Metric - Gold Guns Girls (Remixed by Mike Shinoda)

Courtesy dari :

Thanks to everyone who came out for last night's Glorious Excess (Dies) opening; images of everything are on the way today.

In the preview video for GLXS, some of you noticed a song by Metric in there. I mentioned the band Metric a long time ago... some of you know I like their music. Their album "Fantasies" contains a song called "Gold Guns Girls." When I first heard it, I thought: this is like a theme song for Glorious Excess!

Well, I contacted the band, and (to make a long story short) I remixed the song. With their blessing, it's now on the "music" page here on

If you like this song, check the band out at The band will be making the song available to fans soon...but you're getting the exclusive here first!


Lagu ini sekarang juga bisa didownload! Silahkan download di *SINI*.

Hal Menarik dari Interview Mike dengan DoJour

Interview dengan Mike tentang GLXS (Dies) telah selesai. Ada beberapa hal menarik yang bisa disimpulkan.

-Untuk tahun depan, pada pertangahan tahun pertama, Mike berharap pembuatan album baru LP akan selesai
-Dia juga berharap bisa berkolaborasi bersama Ron English, untuk pameran seni berikutnya (tahun depan)
-Mike berbicara tentang remix dari 'Golds Guns Girls' (Metric), dia berbicara kepada Metric secara pribadi untuk meminta izin meremixnya. Mike mengatakan lagu tersebut sangat cocok untuk GLXS (Dies).

Videonya bisa dilihat di *SINI*, dan bisa didownload di *SINI*


Mike ngepost ini di LPMB:

originally posted by: mshinoda
What if I were to give you the "inside information" that the new LPU CD might have some unreleased LP demos on it? What would you do with that info? Just curious.


Bagaimana tanggapanmu?

Video: Interview dengan Mike di Shanghai

ExDzire96 mengambil video interview dengan Mike di stasiun TV lokal pada saat LP di Shanghai, Cina. Download di *SINI*.

Video: Epicenter '09 - Interview dengan Mike & Chester di KROQ

KROQ ngepost video wawancaranya dengan Mike dan Chester di backstage Epicenter '09, download di *SINI*.

Intrerview : Mike dengan Juxtapoz

Juxtapoz menginterview Mike pada 26 Agustus lalu. Interviewnya bisa diihat di *SINI*.

LP Meremix Lagu dari Kings Of Leon

Kings Of Leon akan merilis sebuah album remix, dan / melaporkan bahwa Linkin Park meremix salah satu lagunya.

"Even more exciting, however, is a remix album that came to life after Kings of Leon learned that other artists such as Justin Timberlake and Pharrell had started working on revisions of the band's songs. Mark Ronson, Kenna, Lykke Li and Linkin Park are also contributing remixes, according to Followill."

LPTV - Glorious Excess (Dies)

Video LPTV yang baru telah dirilis. Di sini kita bisa melihat Mike dengan pameran galerinya yang akan diadakan pada tanggal 29 Agusrus nanti. Videonya bisa dilihat di

Pada tengah-tengah video, kita dapat mendengar sebuah lagu. Namun kali ini kita sudah mengetahui lagu tersebut.

Music: "Gold Guns Girls" By Metric, Remixed By Mike Shinoda

LPL&LPA : Interview dengan Chester

Tadi pagi, LPLive dan LPAssociation melakukan suatu interview dengan Chester. Berikut Interviewnya:

LPAssociation bertanya:
"A recent behind the scenes clip has leaked out on the internet concerning the upcoming video for the second Dead By Sunrise single "Let Down". Can you tell us a little more about the plot behind the video and what we can expect from it?"

The plot is this: the album artwork is an artistic kind of theme where myself and the guys from Dead By Sunrise are being swarmed by this black void trying to destroy us and so we’re kind of getting sucked up by this black presence. The video is a representation of that and an extension of the artwork. I will be getting engulfed by the black void, the same sheet we used for the artwork we’re using in the video. I’m wrapped up in it and it’s trying to kill me, but you can’t tell its trying to kill me. Inside the black void is an image of a woman who must be causing me this grief that’s going on in the song and the fabric turns from the shape of her body into the shape of my face. I’ve yet to see any edits yet so I’m anxiously awaiting those to see how it turned out.

LPAssociation bertanya:
"About a year ago you launched a clothing line called Ve'cel to the general public and so far the response in regards to the line has been very positive. What are your ambitions for Ve'cel and where would you like to see the clothing line a few years from now?"

I think that making clothes is kind of a tricky game. Everybody seems to have a clothing line and that’s not why Ve’cel was created. It was created as an extension of Club Tattoo. We wanted to make a Club Tattoo clothing line that we would carry in our stores and have a premium line, but because of the onslaught of bad tattoo driven designers, we decided not to release Club Tattoo as a line and release something outside of the industry and that’s what we did with Ve’cel. I’d like it to remain different from the others in the genre. We’re a small company and we’re trying to build the reputation of the brand on its own and not have to sell clothes based on the fact that I’m involved.

LPAssociation bertanya:
"In your opinion how do you feel Linkin Park has improved since you guys recorded Minutes To Midnight? Specifically, have you noticed anything different since meeting up for this recording cycle?"

I think we always get a little better after every record. We’re more open minded and more interested in trying to push ourselves in terms of the songs we’re making and the sounds we’re using and that’s where we grew up the most over time.

LPAssociation bertanya:
"What is one thing you have yet to accomplish with Linkin Park that you would hope to one day achieve as a musician?"

There are some things that bother me that I kind of don’t understand but I think they’re more of a music in general thing and I don’t know how valid they are. What bothers me the most with music is I want the fans to be more open minded. Being in a band like Linkin Park where we don’t fit anywhere, we float around and live in ambiguous place, we have a chance to play a lot of different shows with a lot different bands. There are certain fans that like what they like and they hate everything else. I hate that. I’m not saying I want everyone to like what I do, but I respect anyone that has the balls to get up on stage and do what they do. I want more open mindedness or at least more tolerance. I see bands play their guts out and get disrespected and that pisses me off.

LPLive bertanya:
"You've been working on your solo project for quite a long time. The song "Morning After" dates back to at least 2001, for instance. How far back does Dead By Sunrise really go, and how challenging was it to keep some of the material from sounding dated?"

That’s a good question. We started making the album in 2006. I think that because I’m drawing from a grungier rock sound as well as an alternative pop sound where we mix the two together, it already has that vibe of sounding familiar in a way. Adding the electronic element to the music elevates that from sounding dated. Good songs are good songs when they come out and that’s what I try to keep in mind when I’m writing. That’s what I’m always trying to do. I don’t know if I’ve accomplished it yet, so we’ll see when the album comes out.

LPLive bertanya:
"Several bands (Metallica, Iron Maiden, Aerosmith, etc.) have been commemorating album anniversaries recently by playing them in their entirety as part of their live sets. Do you have any special plans for Hybrid Theory's 10th anniversary in 2010?"

We’re no longer going to be playing any songs from Hybrid Theory. That’s our gift. L-O-L-J-K-smiley face. I don’t think we’ve put any thought into it. I don’t think we’ve realized it’s already been 10 years. We’re focusing on the next record. Wow, Hybrid Theory is 10 years old. Kind of crazy. Makes me feel old.

LPLive bertanya:

"It wasn't too many years ago that you described yourself as being computer illiterate and not liking the Internet. You also have every reason not to be keen on modern technology, with your experience of having a stalker and whatnot. However, you and your wife have both been pretty active on Twitter recently, and you're surprisingly open about your personal lives. What prompted the change, and how do you feel about the interaction you have with all of your fans through the Internet these days?"

I have a love/hate relationship with twitter. I find it completely annoying, but often times useful and entertaining. It’s really easy to text. I’ve never actually been on a computer while using twitter. So it can’t be counted as becoming a tech-head. For someone that’s in a band that’s so computer savvy and with all these tools that we use, I just tell someone I need you to help me record this and I have someone get on the computer who knows how to use pro-tools. It’s kind of ridiculous. Ever since I was a little kid learning how to program in DOS and make a square on the screen, my brain can’t comprehend it for some reason. Its’ really difficult for me to figure out how computers work. I’m ok at it. I can check my emails, but I’m not the most computer savvy person. I take a little bit of pride in that and I also feel like an idiot.


Mike Akan Chat di LPU


"Mike Shinoda will be chatting exclusively with LPU members on Friday, September 4th at 1pm PDT*! Ask him about Glorious Excess (Dies), his war with Phoenix, or about anything else you want to know! This chat is only for active LPU members, so join or renew today! Online only memberships are just $15!"

*PDT = GMT -9

Instrumental Baru LP? Ternyata Bukan!

Ternyata, lagu instrumental yang ada di episode terbaru LPTV (SURU's Celeritas Art Show) bukan lagu baru LP, melainkan lagu yang pernah dibuat oleh Mike Shinoda bersama Lil John pada saat VMA (Video Music Awards) 2005 lalu. Mereka merilis 5 lagu.
Bagaimanapun, selang beberapa waktu kemudian, ia menyatakan bahawa ada 2 lagu lagi yang tidak pernah ia rilis.
LPIB menemukan 2 lagu tersebut. Tetapi tidak terlalu jelas, karena suaranya "ditindih" oleh suara seseorang yang sedang membawakan suatu event.
Dan, Mike juga pernah mengatakan dia tidak hanya membuat 7 lagu, namun 10 lagu! Pernyataannya bisa dilihat di *SINI*.

"The challenge was that they needed variety. I did 10 tracks, a couple of them a lot of Linkin Park fans will recognise the sound, while others are different, all the way down to some really stripped-down hip-hop sounds. And within each piece, there are different parts."

Mike's MTV VMAs Scores:

- 100 Degrees
- Hype
- Madison
- Montreal
- Saturday

Download di *SINI*.

+2 tambahan lagu:
-Lagu 1 (yang di dalamnya memuat lagu background episode LPTV tersebut)
-Lagu 2

Tracklist Resmi 'Out Of Ashes'

Dead By Sunrise sudah meresmikan urutan lagu pada albumnya yang berjudul 'Out Of Ashes' yang di mana akan dirilis 13 Oktober nanti.

01. Fire
02. Crawl Back In
03. Too Late
04. Inside Of Me
05. Let Down
06. Give Me Your Name
07. My Suffering
08. Condemned
09. Into You
10. End Of The World
11. Walking In Circles
12. In The Darkness


Dead By Sunrise - Writing "Out Of Ashes"

Dead By Sunrise ngepost video baru ke Myspace mereka tentang pembuatan 'Out Of Ashes'. Chester bercerita tentang penulisan debut albumnya, dan bagaimana caranya mengatur waktu antara DBS dan LP. Videonya bisa dilihat di *SINI*.

Episode Baru LPTV

Episode baru LPTV sudah dirilis ke . Isinya tentang pameran seni SURU (Celeritas).
Sepertinya ada musik background instrumental yang cukup keren dalam episode tersebut. Apakah itu lagu LP?

Download cuplikan lagunya di *SINI*.

Review: Linkin Park dan DBS di Epicenter '09

Review dari Los Angeles Times:

"The group's ease of melody within the grind and rage is its greatest asset. The metal never dissolved into sludge, the raps of Mike Shinoda remained clear and direct, and there were several instrumental interludes to dig deeper into the songs beyond their existence as radio hits..."

Selengkapnya di

Review dari Orange Country Register:

"Rather than attack with angry angst, the band ramped up the synthetics of its sound, reminding in songs like "Breaking the Habit" that Depeche Mode is as much an influence as anything heavier, while smoothing over the edges of "Crawling in My Skin" and "Shadow of the Day" so that they slotted evenly alongside the acidic grunge of Alice in Chains and the math-metal of Tool..."

Selengkapnya di

Epicenter Bukan Show Terakhir DBS

Rekan kami, Wuland, bertanya pada Amir Derakh di Twitter.

@amirderakh is that will be DBS last show in 2009?
amirderakh:@Thiwul NO

Status rekan kami di *SINI*, status Amir Derakh di *SINI*.

Padam Listrik

Apakah ini pernah terjadi sebelumnya? Padam listrik di tengah-tengah lagu? Saya tau pada saat di Edgefest tahun kemarin lampu show sempat mati pada saat LP memainkan lagu 'A Place For My Head'. Tapi sepertinya yang di Epicenter ini semuanya padam. Namun, kejadian ini malah menambah semangat penonton untuk bernyanyi bersama LP sampai akhir lagu! Lihat di *SINI*.

Dead By Sunrise: Behind The Scenes of Let Down Video (Sneak Peak)

Linkin Park Italy telah meng-upload video yang berisi tentang pembuatan video klip dari single kedua Dead By Sunrise yaitu 'Let 'Down' ke Youtube. Kamu bisa melihatnya di *SINI*.

Phoenix atau Mike?

Ayo! Kamu lebih berpihak ke mana? Sang Blogger (Mike)? Atau sang Tweeter (Phoenix)?

Jika kamu mendukung Mike, jadikan #teamshinoda sebagai trending topic di Twitter! Jika kamu mendukung Phoenix: #teamphoenix .

*NB: Perang yang terjadi antara Mike dan Phoenix hanyalah perang dalam kategori 'Humor'. Jangan menganggap perang ini akan menyebabkan LP runtuh.

New Divide HQ

Bagi yang mau download video klip 'New Divide' dalam kualitas tinggi bisa download di *SINI* via torrent. Untuk mendownload video itu, kamu harus memilik aplikasi Torrent terlebih dahulu, yang mana bisa didownload di *SINI*.

Pomona, California

Silakan lihat konser LP waktu di Pomona, 22 Agustus kemarin, di *SINI*.

Bagaimana pendapatmu? Barangkali ini akan menjadi tur terakhir LP pada tahun ini.

Chiba City dan Osaka

Ingin melihat konser LP waktu di Jepang? Download video ini.

08.08.2009 - Chiba City, JP - Download
09.08.2009 - Osaka, JP - Download

Mike sempat menambahkan verse dari 'Reading My Eyes' ke outro 'Points Of Authority'!

LP di Taiwan, Interview dengan Chester

Chester diwawancarai saat dia membicarakan donasi MFR(Music For Relief) kepada korban Topan Morakot, download di *SINI*.

Dead By Sunrise di Sonisphere

Female First menginterview Chester dan video Dead By Sunrise di Sonisphere Festival yang berlangsung pada awal bulan ini, download di *SINI*.

Review Tour LP: Shanghai, Cina

Shanghai City Weekend memiliki review tentang konser LP di Shanghai, minggu lalu.

"Grammy Award-winning artists are rare, I can say for certain that Rob Bourdon's five-minute drum solo at the start of the encore was phenomenal and that MC/guitarist/keyboardist Mike Shinoda worked the crowd perfectly with a brief keys interlude that forcibly turned the rowdy, electrified audience into mute onlookers, before lifting the temporary ban on silence with the opening notes of 2003 Billboard Number 1 "Numb.""

Selengkapnya di

21.08.2009 - Pomona, California

Show terakhir Minutes To Midnight. Kesempatan terakhir untuk No Roads Left. Show terakhir untuk men-support album.

Akhirnya kita sampai pada show di Pomona. Linkin Park akan bermain sebelum Tool. Akankah mereka melakukan sesuatu yg spesial?

Perang Telah Dideklarasikan!

Mike Shinoda merespon omongan Phoenix di Twitter.

Phoenix: And blogging... lame. "Blog" is worse than "twitter." Blogging gives you unlimited space to be a moron. Eat it Shinoda.

Mike: Oh, it's on.

Sepertinya akan semakin memanas! :D

Phoenix di Twitter!

Phoenix sekarang punya akun Twitter! Follow dia di:

New Divide Membuat Sejarah di

"'NEW' NO. 1: Same as the old one, and that lifts Linkin Park into elite territory in the history of the Alternative Songs chart.

"New Divide" leads the airplay list for a 10th week, making Linkin Park just the second act in the chart's 21-year archives to enjoy reigns of at least 10 weeks with three or more tracks. The band stayed on top for 12 weeks in 2003-04 with "Numb" and held sway for 15 frames with "What I've Done" in 2007…"

Selengkapnya lihat di *SINI*.

Dead By Sunrise Widget

Dead By Sunrise merilis widgetnya! Untuk melihatnya, silakan ke *SINI*. Desainnya cukup bagus, dan saya beroptimis beritanya akan selalu di-update. Dan kamu bisa pasang ini di Facebook! Silakan ke *SINI*.

Home from Tour

Mike meng-update Blog-nya tentang pameran lukisannya yang nanti akan diadakan di Los Angeles pada 29 Agustus.

"Eleven days to go until Glorious Excess (Dies) opens here in L.A. I just got home from our "world lap" as Dave called it...We circled the globe in about 5 weeks, finishing with the show here in Pomona this weekend, and I've been putting the final touches on the art show via email and expensive international call :) It's been tough, but I think everything is coming together.

I don't want to tell the story of the show before you see any art, but here's an idea of what to expect: in the first show, our star character exploded onto the scene. He was violent, filthy rich, and world-famous. I hoped to start conversations with the work--not just critique our obsession with fame, money, and stardom. I hope you guys also saw a sense of humor there, in my effort to figure out what I thought about celebrity, spending time on both the inside and out.

In this new show, our "star" completely implodes. He begins the show as an overblown superstar, and works his way to a psychadelic, fame-induced nirvana. The end will be up to you to interpret.

I'll be doing coverage of the show here, so for those of you who are out of town, you'll get a taste of what it's like. For those that can make it...see you there.

PS: on an ironic note, Michael Jackson's birthday was August 29th--the same day as the opening."


Crawl Back In - iTunes

Kamu sekarang bisa download Crawl Back In versi iTunes di *SINI*.

Epicenter Lineup

Ini adalah jadwal main band yang akan tampil di Fairplex (Epicenter Festival) pada tanggal 22 Agustus nanti.


12:00 PM: After Midnight Project
12:50 PM: Sonny
2:00 PM: Paper Tongues
3:10 PM: Aesop Rock
4:20 PM: Atmosphere

1:25 PM: Street Sweeper Social Club
2:35 PM: Hollywood Undead
3:45 PM: Atreyu
5:05 PM: Wolfmother
6:15 PM: Alice In Chains
7:40 PM: Linkin Park
9:30 PM: Tool
**Tambahan: DJ Mike (Scratch 'N Stiff) akan nge-DJ pada saat transisi dari Monster Energy Stage ke Main Stage

Crawl Back In (Rip dari MAXIMUM Radio)

LPIB mendapatkan rekaman (Rip) Crawl Back In dari MAXIMUM Radio (salah satu stasiun radio Rusia). Kamu bisa download di *SINI* atau di *SINI*.

Ada versi yang lebih "jernih" lagi, tanpa unsur MAXIMUM Radio. Bisa didownload di *SINI* atau di *SINI*.

Chester di KROQ Hari Ini

Chester diwawancarai KROQ (salah satu stasiun radio terkemuka di Amrik) hari ini via telepon seluler. Berikut pernyataan dari Twitter-nya KROQ:

"Big show today, We take your call on Michael Vick, Chester Bennington, Olivia Munn & Jerry Cantrell both in studio."

Untuk download rekaman interviewnya, kamu bisa ke thread LPLive di *SINI*.


LPIB mengucapkan, "Dirgahayu HUT RI ke-64". Semoga Indonesia bisa jauh lebih baik dari hari-hari sebelumnya.

The Tours - Jadwal Tur LP

22 Agt - Epicenter'09, Pomona, California

Ya. Epicenter adalah tempat konser terakhir LP untuk tahun ini.

Crawl Back In Premiere

Setelah ditunggu-tunggu, akhirnya Crawl Back In dirilis di Myspace-nya DBS! Lagunya bisa didengar di *SINI*. Dan bagi yang mau download, di *SINI*

LP&DBS- Live In Sonisphere (15/08/09)

Sonisphere UK TV sempat merekam konser LP dan DBS waktu konser di sana. Bagi yang mau download videonya, terdapat beberapa part(berhubung ukuran file-nya besar) untuk di-download.




Dead By Sunrise Live MP3s


Dead By Sunrise Promo Poster

Keren, bukan?

Pesan Mike & Chester

Pesan Mike untuk fans LP di Jepang
Pesan Chester untuk fans LP di Cina

Terima kasih kepada Susteki dan Youku untuk videonya.

Pesan Chester kepada Fans di Taiwan

Chester menyampaikan pesan yang berhubungan dengan badai yang menghantam Taiwan kemarin. Videonya bisa dilihat di *SINI*.

2009 Kerrang Awards

Kerrang memiliki klip video pada saat Chester menerima penghargaan "Classic Songwriter" pada 2009 Kerrang Awards baru-baru ini, download di *SINI*.

Review Terbaru 'Minutes To Midnight'


Video Trailer Terbaru DBS dengan Lagu Fire&LetDown!

Sebuah video berdurasi 3 menit. Di dalamnya banyak bagian (Snippet) dari lagu "Fire". Dan akhirnya lagu "Let Down" di-remake menjadi versi studio. Check it out!

Indonesia Unjuk Gigi!

Coba tebak! Mike Shinoda mengeposkan 2 karya yang dia suka dari fansnya! Hebatnya, karya tersebut berasal dari Widya Rahayu, salah satu fans LP dari Yogyakarta! Inilah komentar Mike:

"Check out the crazy rendering on this fan art...Thanks to Clara 110 for the heads up. The artist's page is at"

Selamat untuk Widya Rahayu. Semoga lain waktu bisa tampil lagi di halaman utama Blog-nya Mike!

Mike Memproduksi Sebuah Lagu Dari Apathy

Apathy ngepost sebuah pesan ke halaman Myspace-nya di *SINI*, menyatakan bahwa Mike memproduksi salah satu lagunya yang berjudul "Shoot First" yang didalamnya juga terlibat Cypress Hill dan Celph Titled.

"My new album "Wanna Snuggle?" is done.

Guest appearances include : all of The Demigodz (of course), Cypress Hill, Phonte (of Little Brother), Chip-Fu, J-Live, Blue Raspberry, Holly Brook and more.

Production done mostly by myself... but Mike Shinoda produces "Shoot First" featuring Cypress Hill and Celph Titled."

Topan dan Gempa Bumi

Topan menghantam Taiwan kemarin dan menyebabkan banjir. ke manakah topan itu sekarang? Cina, tentu saja! LP menuju ke kedua daerah tersebut! Dan baru-baru ini ada gempa bumi berkekuatan 7,1 SR dekat Tokyo (tempat di mana LP konser di Summer Sonic kemarin). Sepertinya mereka mengalami amukan alam pada saat di Asia. Mudah-mudahan perjalanan mereka aman! Dan mudah-mudahan kejadian ini tidak mempengaruhi tur LP untuk daerah Cina.

Kebanggaan Tersendiri

Snippet from

Snippet from ~ thanks to GrudgedPunkr and vyonizr

Akhirnya, senang rasanya info saya diberitakan di halaman utama LPLive hari ini. vyonizr adalah username saya di LPLive.

"Crawl Back In" Snippet

Kamu sekarang bisa beli ringtone-nya Dead By Sunrise yang berjudul "Crawl Back In" di Berdasarkan, singel ini akan keluar 18 Agustus nanti!

Untuk download preview snippet-nya, kamu bisa pilih salah satu dari 2 server ini. Namun masing-masing memiliki bagian snippet yang berbeda.

Linkin Park - Freak On My Head (?)

Jika kita perhatikan LPTV 2003 Episode 1, pada durasi 06:56, Rob Bourdon sedang memainkan drum untuk sebuah lagu untuk album Meteora. Akan tetapi,lagu ini sepertinya tak pernah dirilis. Rumor mengatakan lagu demo ini berjudul "Freak On My Head". Sejauh ini yang ditemukan di web, terdapat 3 versi dari lagu itu yang sama tapi memiliki aransemen yang sedikit berbeda. Silahkan download lagunya di sini:
*Versi 1*
*Versi 2*
*Versi 3*

Video LPTV yang memuat lagu tersebut:
*LPTV Episode 1 (2003) - The Writing Process

Terima kasih kepada Juno Paradiso untuk versi kedua dan DogFan_LP untuk versi ketiga

Selamat Jalan WS Surendra

LPIB kembali turut berduka. Padahal baru beberapa hari lalu Alm. Mbah Surip meninggal dunia, sekarang giliran sahabat dekat beliau sekaligus penyair negeri kita, WS Surendra yang kembali pulang ke Sang Pencipta. Selamat jalan, WS Surendra.

Dead By Sunrise - The Beginning

LPUnderground ngepost video trailer DBS yg baru lagi. Bagi yang sudah jadi anggota bisa melihatnya di Homepage LPU.

Video ini sekarang juga bisa dilihat di MySpace! Silahkan ke *SINI*

Video LPU Baru - DBS Trailer

LPUnderground ngepost video trailer DBS yg baru lagi. Bagi yang sudah jadi anggota bisa melihatnya di Homepage LPU.

Ada sedikit info tentang video tersebut
Dead By Sunrise will be releasing a new trailer tomorrow on their MySpace page, but we wanted to give it to LPU members FIRST! In it, Chester talks about how the band came to be. We'll be posting some more LPU-exclusive videos shortly, so stay tuned!

Keren! Senang bisa melihat anggota resmi LPU mendapatkan banyak video eksklusif! Diharapkan DBS juga akan membuat DVD tentang pembuatan Out Of Ashes.

Untuk yang belum menjadi anggota, kalian bisa juga lihat di *SINI*

In Memoriam of Mbah Surip

LPIB turut berduka cita atas meninggalnya salah satu penyanyi Reggae Indonesia, Mbah Surip. Selamat jalan, Mbah. Kau dan karyamu akan selalu kami kenang.

DBS - Crawl Back In&My Suffering (Live In Stuttgart) MP3!

Audio dari lagu yang dibawakan DBS pada saat di Stuttgart, Jerman, 31 Juli lalu.

Dead By Sunrise - Crawl Back In (Live In Stuttgart)
Dead By Sunrise - My Suffering (Live In Stuttgart)

Maaf jika "Fire" belum terupload. Ada gangguan I/O pada saat menguploadnya. Harap dimaklumi.

Video Live HD Dead By Sunrise Di Stuttgart

Oke. Ditemukan sebuah 3 buah video amatir dari tour Dead By Sunrise sewaktu konser dengan LP di Stuttgart, Jerman 31 Juli lalu. Pengambilan shootingnya cukup bagus.

Enjoy! Lihatlah Ryan Shuck (Julien-K) yang menggila dengan permainan gitarnya!
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