What's To Come - LPTV 2009

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Transkip Chat Brad Delson di LPU

Ini adalah percakapan yang terjadi saat Brad Delson chat dengan para fans di LPU pada Jum'at minggu kemarin(22/05/09).


Review 'New Divide'

BBC Radio 1 memiliki review ini tentang 'New Divide'

Chester is once again howling his inner turmoil to an uncaring world from the top of some dark wind-blasted mountain while a storm tries to strike his bones from the surface of the Earth. This is what they do. This is clearly what they have been hired to do, and it suits a great big fighty movie rather well.

And the chorus goes to some surprising peaks, melodically, which is always welcome from a band who can occasionally just sit on one note for an entire song and then change the chords underneath. Granted, it's perhaps not as completed a song as it could be, but they're hardly going to use their very best ideas for a Transfomers movie, now are they?


Audio: Linkin Park Di KROQ

Mike dan Chester sedang di salah satu stasiun radio di Amrik, KROQ untukmeresmikan peluncuran singel terbaru mereka, New Divide. JNudda sempat merekamnya. Kamu bisa download di *SINI*. Terima kasih, J!
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