan meng-klik bagian "Newest", kamu akan melihat bahwa video klip Let Down sudah ada di sana.

Dead By Sunrise - Let Down
The new video from Dead By Sunrise off their debut album - Out Of Ashes. In stores now!
Rating: 0%
Added: 11:00pm EST
Plays: 8
Comments: 0

Ironisnya, setelah kita meng-klik link videonya, akan terdapat pesan yang berbunyi, "Sorry, the video you're trying to access is Private. Log in to verify that you can watch it."

Sepertinya DBS masih belum mau mempublikasikannya.

EDIT: Video klip ini secara resmi telah dirilis duluan di Bauda.com! Kamu bisa melihat videonya di *SINI*. Untuk download, di *SINI*.

Berhubung format file-nya agak rumit (f4v), dibutuhkan Codec tambahan untuk memutarnya. Untuk download Codec-nya, di *SINI*.

Ups! Sepertinya Bauda.com telah menarik kembali video klipnya. Sehubungan dengan tanggal rilis yang salah, mungkin? Tapi jangan khawatir, kamu masih bisa mendownloadnya di *SINI* (Format file: mp4. Jika belum bisa diputar, download Codec di atas)

Kover Album "Let Down"


Ini adalah kover album dari single kedua DBS, yaitu "Let Down". Saya berpendapat ini terlalu simpel, tidak jauh berbeda dengan "Out Of Ashes".

DBS Akan Berencana Konser di Eropa dan Asia

InsideTheTourbus.com meng-upload video baru yang menampilkan Ryan dan Amir. Di dalam video tersebut, mereka berterima kasih kepada para fans berkat dukungan mereka.

Dan, mereka berbicara tentang rencana konser di Asia dan Eropa! Videonya bisa kamu lihat di *SINI*.

Konfirmasi Tentang Chester dengan Show-nya Slash

Seperti yang pernah diposkan di *SINI*, Chester benar-benar akan bergabung dalam show-nya Slash!

Dari sumber:

The source says: Join SLASH & Friends on November 22nd at the Avalon in Hollywood for an incredible rock concert benefiting the Los Angeles Youth Network supporting homeless youth in Los Angeles. Musical performances will include Slash, Chester Bennington, Ozzy Osbourne, Perry Farrell, Travis Barker, Billy Idol, Andrew Stockdale of Wol...fmother, Dave Navarro and many more at a legendary evening hosted by the iconic George Lopez. For tickets or more information visit http://www.LAYNROCKS.com.

LP Terkualifikasi Ke Ronde 2 di Fuse Nomination!

Dari Twitter-nya LPU:

Linkin Park made it to round two! Keep them alive in the tournament and continue voting for them! http://bit.ly/2ejiyj

Terus vote mereka!

DBS Akan Konser di KROQ

Dari Twitter-nya Chester:

we are going to play acoustic Christmas for KROQ

Voting di EMA Sudah Ditutup

Terhitung mulai dari ini, EMA sudah menutup kesempatan kepada kita untuk voting di lagi di http://ema.mtv.co.uk/vote. Kita tinggal menunggu siapa pemenangnya.

Interview Chester dengan Inked Magazine

Beberapa hari yang lalu sebuah majalah yang bernama "Inked Magazine". Scan dari majalahnya bisa kamu lihat di *SINI*.

DBS Akan Konser di Show-nya Tony Hawk!

Dari Twitter-nya Bandmerch:

Dead By Sunrise will be playing at the Tony Hawk Show in Paris on Nov. 21! See quiksilverlive.com for information and ticketing!
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