'Out Of Ashes' Bocor

Album pertama Dead By Sunrise yang berjudul 'Out Of Ashes' telah bocor di internet. Berhubung ini adalah file yang terbilang resmi, kami tidak mau memposkan link-nya secara langsung. Tapi jika kalian benar-benar menginginkannya sekarang juga, kalian bisa kontak saya di Facebook via Private Messaging.

Terima Kasih.

WMG Kembali Ke Youtube

WMG (Warner Music Group) telah kembali ke Youtube! Ini berarti LP secara resmi juga akan muncul di situs itu kembali!

"Music Licensing: It's complicated. Let's face it. But today all of that is beside the point: we are happy to announce that Warner Music Group (WMG)'s artists are returning home to YouTube. Under this new, multi-year global agreement, you will be able to discover, watch and share Warner music on the site. The partnership covers the full Warner catalog and includes user-generated content containing WMG acts.

With Warner on board, we now have artists from all four of the major music labels & publishers together with hundreds of indie labels and publishers on our platform. Warner will also be able to sell their own ad inventory and will use our Content ID technology to claim and monetize user-generated videos uploaded to YouTube by Warner Music fans. The partnership is based on a revenue share generated from the ads on the videos, and this makes good business sense for everyone involved: artists and labels can make money from their videos and the YouTube community gets to enjoy them.

But enough talk... let's get back to the rock. Warner's videos will begin appearing on YouTube in the near future."

-Chris Maxcy, Director of YouTube Partner Development


DBS Shooting Video Baru

Dari Twitter-nya Talinda:

Going to bed! Up for booty camp in the morning then to LA to shoot a video with my man @chesterbe!

DBS Akan Show di Hamburg

DBS akan konser di Hamburg pada 7 Oktober nanti. Tiket tidak dijual, namun bisa didapat dengan cara memenangkan undian.
Konser tersebut dipersembahkan oleh Delta Radio.

DBS Akan Show di Loveline!

Dari Twitter-nya Chester:

@drdrew see u at loveline in Oct.I'll be in with my new band Dead By Sunrise.My wife, Talinda, says hi

DSP Sudah Tersedia

Akhirnya DSP (Digital Souvenir Package) sudah tersedia di downloads.linkinpark.com.

Bagi yang belum tau apa DSP itu, DSP adalah sebuah "hadiah" yang dipersembahkan oleh LP untuk fansnya yang telah menonton konser LP. DSP berisi lagu-lagu yang dimankan dalam konser tersebut dalam bentuk Audio kualitas tinggi dan beberapa foto dari shownya. Sebenarnya DSP hanya untuk fans yang telah menonton konsernya, karena hanya merekalah yang mendapat kode untuk download DSP tersebut di downloads.linkinpark.com.

So berterima kasihlah kalian kepada member-member LPLive. Karena mereka telah memberikan DSP-DSP tersebut secara cuma-cuma.

21.07.2009 Athens:

23.07.2009 Graz:

28.07.2009 Zürich:

30.07.09 Stuttgart:

02.08.2009 - Gräfenhainichen:

08.08.2009 Chiba City:
Julien-K.de Server

Video Game Linkin Park

Dari Blog-nya Mike:

As announced earlier this year (http://www.businesswire.com/portal/site/home/permalink/?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=20090421005647&newsLang=en), we're putting together a video game for the iPhone and iPod touch. So far, it has been a lot of fun...although we don't have a release date to announce yet, I thought I'd share a few of my concept drawings with you guys. I know it's a terrible picture, ha!

This is the first time since the announcement that we've really talked about or mentioned anything about the game. We 're still working on it, but here's what we want it to be: 1) Unique, 2) Fun.

We've been brainstorming ways to make story, combat, puzzles, music-based challenges, and RPG elements all fit within a community in the game. There are also some really funny things going on in the game that I know a lot of LP fans will recognize. Stay tuned for more info...

Scan dari Kover Album Single Crawl Back In

CD Single 'Crawl Back In' sudah keluar di Jerman hari ini dan Sandra dari robandchesterfansite telah menscan kover albumnya.


Video DBS Baru: Tracking "Too Late" with Howard Benson

Myspace-nya DBS mengeposkan video baru yang berjudul 'Tracking "Too Late" with Howard Benson'.

Kamu bisa mendownloadnya di *SINI*.


Out Of Ashes - Snippet 30 Detik!

Sebuah toko online di Jerman memiliki seluruh snippet dari lagu yang ada di album 'Out Of Ashes'! Kamu bisa melihatnya di *SINI*.

Dan ini link downloadnya:
01. Fire
02. Crawl Back In
03. Too Late
04. Inside Of Me
05. Let Down
06. Give Me Your Name
07. My Suffering
08. Condemned
09. Into You
10. End Of The World
11. Walking In Circles
12. In The Darkness

Download 1 pak langsung: di *SINI*.

Video LPUTV Baru: Dead By Sunrise, They're A Gas

LPU telah mengeposkan video baru yang berjudul 'Dead By Sunrise, They're A Gas'. Pada endingnya, kamu bisa mendengar snippet 'Let Down'.

Kamu bisa mendownloadnya di bagian 'LPUTV Downloads' di bagian bawah halaman ini.

Film Pendek Glorious Excess (Dies)

Mark Fiore telah mengedit video dari blog-nya Mike yang berjudul 'Glorious Excess (Dies)'. Video ini berdurasi sekitar 11 menit 21 detik. Video ini meliput seluruh pameran karyanya.

Kamu bisa download videonya di *SINI*.

DBS Akan Show di New York & Los Angeles

Berdasarkan Livenation.com, DBS akan show di The Gramercy Theatre of New York pada 14 Oktober nanti pada jam 20.00 EST

Dan berdasarkan pada Ticketmaster.com, mereka juga akan show di The Roxy Theatre of Hollywood pada 19 Oktober nanti pada jam 19.00 PST.

DBS 10.10.09 Gelsenkirchen, Jerman

Berdasarkan http://www.my-artist.net/deadbysunrise/termine, DBS akan mengambil bagian pada show di Stock Car Crash Challenge, Gelsenkirchen, Jerman pada 10 Oktober nanti.

Lirik 'Inside Of Me'

Ini adalah lirik 'Inside Of Me':

I feel my time is slipping away
(Every minute gone by seems like a day)
I’ll never get back the things I lost along the way

What the hell is wrong with me?
This isn’t who I’m supposed to be


I feel more alone every day (Whoa)
And just so far away (Whoa)
I know something’s got to change (Whoa)
Inside of me

What is it that I’m running from?
(My head is like a loaded gun)
Every thought is trapped inside this web I’ve spun

What the hell is wrong with me?
This isn’t who I’m supposed to be


I feel more alone every day (Whoa)
And just so far away (Whoa)
I know something’s got to change (Whoa)
Inside of me


I feel more alone every day (Whoa)
And just so far away (Whoa)
I know something’s got to change (Whoa)
Inside of me

Dead By Sunrise di Rockline!

Dari Myspace-nya DBS:

Dead By Sunrise will be the featured guests on the nationally syndicated radio show ROCKLINE on Monday night September 28 at 8:30pm PT / 11:30pm ET. Fans are encouraged to call to speak with the band at 1-800-344-ROCK (7625). For a station near you and for information regarding how to log onto the Internet for the broadcast go to www.RocklineRadio.com. The show will then be streamed for two weeks on the Rockline website beginning the afternoon following the broadcast.

Interview: Mike Shinoda di Billboard.com

Baru- baru ini Mike Shinoda diinterview di Billboard.com.

"I don't think it's indicative of where the next record is going," Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda says of "New Divide".
"We mentally want to get back to [2000's "Hybrid Theory"] not because we want to sound like [that], because I don't think we do," Shinoda says of the forthcoming Linkin Park album, which they aim to release in the first half of 2010. "But we want to make this record a record with identity, hopefully not one you've heard before. One you can listen to and say, 'That's brand new... It's definitely Linkin Park, but it's definitely different.'"

Selengkapnya di *SINI*


Inside Of Me

Lagi-lagi Dead By Sunrise merilis lagu! Judulnya 'Inside Of Me'. Lagu ini bisa di-stream di Myspace-nya DBS.


Bagi yang mau download. silakan pilih salah satu dari 2 server ini:




Julien-K di I-Phone!

Akan ada aplikasi 'Julien-K' di I-Phone segera!

Preview gambarnya di *SINI*.


Jadwal Konser Dead By Sunrise

Berikut ini adalah beberapa jadwal konser Dead By Sunrise. Sumber: LPLive

01.10.2009 Las Vegas, NV
23.10.2009 Columbia, MD

'Inside Of Me' Streaming

Berdasarkan DBS Germany, lagu baru DBS yang berjudul 'Inside Of Me' akan dapat di-stream di Myspace-nya DBS hari ini.

Vote LP untuk European Music Awards!

LP ternominasi di beberapa EMA (European Music Awards)!

Acaranya akan diadakan di Berlin pada 5 November nanti.

"Best Rock": U2, Green Day, Foo Fighters, Linkin Park, Kings Of Leon
"Best World Stage Performance": Coldplay, Linkin Park, Kid Rock, Kings Of Leon, Lady Gaga

Vote mereka di http://ema.mtv.co.uk/vote!

Numb, Faint dan One Step Closer - Summer Sonic 2009

Numb, Faint dan One Step Closer pada waktu Summer Sonic 2009 telah dirilis dalam bentuk proshot di Youtube.

Untuk menonton di *SINI*.

Untuk download dalam bentuk HD (High Definition), di *SINI*.

Selamat Jalan DJ Roc Raida (The X-Ecutioners)

DJ Roc Raida dari The X-Ecutioners meninggal pagi ini pada usia 37 tahun.

Roc Raida pernah ikut serta di It's Goin' Down, sebuah kolaborasi yang sangat luar biasa dengan LP.
Banyak dapat juga kita ingat, dia pernah ikut serta dalam album 'Rock Phenomeon' yang di-host oleh Mike Shinoda.

Pernyataan Busta Rhymes

Mike Shinoda juga nge-post berita ini di Blog-nya.

Selamat jalan Roc Raida.

Billboard: Interview dengan Chester

Billboard baru-baru ini mewawancarai Chester.

"We'll make records when we can," Bennington -- who started forming Dead By Sunrise, originally as Snow White Tan, in 2005 -- tells Billboard.com. "I don't think people should expect to see an album every couple of years. I'm definitely not going to tell Linkin Park, 'Hey, can you guys take some time off so I can go work on Dead By Sunrise?' That's not gonna happen. But we definitely see this as something we'll continue to do. This isn't a one-time thing for us. Every five years or so I could imagine there'd be a Dead By Sunrise record."

The fledgling group will also offer fans some bonus material, including a cover of the Misfits' "20 Eyes" and acoustic renditions of the "Out of Ashes" songs, some of which will be available for download with the purchase of the album.

Selengkapnya di *SINI*.

DBS Akan Mengadakan Konser di Las Vegas!

Dari Myspace-nya DBS:

"Dead By Sunrise will be playing at Wasted Space inside the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, NV on October 1st! Tickets for the show will go on sale this Saturday at 12pm! This is the bands first full electric performance in Vegas and it's a small venue, so tickets will go FAST! More ticket info coming soon."


Beberapa Rincian Update DBS

Dari Wilderness di LPLive:

Last night, my girlfriend Hayley, myself and a few select others (including GigaScythe) were chosen to listen to Out Of Ashes by Dead By Sunrise.

Everyone that was invited would agree that they took good care of us - supplying us with Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Stella Artois beer, Orange Juice, water and Pizza Hut! Hayley and I were first to arrive, and later more and more joined, and there were probably about 10 of us reviewing in all (with guests relaxing in the back). We all entered the room and were given a double-sided A4 sheet of paper with the track listing, but with 5 or 6 lines beneathe each track to write notes on. I used this to review it completely, and will be posting Hayleys and my own reviews here during the week.

Information we gathered from last night:
- Show in London around the release of the album. Possibly same sort of time as MTV Awards in a small venue.
- Acoustic version of some songs to come - possible listening party for this too.
- The Morning After is currently the only b-side.
- Plans for Let Down being a single have been held back, however the video will soon be online. The host of the party is working on it for us.
- There will be a UK exclusive merch selection.
- Too Late is the song that everyone was confused about. It was in a DBS video on MySpace.


Snippet Crawl Back In & My Suffering [Live Version]

Snippet dari versi live Crawl Back In (yang dimuat di Crawl Back In CD Single) bisa didownload di *SINI*. Untuk snippet versi live-nya My Suffering bisa didownload di *SINI*.

Hang Out bareng Linkin Park

Ingin hang out bareng Linkin Park?
Inilah kesempatan anda untuk bertemu langsung dengan Linkin Park...
dengan melalui program Hollywood Habitat for Humanity anda bisa mendapatkan kesempatan untuk bertemeu dengan Linkin Park.
Hollywood Habitat for Humanity adalah suatu ajang pelelangan untuk bertemu dengan Linkin Park dan Superstar hollywood lainnya. hasil dari pelelangan tersebut akan disumbangkan untuk Habitat for Humanity...
untuk pelelangan Klik Disini.
Pelelangan ditutup tanggal 6 Oktober 2009.

Sumber: linkinpark.com

My Suffering!

Ternyata, kejutan yang dimaksud oleh LPLive adalah perilisan lagu 'My Suffering'-nya DBS!Dari Twitter-nya Chester:
Check out this new song, “My Suffering,” from my upcoming Dead By Sunrise album: http://awe.sm/1XH7 #fb

Padahal Fabio (Nameless) sudah memberitahu saya bahwa lagu ini akan dirilis jam 2, tapi tak apalah daripada terlambat. :D

Bagi yang mau langsung download lagunya, di *SINI*.


Dari Pemilik LPLive, Mark (Hahninator):
Check back for a surprise later today...

It's nothing by me or LPLive but it'll probably interest most of you. That's all I'm saying!

Sepertinya akan ada hal menarik yang akan diposkan ke LPLive beberapa jam lagi.


Pendapat Talinda Tentang DBS

Dari Twitter-nya Talinda:

For those of u that want to know how @chesterbe loves me,listen to his new album.It's filled with songs on our love&his true happiness

"Give me your name" is the song he wrote and recorded for our wedding. We danced our first dance to it.It's the perfect wedding song


Pembuatan Video Klip 'Crawl Back In'

Myspace-nya DBS nge-post video baru tentang pembuatan video klip pertama mereka, 'Crawl Back In'! Kamu bisa lihat di *SINI*, ataupun download di *SINI*.

Tato Baru Chester

Ini adalah foto Chester Bennington saat sedang menambah koleksi tato di tubuh-nya.

Foto Chester Bennington Untuk PETA

Ear Sucker memiliki foto Chester untuk promosi PETA.

Foto Dead By Sunrise di Epicenter '09

The Gauntlet memiliki beberapa foto saat Dead By sunrise konser Epicenter '09.

Mike Mengadakan Undian

Dari Linkinpark.com:

Mike Shinoda donated over 140 signed, hand vandalized poster-prints from his Glorious Excess (Dies) art exhibition to Music for Relief. The poster-prints will be given away to over 140 winners of a global online raffle!

One grand prize winner will also win an expense paid trip to see Linkin Park in concert in 2010 and a meet and greet with band members as well as a DC Shoes prize pack. Unlike an auction in which the single highest bidder wins, in this global raffle, everyone who purchases a ticket has a chance to be the grand prize winner or be one of the other 140 winners of the poster print hand-vandalized and signed by Mike Shinoda.

Visit MikeShinoda.com/raffle to enter. All proceeds benefit Music for Relief.

The raffle is conducted by The Celebrities for Charity Foundation and its NetRaffle.org program

Batas Waktu: 11 November 2009, 11:00 EST

Beberapa Update DBS

Dari Twitter-nya Chester:
DBS starts rehearsal next week. I'm excited to play the whole record at shows.

Amazon.com telah mempublikasikan kover belakang album 'Out Of Ashes'. Kamu bisa melihatnya di *SINI*.

Video Baru Linkin Park di Facebook

Facebook-nya Linkin Park ngepost video baru. Judulnya 'Facebook Friend Tagging'. Kamu bisa melihatnya di *SINI* atau bisa juga download di *SINI*.

Video LPTV Baru: LPTV - DBS Episode: Let Down

LPTV ngepost video baru ke Linkinpark.com!

Di sini kamu bisa melihat Chester memainkan lagu 'Let Down' secara akustik. Dan pada akhir videonya, kamu bisa mendengar sedikit instrumental.

Kamu bisa download videonya di *SINI*.

Making Of Meteora

Video Pembuatan album studio Linkin Park yang ketiga, Meteora, bisa didownload di *SINI*. Namun subtitle-nya bahasa Rusia.

Terima kasih kepada LPRussia

Situs 4shared di-Hack

Situs filesharing 4shared.com telah di-hack oleh 'abcjardins'! Berhubung beberapa file kami ada di sana, terutama di bagian 'Special Music Downloads', kami minta maaf karena untuk sementara waktu file kami yang ada di situs tersebut belum bisa di-download. Harap dimaklumi.

Sekarang 4shared sudah mulai berfungsi kembali.

Shadow Of The Day&New Divide : Summer Sonic 2009 (Proshot)

Akhirnya video saat Linkin Park konser di Summer Sonic Festival 09 di Chiba Marine Stadium pada tanggal 8 Agustus kemarin telah tersedia. Kamu bisa melihatnya di *SINI*. Lagu yang dimainkan padatayangan proshot ini adalah Shadow Of The Day dan New Divide.

NB: Proshot adalah pengambilan video layaknya di stasiun TV pada umumnya (memiliki banyak kamera)

Mike Sekarang Punya Akun Twitter Juga!

Mike Shinoda sepertinya ingin menyaingi Phoenix. Dan sekarang waktunya Phoenix yang harus punya Blog!

Follow Mike di *SINI*.


Sabtu besok, jam 10:45 (GMT +1) di channel SWR Jerman, program DASDING.tv akan menayangkan interview dengan Chester sesaat sebelum konser di Stuttgart kemarin. Chester berbicara tentang DBS, album barunya, dan ia menyatakan bahwa Julien-K juga ikut berpartisipasi dalam pembuatan rekaman album. Kamu juga bisa melihat interview-nya di *SINI*.

Dan juga, tanggal 20 nanti, jam 11:00 (GMT +1) DBS akan mempersembahkan video klip favorit mereka di channel Austria, GoTV. Untuk lebih detil menganai video apa yang akan dimainkan, ke *SINI*.

Menangkan Hadiah Merchandise DBS!

Dari Myspace-nya DBS:

As you might know, Dead By Sunrise have an awesome new widget. We want to make sure the world has seen it, and we need your help! Copy the code below and paste it in your MySpace profile, blog, or website, then take a screenshot or send the link to your page to dbsgiveaways@gmail.com. In the next week, we'll go through and randomly select 5 people who send us a screenshot or link to their page to receive a DBS prize pack including stickers and posters! If you are randomly chosen, we'll reply to your email to let you know.

Kodenya bisa dicopy di *SINI*.

Live 105.3 FM : Interview dengan Chester

105,3 FM kemarin menginterview Chester. Interviewnya bisa didownload di:*SINI*.

Arsip Album-Album LPU

Dari Twitter-nya LPU:

Reorganized our stockpile of past LPU CDs today. Not sure where LPU 9 will go though

Apathy - Shoot First (Produced by M.Shinoda)

Apathy baru saja ngepost lagu "Shoot First" ke Myspace-nya dari album "Wanna Snuggle?" yang akan segera ia rilis pada 6 Oktober nanti.
Lagunya diproduksi oleh Mike Shinoda dan melibatkan B Real dari Cypress Hill and Celph Titled!

Bagi yang mau download lagunya, di *SINI*.

Out Of Ashes Listening Party!

Businesswire.com melaporkan bahwa seluruh lagu yang ada di album baru pertama DBS (Out Of Ashes) akan dapat didengar di Myspace-nya DBS seminggu sebelum perilisan albumnya!

"MySpace premiers the video for “Crawl Back In” today. In addition, fans will be able to stream the album in its entirety on MySpace via an exclusive “Listening Party” a week before its release."

Kembali ke Studio

Dari Mikeshinoda.com:

First day back in the (recording) studio after the art show madness is over...I was working on music from home for the past few weeks. Good stuff coming along. I'll post some pictures or something soon. Today we started a song that sounds like Queen meets AC/DC meets hardcore techno. It was pretty ridiculous, but I think it might turn into something cool later. Then again, it could just stay the same as it is...kinda silly.

Queen+AC/DC+Hardcore Techno?

Video Klip Crawl Back In Secara Resmi Telah Dirilis!

Myspace-nya DBS telah meng-upload secara resmi video klip dari single pertama mereka, 'Crawl Back In'! Kamu bisa lihat di *SINI*. Bagi yang mau download, di *SINI*.

Pemotretan Video Klip Crawl Back In

Foto-foto mengenai pembuatan video klip DBS yang berjudul 'Crawl Back In' bisa dilihat di *SINI*.

Crawl Back in [Maxi Single CD]

Akhirnya kita dapat info yang mendetail tentang apa yang akan menjadi single pertama DBS!

: Crawl Back In
Supplier: Warner Music
Label: WB
Format: Maxi Single CD
Release: 25.09.2009


1. Crawl Back In (Album Version)
2. Crawl Back In (Live Version)
3. My Suffering (Live Version)


Sepatu DC Shoes Baru (Kolaborasi antara SURU dan Mike Shinoda)

Joe Hahn dengan SURU-nya berkolaborasi dengan Mike untuk membuat sepatu dari merk 'DC Shoes'.

Teaming up with LA based retailer SURU, DC Life offers a look at their upcoming collaborative release with the Joe Hahn backed boutique. The sneakers feature a simple black/blue colorway with signature SURU logo placement. The MS on the tongue signifies Mike Shinoda (Joe’s Linkin Park band mate) who contributed original artwork for the sole of the shoe. Limited to 500 pairs. Scheduled for a December 2009 release.

Selengkapnya di http://www.highsnobiety.com/news/2009/09/03/vegas-suru-x-dc-life-sneaker-preview/

MTV akan Broadcast DBS pada 30 Oktober

"When Virgin Festival chose Maryland as its only US stop four years ago it may have seemed that was a one of kind opportunity for a state that is often overlooked for big festivals. But Maryland may have struck gold yet again due a festival that will happen next month at Merriweather Post Pavilion aka the current home for the Sir Richard Branson created festival. It is the 1st annual Ulalume Festival which is being put on by MTV U. The festival is a Halloween themed festival that will take place at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, MD on October 23 at 6pm and yes that may be a while away, tickets go onsale this Saturday at 10am. The lineup is impressive with Paramore, AFI , Dead By Sunrise (which is Chester Bennington of Linkin Park's side band with members of Julien K) and Kid Cudi. Along with the hard rocking bands on hand there will also be costume contests where winners could nab cash prizes and other scary Halloween themed attractions. This festival is made all the more special since MTV will be recording the entire show and will broadcast it on October 30th."

Selengkapnya di http://www.examiner.com/x-6224...Dead-By-Sunrise--Kid-Cudi-to-play-in-MD-at-1st-Ulalume-Festival

Summer Sonic 2009 Audio

LPLive menyediakan link download untuk audio konser LP waktu di Summer Sonic, Jepang. Audio ini dapat didownload melalui Rapidshare:



Terima kasih kepada Fathur atas infonya.

Sampul kover singel Crawl Back In

Ini adalah sampul album single 'Crawl Back In' (dari proses scanning):




Durasi "Out Of Ashes"

Berikut adalah durasi dari album DBS yang berjudul "Out Of Ashes":

1. Fire (3:50)
2. Crawl Back In (3:02)
3. Too Late (2:59)
4. Inside Of Me (2:18)
5. Let Down (3:58)
6. Give Me Your Name (4:56)
7. My Suffering (2:39)
8. Condemned (2:32)
9. Into You (3:23)
10. End Of The World (3:56)
11. Walking In Circles (4:43)
12. In The Darkness (5:27)
13. Morning After (Bonus) (3:29)

Total durasi: 47:12


GLXS (DIES) - A Set on Flickr

Mike Shinoda ngepost foto-foto dari pembukaan perdana GLXS (Dies) sampai akhir pameran berlangsung pada hari itu. Kamu bisa melihatnya di link Flickr ini*. Terlihat pula Brad memotong rambutnya kembali seperti di era Meteora!

*Untuk dapat melihat foto dari Flickr ini, pastikan kamu memiliki akun E-Mail Yahoo! dan Flickr.

Transkrip LPU Chat dengan Mike

Chat dengan Mike di LPU baru saja berakhir. Berikut transkripnya.


Update untuk Beberapa Kolaborasi LP

Ini adalah beberapa lagu yang telah dikonfirmasi/masih menjadi rumor yang mana melibatkan Linkin Park

Metric - "Gold Guns Girls" remix - Tanggal rilis: Tak diketahui
Mike meremix lagu "Gold Guns Girls" sebagai lagu tema dari Glorious Excess (Dies). Metric sedang merencanakan perilisan resmi lagu originalnya, namun belum ada rincian dari rencana tersebut.

Uncle Kracker - Happy Hour - Tanggal rilis album: 15 September 2009
Joe Hahn membantu menulis lirik untuk sebuah lagu yang berjudul "Vegas Baby", atau mungkin dia juga ikut bermain dalam lagunya.

Apathy - Wanna Snuggle? - Tanggal rilis album: 6 Oktober 2009
Mike Shinoda memproduksi sebuah lagu yang berjudul "Shoot First" untuk album ini.

Kenna - MSTSMF Outtakes - Tanggal rilis album: Akhir 2009?
Kenna telah mengkonfirmasi bahwa akan ada sebuah lagu yang melibatkan Mike Shinoda dalam album tersebut.

Kings of Leon - Remix album (judul album masih belum diketahui) - Tanggal rilis album: Musim gugur 2009?
Salah satu lagu dalam lagu ini melibatkan Linkin Park, mungkin Mike dan/atau Joe.

Cypress Hill - (judul album masih belum diketahui) - Tanggal rilis album: Akhir 2009?
Mike telah mengkonfirmasi sendiri bahwa ia memproduksi sebuah lagu dalam album ini.

Merchandise Baru Glorious Excess!

Pada tanggal 3 September lalu, Mike Shinoda meluncurkan merchandise baru Glorious Excess di Mike Shinoda's Merch Store .
Untuk lebih jelas, kamu bisa melihat berita ini di LinkinPark.com dan Mikeshinoda.com.

The new merchandise has just been added to the "merch" page!
The (awesome) book is only $35 US. It details Glorious Excess (Born) and (Dies) from concept to completion. 128 full color pages. Foreword by Shepard Fairey.
The skate decks are $75 US, but if you buy all four, you save $25. Get the set now, before it's sold out...

Interview Dengan DBS di 98 KUPD

Interview terbaru dengan Chester dan Ryan di Studio '98 KUPD' yang mendiskusikan tentang DBS, Julien-K, Orgy, tur, film, hari-hari sekolah Chester, dll.

Bagian 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RB9AOYUwhcg
Bagian 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOYnjeu_Obg

Bagi yang mau download, bisa di *SINI* (bagian pertama) dan di *SINI* (bagian kedua).

Video Klip Crawl Back In Telah Dirilis!

Ternyata LinkinPark.com bohong. Buktinya, video klip Crawl Back In baru saja dirilis! Untuk melihatnya, kamu bisa lihat di *SINI*.

Ops! Ternyata videonya sudah dihapus! Sebagai gantinya, kamu bisa download di *SINI*.

Pesan Baru Dari Mike - LPU 9

Mike Shinoda meninggalkan pesan di LPUMB. Berikut pernyataannya:

There’s a rumor going around that the next LPU (9) CD might have some unreleased demos on it. I can neither confirm nor deny it, nor can I confirm nor deny that I am the one who started the rumor. I can also neither confirm nor deny whether or not I am confusing myself and/or you.

Linkin Park Ternominasi Untuk Scream Awards

Nominasi untuk Scream Awards 2009 sudah keluar dan Linkin Park masuk nominasi 'Scream Song of the Year' karena 'New Divide' dari film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,vote untuk LP di *SINI*.

Tampilan Baru MFR

Music For Relief-nya LP memiliki video baru dengan Mike mengajak para fans membantu MFR. Sekarang situsnya juga memiliki tampilan baru!

Jadilah yang Pertama Untuk Mendengar dan Mereview 'Out Of Ashes'!

Dari cbennington.com:

With the debut album Out of Ashes from Dead By Sunrise (featuring Chester from Linkin Park) still 6 weeks away from release, we want to offer fans the chance to be the first to hear it and publish their reviews. After all, it is your reactions that we can all trust the most. A few lucky fans from certain countries around the world will be selected to get to hear the new album before anyone else does, and then tell the world!
If you think you have the literary skills it takes, please send an email to the addresses that correlate with your country and city below. Submit a writing sample that explains why you should be picked to review the record—maybe an anecdote explaining how you became a Linkin Park fan. It's up to you. Make it good, and you will be rewarded. The select few will be invited to hear the record at Warner Brothers Records in the following cities. Note that if you have to travel to these cities, transportation and hotels are up to you. You will be notified a few days after the 4th by email if you are selected.

Deadline-nya tanggal 4 September. Jadi, buruan!

Burbank, CA [deadbysunrisereviewburbank@warnerreprise.com]

New York, NY [deadbysunrisereviewnewyork@warnerreprise.com]

UK, London [deadbysunrise@warnermusic.com]

Germany, Hamburg. Austria, Vienna. Switzerland, Zurich [review@dead-by-sunrise.de]

Sweden, Stockholm [tavling@warnermusic.com]

Canada, Vancouver [webcontest_canada@warnermusic.com]

Semua Gambar GLXS (Dies)

Mike telah meng-upload gambar-gambar Glorious Excess (Dies) ke blognya.

For those of you who can't make it to the show...Here are the images of the 17 paintings from the show, plus a couple shots of the installation.
If you live close enough to come by, please visit JANM before the show closes on October 4th. There's nothing like seeing a show like this in person. The online virtual-tour can't give you the real experience of being there, but here it is anyway.

Kamu bisa lihat koleksi gambarnya di *SINI*.

"Crawl Back In" Live @ Sonisphere Download

Dari MySpace-nya DBS:

Fans in the UK can download "Crawl Back In" live for free! Just go to HERE and follow the instructions. Please note, this is ONLY for fans in the UK!

Tapi kamu juga bisa download di *SINI*.

Mike Shinoda Mengkustomisasi Honda Fury

Dari Mikeshinoda.com:

"At the show, some of you may have noticed the crazy Honda roadster on display with the hand-painted "additions" in pink...that bike was donated courtesy of one of the show sponsors, Honda. The motorcycle is actually being auctioned off for charity (JANM) this week. The bids started at $18K US, and ends in 5 days. If you want to buy a motorcycle designed and hand-customized by me, now is the chance. (I even signed it in hot pink Krink)"

Gambar yang dipakai Mike adalah karyanya sendiri yang berjudul "ICON" yang pernah ditampilkan dalam Glorious Excess (Born).

Show Pertama DBS Di Amrik

Seseorang bernama Sanjay sempat ke Virginfest di Maryland kemarin dan melihat poster "mtvU Ulalume Festival". DBS akan konser juga di sana!

Who: Dead By Sunrise. Headliners are Paramore and A.F.I., with Kid Cudi and Dead By Sunrise joining them.
Where: Columbia, Maryland @ Merriweather Post Pavilion
When: Friday, October 23rd, 2009
What: mtVU Ulalume Festival


Crawl Back In Video Premiere

Ternyata benar apa yang dikatakan dbs:brasil!

Dari LinkinPark.com:
"The music video for "Crawl Back In" will premiere on Tuesday, September 8th"

Cek video *INI* untuk sedikit penjelesan apa yang kita bisa harapkan dari video klip CBI!

"Fire" Telah Tersedia!

Dari LinkinPark.com:

"Chester Bennington's Dead By Sunrise will release their debut album on October 13, but you can pre-order it NOW on iTunes! If you pre-order the album, not only will you get "Morning After" and a live version of "Crawl Back In" as bonus tracks, you'll also be able to download "Fire" instantly! Click HERE to pre-order the album now!"

EDIT: Kamu sekarang bisa download lagunya di *SINI*.

Pre-order "Out Of Ashes"

Mulai besok, kamu bisa memesan album baru DBS yang berjudul "Out Of Ashes" di iTunes!

OOA juga bisa dipesan melalui Amazon seharga US$27,99

Buku GLXS Sudah Tersedia

Buku seni GLXS Mike sekarang sudah bisa dibeli di *SINI* seharga US$35,00 dan akan didistribusikan pada 14 September.

"Glorious Excess is a 128-page full-color book that documents the bodies of work Shinoda created for (Born) and (Dies), two conjunct shows held at the Japanese American National Museum."

"The book also includes five insightful chapters written by Shinoda. In these chapters, he explains how the idea for Glorious Excess was born, critiques celebrity culture, discusses his hip-hop influences, questions media’s intentions, and examines what his work means after the King of Pop’s death."

"Proceeds go to Music For Relief and the Michael K. Shinoda Endowed Scholarship at Art Center College Of Design, benefiting students based on financial need and artistic merit."

Beberapa Tanggal Rilis DBS

Album 'Out Of Ashes':
[Amrik] 13 Oktober
[Jepang] 30 September
[Eropa] 9 Oktober
[Vinyl LP Amrik] 27 Oktober

'Fire' (Jepang):
Berdasarkan Warner Music Group Japan, lagu 'Fire' akan dirilis pada tanggal 9 September dengan Soundtrack film 'Tajomaru'. Mereka juga mengatakan bahwa lagu tersebut akan mengudara pada 1 September

'Crawl Back In'(Video):
Tidak secara resmi dikonfirmasi, namun dbs:brasil menyatakan bahwa video tersebut akan dirilis pada 8 September nanti di Myspace-nya DBS.
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