Video LPTV & LPUTV Baru baru saja mengepos video LPTV baru yang berjudul 'Glorious Excess (Dies) - The Opening'.

Sementara itu, juga mengeposkan video LPUTV baru, yang berjudul 'Baloonia'.

Kamu bisa mendownload video-video tersebut di bagian bawah halaman ini.

Video Chester oleh Talinda


LP atau DBS? Chester menjelaskannya

Interview baru MTV dengan Chester Bennington.

Members of successful rock bands having side projects or solo careers is nothing new, and it's become even more common as technology has made it easier to record and distribute music. But one conundrum remains: Which ideas go where? And how do you prevent the projects from cannibalizing each other both creatively and commercially?

If anyone knows that situation, it's Chester Bennington, the singer-songwriter of two successful rock outfits: Linkin Park (who plan to have a new LP out next year) and his Dead By Sunrise, which released its long-percolating debut LP earlier this month.

At the Ulalume Music Festival last weekend, Bennington explained how he can tell what goes where. "I can kind of tell like which songs are a little too grungy, a little too punk-driven [for Linkin Park]."

Bennington also said that the collaborative process with Linkin Park helps make the decision as well. "On a song like 'Let Down,' which I felt really strongly about, I really wanted that song not to change. I didn't want to go in and change the words, I didn't want to change any of the vibe, and I knew that would happen a lot taking it to Linkin Park. So it was pretty easy to figure that out."

However, he admitted that the decision is often not quite so simple.

"As time went on it got easier," he said. "I hear a song like 'Condemned' in my head and I know that's probably not going to end up on a Linkin Park record. But now it's getting really difficult, because Linkin Park is going in so many directions it's kind of hard to figure out which songs are which."

Rob akan Ada di LPU Chat!

Dari Twitter-nya LPU:

Mark your calendars - Rob will be chatting exclusively with LPU members on Wednesday, November 18th at 4pm!

Ajak LP untuk ke Indonesia Lagi!

Dari Allen Ado Long di Facebook:

ADRIE SUBONO promotor yg pernah mendatangkan LINKIN PARK ke indonesia menginginkan saran atau masukan u/ mengatur konser thn 2010 follow twitter ADRIE SUBONO( atau java musikindo( dan tweet ke dia u/ meminta linkin park datang ke INDONESIA.

Foto Mike Shinoda di Google Discover Music

Ini adalah foto Mike saat berada di acara Google Music Service di LA beberapa saat yang lalu. Saya suka dengan gaya rambutnya sekarang!

Interview: Chester dengan

Interview baru dengan Chester. Full interviewnya bisa dilihat di *SINI*.


SHOCKHOUND: How did your bandmates in Linkin Park react to the idea of doing this?

It was actually Mike Shinoda's idea. [Linkin Park] weren't going to go on tour, but we released "New Divide" and it kind of blew up, so we decided to do a quick, five-week world tour.

Crawl Back In di Billboard Active Rock Chart

Dari Twitter-nya Amir:

"Crawl Back In" is officially a top 10 hit on the Billboard Active Rock Chart

Vote LP untuk Video Terbaik di Fuse TV!

Lagi-lagi LP masuk dalam nominasi! Dari Facebook-nya LP:

Linkin Park’s video for "New Divide" has been nominated for Fuse's Best Video of 2009! Vote for "New Divide" at and help them battle their way to number 1! Be sure to vote each week!

Vote mereka!

MSDC x SURU - Xander Remix (LE)

Mike "me-remix" sepatu Xander-nya dengan dibantu oleh Joe, untuk membuat varian baru produk SURU untuk Xander.

Xander Remix Limited Edition

Mike Shinoda’s fourth Remix Series™ collaboration with DC, the shoe model last (Xander) was created from the ground up by Shinoda, with this latest incarnation featuring a new colorway and SURU logos on the heel, tongue, lateral side, and insole.

This series is limited to only 500 pairs, and will ship November 23rd.

Kamu bisa membelinya di *SINI*.

Mike di Subvert Magazine

Mike sempat diinterview di Subvert Magazine. Selengkapnya bisa kamu lihat di *SINI*.

Tell me about about your understanding of money and how it works in the creative industries.

My art show, “Glorious Excess Dies” is about this idea. It’s about obsession with celebrity culture, consumer addiction, and fascination with excess; how our opinions are shaped by viral news and our idols, and what it all looks like to me.

There’s a saying in the music industry: “as soon as you can afford everything, they give it to you for free.” Maybe the bottom line is that I don’t know how money and fame work yet, but I know that sometimes it seems like the whole world is obsessed with them to an unhealthy degree.

MTV: Interview dengan Chester

Interview baru dari MTV dengan Chester. Berikut cuplikannya. Selengkapnya bisa kamu lihat di *SINI*. Pada interview ini telah dikonfirmasi bahwa Rick Rubin lagi-lagi akan memproduseri album LP yang direncanakan bakal dirilis pada pertengahan pertama tahun depan.

Bennington said LP are once again working with producer Rick Rubin — who produced their last effort, 2007's Minutes to Midnight — on the new album. And, yes, they're still sticking to the concept Bennington had first mentioned last year, only, you know, with a slightly different, slightly more realistic twist.

"It's like, 'Oh, let's go and make this giant opus that no one's ever done. It's going to cost billions of dollars and take forever.' And we're like, 'Wait a second, it's going to cost billions of dollars and take forever,' " he laughed. "So we might need to just make a record and still try to do a concept but figure out a way to do it without actually waiting another five or six years to put out a record, to try to pull off all the grandiose insanity we were thinking of doing. And we're doing that. So I would imagine, I'm guessing even conservatively, that we'll probably have a record out by June of next year."

Bennington said that, in keeping with Linkin Park tradition, the new album will be sonically adventurous and that it might even feature a few tunes he'd intended for Dead by Sunrise's follow-up to Ashes.

"It's kind of funny, because I wrote a song, and I was positive it was a Dead by Sunrise song, and I was in the studio playing it, and Brad [Delson] goes, 'You are putting that down right now!' " he said. "And I was like, 'Well, apparently that's a Linkin Park song.' The song is called 'Fucking Awesome' by the way."

Sounds rad. And though he's pushing hard on the new Linkin Park album, Bennington's not quite finished with Dead by Sunrise — not by a long shot, it would seem.

"We are going to tour, and we are going to make more records," he said.

Masalah LPTimes

Salah satu situs besar fans LP, LPTimes, sedang di-Hack. Saya sarankan kepada kalian untuk tidak mengunjungi situs itu sampai waktu yang belum ditentukan.

New Divide Memenangkan "Scream Song of the Year"!

Linkin Park telah memenangkan penghargaan untuk kategori "Best Scream Song of the Year" tahun ini di Spike TV Scream Awards berkat lagu mereka, "New Divide", yang mana menjadi OST utama film "Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen". Selengkapnya bisa kamu lihat di *SINI*.

Chester di Kerrang! Podcast

Dari Kerrang!:

Linkin Park/Dead By Sunrise frontman Chester Bennington joins the K! Podcast. Here, Chester gives K! a glimpse behind the scenes of the making of Dead By Sunrise's debut album, Out Of Ashes.

Kamu bisa download videonya di *SINI*.

Fort Minor Militia Exclusive

Ada sebuah album Fort Minor yang hanya dikhususkan untuk fans resminya saja.'Fort Minor Militia Exclusive', begitu mereka menyebutnya. Album ini terdiri dari 8 lagu yang kebanyakan berisi lagu-lagu demonya FM. Namun LPIB mau bagi-bagi lagi, nih. Kamu bisa download albumnya di *SINI*.

01. Do What We Did (Demo) (feat. Styles of Beyond)
02. Kenji (Interview Version)
03. Tools Of The Trade (Demo)
04. Where'd You Joe? (WYG Remix by Mr. Hahn)
05. Strange Things (Demo)
06. Believe Me (Mike Shinoda Club Remix)
07. Start It All Up (Demo)
08. Move On (Demo) (feat. Mr. Hahn)

International Day!

Tanggal 24 Oktober 2009 adalah hari yang dinanti oleh fans LP di dunia.
Taukah kenapa? karena pada Sabtu, 24 Oktober 2009 adalah hari International Day!
International Day adalah hari memperingati peluncuran pertama album Linkin Park, yaitu Hybrid Theory.
Untuk lebih jelas, klik di *SINI*.

Dan bagi pengguna Twitter, jadikan #linkinparkday sebagai trending topic!

Interview: DBS dengan Afro Jacks

Afro Jacks memiliki interview dengan Dead By Sunrise.

FROMAN: Dead by Sunrise has more of a metal feel to it than Linkin Park, is this a sound you are looking to pursue?
DEAD BY SUNRISE (CHESTER): I wouldn't say it's metal so much...I think it has more of a grungy sound to it, but there are metal elements to the record, and that's a style we also like.

FROMAN: Everyone has a couple guilty pleasure songs mine is Boz Scaggs- Lido Shuffle, I love that dumb ass song. What's your favorite guilty pleasure band/song?
CHESTER: You Spin Me Right 'Round – Dead Or Alive

FROMAN: If you were to go to the P section in the artist list on your ipod, what would the first artist that comes up?

FROMAN: Out of all the years of being a musician what was your favorite year?
CHESTER: This one by far.


LP dan DBS akan ada di Google Music Service


Google plans to launch a music service, has confirmed with sources familiar with the situation. Next to nothing is known about the service at this point, rumored to be called “Google Music,” “Google Audio,” or “One Box,” although we have confirmed that it will be announced next Wednesday, and that it will link out to two music services: Lala and iLike.

Lala, iLike, “and others” will announce the service next Wednesday at Capital Records Music in Hollywood, California, with musical guests OneRepublic plus members of Linkin Park and Dead by Sunrise.

Linkin Park Ternominasi di People's Choice Awards!

Dari Twitter-nya LPU:

Linkin Park is nominated for a People's Choice Award! Help them win it by voting!

Ayo! Vote Mereka!

Peringkat Out Of Ashes

Out of Ashes telah menduduki peringkat #29 on the Billboard 200:

OOA juga nenduduki peringkat #12 di Rock Albums, #9 di Digital Albums dan Alternative Albums, serta #5 di Hard Rock Albums.

DBS - We Need To Talk

Ana dari meng-upload 3 video interview baru dengan DBS.

Bagian 1: "One Thing Vs Another":
Bagian 2: "If I Could Be A...":
Bagian 3: "Last...":

Opini Mike Shinoda tentang Meteora sempat meminta pendapatnya Mike Shinoda terhadap ke-13 lagu dalam album Meteora secara 1-per-1. Selengkapnya bisa kalian baca di *SINI*.

01 - "Foreword" (Intro)
"Foreword" is just an intro. If you know what Foley work is, it's my first attempt at Foley work. Basically, it's noises I made in the studio breaking things. We have this CD player and CD burner attached to my computer, which basically just ate shit during the writing process. It gave Chester and I such a hard time! Burning CDs which should have taken a minute were taking 20 minutes, 30 minutes, to an hour. I just got so frustrated with the thing, I put it to the side knowing that I was going to beat it with a baseball bat and that's what I did. I smashed it with a baseball bat on metal table.

Interview: DBS dengan Revolver Magazine

DBS baru-baru ini diwawancarai oleh Revolver Magazine. Selengkapnya bisa kamu lihat di *SINI*.

Cuplikan intervew:
In our interview you talk about partying hard. What do you mean by that?
It could have meant going to a strip club and having a few drinks. It could have meant staying at home and watching the waves break and drinking Jack and Cokes all day. Or it could have turned into a four- or five-day drug-and-alcohol binge, pushing yourself to the limits of your mind. I think the one common denominator in all that stuff is no matter what I was doing, there was always alcohol…and there was a lot of it. I would sit there with my guitar all day and write songs and get drunk. And when you’re drunk, if somebody said, “Hey let’s go do this particular drug, or that particular drug, or a combination of all of them,” you’re like, “OK.”

And in the middle of this you had to go play Live 8? What was that like?
Live 8 felt like this thing that was way bigger than me. It was important and getting a message out. But at the same time my brain was firing all kinds of electrical signals into the wrong places. Another thing I had to do because it was important and bigger than me [was a Music for Relief show]… I had no idea what my money situation was like. I was living in this little apartment. And it was like, “Hey, we need you to go to Thailand to go for Music For Relief to talk about all the stuff that’s going on over there with the tsunamis.” You guys can’t think of a-fuckin’-nother person that might be better suited for this right now? I don’t have any fucking clothes! All my stuff’s at my ex-wife’s house! She’s not letting me in! You want me to go? I don’t have a couch! … Life doesn’t fucking stop going because you decided you’re having a bad day—or a bad year.

DBS di Roxy



Pada 18 Oktober yang lalu, DBS sempat perform di BBC. Rekamannya bisa kamu download di *SINI*.

Konten Tambahan LPIB

Sebagai pemberitahuan, LPIB baru-baru ini menambah daftar lagu lagi, di antaranya:

    One Step Closer (feat. Aaron Lewis from Staind)
    One Step Closer (feat. Doug from Hoobastank, Dan from Story of the Year and Sonny from POD)
    One Step Closer (feat. X-Ecutioners)
    One Step Closer (feat. Mark Chavez of Adema and Redman)
    One Step Closer (feat. Sonny from P.O.D.)
    One Step Closer (feat. Mark Chavez from Adema and Wes Scatlin from Puddle of Mudd)
    A Place For My Head (feat. Stephen Richards of Taproot)
    Faint (feat. Bert McCracken of The Used)
    Bleed It Out (feat. Timbaland)
    We Made It (feat. Busta Rhymes, Spliff Star and Adam Monroe from ASHES dIVIDE)
    Step Up (feat. DJ Lethal from Limp Bizkit)
    Crawling (accoustic) (feat. Aaron Lewis from Staind)
    Nobody's Listening / Say My Name (feat. Xzibit)
    Frgt/10 (feat. Chali 2na)
    Numb / Encore / Yesterday (feat. Jay-Z and Paul McCartney)

Semuanya bisa didownload di bagian 'SPECIAL MUSIC DOWNLOADS' di bawah halaman ini.

Video LPTV Baru: Dead By Sunrise's First Full Show baru saja memposkan episode LPTV baru, yang berjudul 'Dead By Sunrise's First Full Show'. Videonya bisa kamu download di bagian 'LPTV 2007-2009 DOWNLOADS' di bawah halaman ini.

Video: Brad dan Mike di Grammy Soundchecks

Seperti yang pernah saya katakan di *SINI*, Linkin Park sempat mengundang 10 mahasiswa dari Grammy University Network untuk ke studio mereka. Videonya bisa kalian download di *SINI*.

LPI Forum!

Linkin Park Indonesia telah membuka forum! Silahkan berdiskusi apa saja tentang Linkin Park, Fort Minor, Dead By Sunrise, dll. di sana! Forum bisa dibuka di

Berita dari Mike : Album Baru dan LPU 9

Dari Blog-nya Mike:

It's been a busy week. Studio every day, working on new stuff. This week, I did a song where the music sounds like Santogold (or Santigold, if you like) meets Postal Service meets At The Drive In or something. Very weird...but even weirder, the vocals are crazy--I asked our engineers what they thought it sounded like, and the responses I got were things like "Peter Gabriel" and "Huey Lewis, in a really good way." Four-part harmonies that ebb and flow with the track. I feel like I'm on drugs when I'm listening to it. It's tentatively called "Chicken Basket." Next week, we're all going to get together and listen to everything and vote on stuff, to see how progress is going. I'll let you guys know how it goes...

Dan ini berita terpenting, LPU 9:

Secondly, another newsworthy thing: as it turns out, our LP Underground fan club is going to be friggin' amazing this year! In case you don't know, we always put out a CD with the club, and this year's CD is a monster. It contains 8 previously unreleased demos from Hybrid Theory, Meteora, and Minutes To Midnight, plus a NEW, UNRELEASED LINKIN PARK SONG recorded during the MTM sessions. That's 9 tracks in all (for LPU9, get it?). You also get a shirt, patch, guitar pick, and exclusive chances to meet the band if we're doing a show or event in your area. LPU9 is not available yet, but info will be coming soon. You can get an idea of what this past year's fan club offered by clicking here.

Wow! Kira-kira apa ya?

Dan ini tambahan dari Post-an Mike di LPMB:

I hope you guys realize (as I do) that no matter what goes on the LPU9 CD, there will be people who say "it sucks and the band is lame for insulting us with such garbage." And there will be people who say, "This is my favorite CD of all time, anyone who says otherwise is obviously mentally deranged."

Regardless, here's what the LPU9 CD really is: 1.) an insight into our recording process, with some early versions of songs you will recognize, plus 2.) a song you've never heard. The end. Wait until December to find out more...


Klip dari Web Reanimation

Sudah pasti kita mengetahui bahwa setiap album yang keluar, maka tampilan webnya akan berubah. Nah sekarang LPIB mau memberi klip audio pada saat Website-nya LP masih pada era Reanimation (2002). Kamu bisa download albumnya di *SINI*.

01. Reanimation Player Intro
02. Reanimation Website Intro

Crawl Back In - HQ

DBSTV mengeposkan video klip 'Crawl Back In' dalam bentuk High Quality ke Youtube!

Kamu bisa melihatnya di *SINI*.
Untuk download, kamu bisa ke *SINI*.

Kumpulan Lirik 'Out Of Ashes'

LPAssociation memposting semua lirik lagu Dead By Sunrise dari album perdana mereka, 'Out Of Ashes'.

Berikut adalah kumpulan liriknya:
02.Crawl Back In
03.Too Late
04.Inside of Me
05.Let Down
06.Give Me Your Name
07.My Suffering
09.Into You
10.End of the World
11.Walking in Circles
12.In the Darkness
13.Morning After

Out Of Ashes Telah Ditarik dari Myspace

Hanya untuk memberitahu, sebagian lagu yang ada di album 'Out Of Ashes' telah ditarik kembali dari Myspace-nya DBS.

Chester vs NY Times & Rolling Stone

Dari Twitter-nya Chester:

"To Jody Rosen critic at Rolling Stone and Mr. Douchebag at New York Times. Thank you for your kind words *wink* glad you like the record"

Review CD 'Out Of Ashes' dari NY Times bisa dilihat di *SINI*. Untuk review dari Rolling Stones, di *SINI*.

Kutipan review CD yang dari Rolling Stones:

"Ashes is slightly redeemed by ballads like "In the Darkness," which bears a resemblance to the winning emo turn Linkin Park took on the Rick Rubin- produced Minutes to Midnight (2007). But the album is oddly inert, lacking both the brute force and big choruses that raised Linkin Park to rap-rock godhead status."

Sepertinya LP terlalu jauh untuk disebut "emo". . .

Chester Join Show-nya Slash!

Pada kalian yang belum tahu, Slash akan merilis albumnya yang berjudul 'Slash & Friends' yang dijadwalkan untuk rilis tahun depan.

Dari Twitter-nya Slash:

- Slash & friends fundraiser at the Music Box in Hollywood Nov 22nd, Ozzy, Billy Idol, Andrew Stockdale scheduled, + more to come.
- Fund raiser is for Los Angeles Youth Network, an organization that gets homeless kids of the street, fyi.
- Tickets for the LAYN fund raiser at Music Box Theater will go on sale Sat, Oct 17th at:
- Line up for Nov 22nd is: Ozzy, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Andrew Stockdale, Billy Idol, Travis Barker & Dave Navarro.
- November 22nd fund raiser will be at Music Box Theater 6126 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood Ca 90028
- The entire event will be hosted by the inimitable George fuckin' Lopez.

Untuk lebih meyakinkan, ini adalah konfirmasi dari Twitter-nya Chester:
@SlashHudson can't wait to do it!

Sebelum kamu bertanya apakah Chester akan ada di albumnya Slash, berikut ini adalah cuplikan wawancara di Reuters:
Slash and I have been kicking around the idea of working on a song together for quite some time; we just can never seem to connect at the right time.

DBS di New York

Facebook-nya DBS telah meng-upload video baru yang memuat tentang persiapan Chester untuk konser di David Letterman 13 Oktober lalu. Kamu bisa lihat videonya di *SINI*. Untuk mendownloadnya, kamu bisa ke *SINI*.

Ngomong-ngomong tentang konser DBS di Letterman, kamu bisa mendownload video live-nya di *SINI*.

Interview: The Aquarian dengan Chester

The Aquarian mengadakan interview dengan Chester pada tanggal 13 Oktober yang lalu.
Kamu bisa melihatnya di sini: Halaman 1 | Halaman 2

Cuplikan interview tersebut:

What was the song selection process like? For instance, ‘Morning After,’ which is also a great song isn’t not on the record?

That was done, because I already released ‘Morning After’ on the Underworld soundtrack. I felt that if I put that on the record, it would kind of be cheating. So we basically took some songs that didn’t quite make the cut, and we’re reissuing, because the version that is on Underworld II is kind of a remix, it has some guitars taken out, and a more danceable beat to kind of fit the mode of the soundtrack a little more. This is more of a direct, straight rock version, and I believe that is actually going to be on the record if you get it as an import from Japan or some parts of Europe. So if people want that on the Dead By Sunrise record, [there’s] that, and we did a cover of the Misfits’ ‘20 Eyes’ like as extras.

Why that song in particular?

Well, I actually started playing that song when I was in a cover band called Bucket of Weenies for a little while. I play it with Bucket of Weenies and Camp Freddy sometimes, it’s just fun to go play with a bunch of guys and play cover songs. So we started playing ‘20 Eyes,’ we recorded it and we really liked it. There’s nothing we’ll ever be able to do with it, so we thought that this was kind of good way of letting people have it.

Getting to the actual songs on the record, ‘Fire’ sounds like an open letter to someone who has passed.

That song took a few different lyrical changes. It started out one way that was really like a sad story using interesting metaphors and that’s where the name ‘Fire’ came from. The lyric that inspired the title was, ‘There’s a fire in our hearts that’s the reason why the tears keep falling, to put out the fires that our hearts are starting.’ That’s where it came from, [but] the melodies didn’t quite seem to fit. So I started over, and kind of just ran with that, and went with a more spiritual path of getting through the tougher times

Update Foto DSP

Pada saat kalian mendownload DSP dari show LP di Taiwan, kalian akan mememukan foto yang file-nya rusak. Tapi sekarang sudah diperbaiki. Silahkan download di *SINI*.

DBS akan mengadakan konser di USA

Dead By Sunrise akan show di dua festival di Texas pada akhir November dan awal Desember nanti.

Berikut adalah jadwal-nya :

30.11.2009 Houston, TX, Verizon Wireless Teater, KTBZ "Buzz festivus"

03.12.2009 Grand Prairie, TX, Nokia Theater, KDGE "How The Edge Stole Xmas"

Selanjutnya, mereka akan konser di Vegas di The Joint @ Hard Rock Hotel sebagai bagian dari "Holiday Havoc '09"

Video LPTV Baru: Chester Wraps Vocals baru saja mengupload video LPTV baru, yang berjudul 'Chester Wraps Vocals'. Di sana kita kita dapat melihat kegiatan rekaman suara Chester oleh Howard Benson untuk album pertama Dead By Sunrise, 'Out Of Ashes'.

Untuk mendownload videonya kamu bisa ke bagian 'LPTV 2007-2009 DOWNLOADS' di bagian bawah halaman ini.

Interview: Kat dengan DBS

Lagi, LPIB menemukan video interview. Kali ini Kat dengan DBS. Kamu bisa melihatnya di Blog-nya Mike atau download di *SINI*.

Interview: DBS dengan BBC Radio 1

Pada 9 Oktober yang lalu, BBC Radio 1 di London mekakukan sebuah interview dengan DBS.

Kamu bisa download rekaman interview-nya di *SINI*.

Linkin Park - Frat Party At The Pankake Festival (Audio)

Frat Party At The Pankake Festival (Audio)

Kembali lagi LPIB memberikan suatu yang menarik. Kali ini adalah album Frat Party At The Pankake Festival! Sebenarnya ini album lama, sih. Tapi apa salahnya memberitahu kepada yang belum tahu? Lagipula sepertinya album ini belum pernah dijual di Indonesia.

01. With You (Instrumental)
02. Esaul (A Place For My Head 1999 Garage Demo)
03. Points Of Authority
04. A Place For My Head (Live) (Short Version)
05. Cure For The Itch (Short Version)
06. Runaway (Instrumental)
07. One Step Farther
08. 1stp Klosr (Humble Brothers Remix)
09. Crawling (Live at The Dragon Festival)
10. Forgotten (Instrumental)
11. Crawling (Bryson Jones and the Sweethearts of the Rodeo All-Star Band Live Version)
12. Pushing Me Away (Instrumental)
13. My December
14. High Voltage (2000 Reprise)
15. Points Of Authority (Live at The Dragon Festival)

Download di *SINI*.

The Rising Tied - Instrumental

LPIB baru saja menemukan versi Instrumental dari album pertama Fort Minor, 'The Rising Tied'!

01. Remember The Name
02. Right Now
03. Petrified
04. Feel Like Home
05. Where'd You Go
06. In Stereo
07. Back Home
08. Cigarettes
09. Believe Me
10. Get Me Gone
11. High Road
12. Kenji
13. Red To Black
14. Slip Out The Back
15. Be Somebody
16. There They Go
17. The Hard Way


Linkin Park dan Grammy Foundation Berkerjasama untuk Program ''Grammy SoundChecks'

Dari Blabbermouth:

On September 30, multi-platinum rock band LINKIN PARK hosted a Grammy SoundChecks event for Grammy University Network students, a Grammy Foundation program that prepares students for careers in the music industry. Vocalist Mike Shinoda and guitarist Brad Delson invited a handful of Southern California college students into the recording studio for a question-and-answer session and demonstration of the band's writing/recording process. Using smash hit single "New Divide", which spent an incredible 14 weeks atop the Billboard Modern Rock Radio Chart, as an example, the band offered the students insight into the way LINKIN PARK crafts its songs.

"Meeting the group made me wish I had been a part of a program like Grammy U when I was in college," says Shinoda. "Brad and I talked about it afterward and were impressed by the kids and their curiosity about the process and the direction of the industry. These are students who are immersed in a fresh new world of music, both artistically and professionally. They had a great sense of energy." [...]

LPIB Exclusive. . . LPU 8 Newsletter!

Para LPIBers, terima kasih telah sering mengunjungi Blog kami dan mempercayai sebagai #1 LP Fansite di Indonesia. Dan sebagai hadiahnya, hari ini LPIB ingin memberikan sesuatu yang sangat eksklusif. Apa itu? LPU 8 Newsletter!

LPU 8 Newsletter berformat File PDF dengan 13 halaman. Isinya adalah tentang beberapa berita eksklusif LPU dan wawancara eksklusif dengan beberapa personil LP. Saya yakin ini sangat menarik sekali untuk dibaca. Perlu bayar, tidak? Ya tidak lah. Tapi perlu diketahui, ini sangat langka. Bisakah kalian mendapatkannya di situs lain?

So, ready for it, guys? Here you go! Go download it *HERE*! Dan bagi yang belum memiliki aplikasi Adobe Reader untuk membuka file PDF, bisa download di *SINI*.

Out Of Ashes di Myspace!

Akhirnya Myspace-nya DBS memposkan seluruh lagu yang ada di album Out Of Ashes! Untuk mendengarnya, kamu bisa ke *SINI*.

LPU 8 Newsletter - LPU 9

Dari Twitter-nya LPU:

Curious about what we're offering for LPU 9? The LPU 8 newsletter has some answers.

Berhubung kami belum bisa mendapatkan beritanya secara langsung, berikut ini adalah respon beberapa orang mengenai berita tentang LPU 9 tersebut:

holy shit! The newsletters are out!!! DEMOS ARE GOING TO BE ON THE LPU CD!!!!!
i just came.. biggrin.gif

Anyways, HOLY FUCK. 9 songs...demos of album hits and a new unreleased track. This is the best thing to ever happen to the LPU. They are really giving back to us this time around.

8 demos. One new song. CAN IT BE FUCKING DECEMBER YET? UGH.

Oke. Sekarang ini cuplikan dari LPU 8 Newsletter YANG ASLI:

LP Underground 9 CD - This 9 SONG CD is the centerpiece of next year's LPU. Packed with unreleased demo versions of studio album hits and featuring a BRAND NEW UNRELEASED TRACK from Linkin Park, this CD represents the evolution of the band, with sound from Hybrid Theory, Meteora, and Minutes To Midnight. Let the countdown to LPU9 begin!

Aplikasi Julien-K Telah Tersedia di iTunes!

Dari Twitter-nya Amir:

New Julien-K iPhone App

Interview: DBS di Myspace Music Feed

Dead By Sunrise baru-baru ini diwawancarai oleh Myspace Music Feed. Kamu dapat melihatnya di *SINI*, ataupun mendownloadnya di *SINI*.

Korban Gempa Menerima Bantuan dari MFR

Dari Facebook-nya MFR:

Residents of remote villages in Indonesia received aid today via Red Cross Helocopters following the powerful earthquakes which hit last week. Text RELIEF to 90999 to make a $5 donation to the recovery effort.

Update Jadwal Konser DBS

Berikut ini adalah beberapa update jadwal konser-nya DBS.

30.11.2009 Houston, TX, Verizon Wireless Theater

Breaking Benjamin, Dead By Sunrise, Sick Puppies, TBA

03.12.2009 Grand Prairie, TX, Nokia Theater
Breaking Benjamin, Flyleaf, Papa Roach, Dead By Sunrise, Sick Puppies

untuk lebih jelasnya, silakan ke

Let Down di Myspace

'Let Down' versi studio sekarang sudah ada di Myspace-nya DBS!

Untuk mendownloadnya, di *SINI*.

Interview: Chester dengan Ultimate-Guitar baru-baru ini mengintwview Chester. Berikut cuplikannya.

I’ve been friends with Ryan and Amir for 10 years now – and close friends. We hang out. When I’m not touring with Linkin Park, I’m with Ryan and Amir. We have plans today where we’re hanging out at the pool. They’re more family than anything else.

Howard was on the list and said he was available to do it and work on it with me. I had met with a couple producers before. One I don’t want to name who it was because I don’t want to talk bad about him. It was the most uninspiring meeting that I’ve ever had. It was like, “Wow. I would rather cut my face off than to go through this again!”

The longer Linkin Park is around, the more difficult it is to find a place that we fit in best. Are we a pop band? Are we an alternative rock group? Are we a modern rock act? Are we a metal group? Or are we something else? Nobody knows what the hell is going on with us anymore, and I think that’s something that will propel us into being a better band in the future. I think it sets us apart. I do believe this [next Linkin Park] record is definitely going to help make that more difficult for people to understand. In terms of how it sounds, we’ve got 40 songs. A handful of them are amazing. A dozen or so are really good, and the rest could have potential. The ones that are pretty amazing and the ones that everyone is pretty much like, “As long as the lyrics are great, the song is a masterpiece” – they are really fucking good. It’s kind of nuts. From my perspective when I hear them, I can’t believe that I’m in this band. I can’t believe this is the stuff that I’m a part of making. I’m sharing the same stage as some of the most talented people in the world and have one of the best producers in the history of music. We’re making groundbreaking stuff, and it’s very strange to be part of that.

Selengkapnya di *SINI*.

MFR Ikut Membantu Indonesia

Dari Facebook-nya Music For Relief:

MFR is expanding our disaster response to include the earthquakes in Indonesia and the earthquake/tsunami in Samoa. Text RELIEF to 90999 to help!

Dan dari Blog-nya Mike:

In addition, a 7.6 magnitude earthquake hit the island of Sumatra on Wednesday followed by a 6.6 magnitude quake on Thursday causing severe damage and it is estimated that 1100 people ere killed. Accurate information on the number of people affected or displaced by the disaster is not yet available as the search and rescue effort is still underway, but it is known that in Padang alone, at least 500 homes are caved in, hospitals, schools and other buildings have collapsed.

Video DBS Baru: Dead By Sunrise Photo Shoot

DBS mengeposkan video baru ke Myspace-nya yang berjudul 'Dead By Sunrise Photo Shoot'.

Kamu bisa lihat di *SINI* atau bisa juga mendownloadnya di bagian bawah halaman ini (LPTV 2007-2009 DOWNLOADS).

Let Down Premiere

Langsung dari Facebook-nya DBS:

You can listen to "Let Down" from our upcoming album "Out Of Ashes" now on! Pre-order Out Of Ashes on iTunes now before it's released on October 13th!

Kamu bisa mendengarnya di *SINI*.
Kamu juga bisa mendownloadnya di *SINI*.

Scan dari Out Of Ashes

Ini adalah gambar full set dari isi album 'Out Of Ashes' (kecuali bagian lirik).

*Jangan dibuka jika kamu masih menginginkan ini sebagai kejutan*


Booklet - Artwork
Booklet - Chester
Booklet - Ryan
Booklet - Amir
Booklet - Ryan, Amir, Chester
Booklet - Credits
Booklet - The Dead By Sunrise Band
Booklet - Chester 2



Update dari show DBS di Las Vegas

LPLive mendapat Setlist konser DBS di Las Vegas.

Delta Fiasco opened the show....
Elias's drums....
DBS setlist....

01. Crawl Back In
02. Condemned
03. The Morning After
04. Fire
05. Let Down
06. Walking In Circles
07. Too Late
08. The End Of The World
09. My Suffering
10. Inside Of Me
11. 20 Eyes (The Misfits Cover)

Toko Merchandise DBS

Dari Twitter-nya LPU:

The DBS web store is now open! Check out the sweet shirts and album pre-order they have going on!

Video 'Let Down' Baru?

Dari Twitter-nya Talinda:

I'm recording the "Let Down" video right now with my man:)

Talinda juga mengkonfirmasi bahwa ia juga akan ada di video klip tersebut. Sepertinya mereka mengulang pembuatan video untuk lagu ini lagi. Karena pada pembuatan video klip sebelumnya Chester hanya memakai sesuatu seperti selendang hitam.

Morning After

'Morning After' adalah sebuah lagu dari DBS. Lagu ini merupakan lagu bonus untuk pembelian Out Of Ashes secara online di Jepang.

Jika kita mendengarnya baik-baik, lagu ini sedikit beda dari versi sebelumnya yang telah beredar sejak lama di Internet. Vokal Chester lebih jelas di versi ini.

Bagi yang mau download, di *SINI*.
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